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Appliance Error Codes

We know it is complicated dealing with an unknown error code that appeared on your device. Appliance Repair Expert offers a faster approach to figuring out any error code. Below we have listed the most typical failure codes for various brands of appliances.

appliance error codes

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Brand List & Appliance Error Codes

What Does Your Appliance Error Code Mean?

Any contemporary appliance comes with both benefits and drawbacks. Your appliances’ errors or fault codes are their methods of informing you when anything is amiss. You won’t know the problem or how to remedy it if you don’t understand the code.

Failure codes indicate problems and help to locate malfunctions faster. It applies to anything: washers, freezers, dishwashers, microwaves etc. Some codes can be resolved quickly by unplugging and reconnecting the equipment. Others may indicate that a component needs to be replaced. The codes are very helpful in determining the cause of a malfunction in household equipment.

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What People Are Saying About Appliance Repair Expert

Great Suggestion.

I saw once my how my neighbors requested them to repair their refrigerators. So, when my washing machine broke down, I immediately called them and requested a visit. Unfortunately, the issue was unmanageable regardless of how hard they tried. But, what I loved was that their repairman spent some time recommending the new unit to us. He explained the pros and cons of one or another brand and told us the pricing range to which we should pay attention. Loved them.

Microwave repair.

I can’t believe they fixed my microwave after it had been dreadly damaged during the move! As a result, I was unable to come up with the money for the new appliance. Appliance Repair Expert, you’ve been a lifesaver. As a result of your intervention, I was spared some additional charges.

Electric Stove

The technician did the diagnosis very quick and suggested the solution. He was very professional in his approach.

Above and beyond

Sam, the technician, was one of the most thorough and professional people I have ever let into my house. He was polite and respectful while going above and beyond the call of duty in diagnosing the issue that had kept my refrigerator without power. He came back another day with the missing part (after having searched high and low to purchase it over the weekend), and finished the work as he had promised. It is employees like Sam that make or break the reputation of a company. Thank you Appliance Repair Experts!

Justin Carlson

The Frigidaire oven stopped heating. I knew what to do in such cases and immediately contacted Appliance repair expert. Their specialist came very quickly with all the necessary materials. He was very polite to me, and we had a pleasant conversation. I would definitely recommend this service!

Jennifer Miller

Definitely recommend the services of this wonderful service to everyone. I am so glad to have come to you Appliance Repair Expert. My LG freezer didnt work at all, but the expert found a way to fix it. It was fast and completely quiet. I am happy with it.

Linda Miller

Thank you for repairing the Heartland microwave display. Everything was fast and inexpensive. The specialist came the same day and had the repair done within an hour. Everything is great. Thanks, Appliance Repair Expert!

Annette Blanks

I advise everyone! I put off doing laundry for the weekend, but my Kenwood washing machine broke. It wouldn’t work with the top load. Luckily, I had my appliance repair expert card. Without getting my hopes up, I decided to call, and they agreed to help me. The specialist came after calling and fixed everything. Thank you so much.

Steven Harvey

The other day, I noticed that the Bloomberg freezer began to form ice in large quantities. I decided to use the services of appliance repair expert. Thank you expert for providing such high quality service! I recommend it!


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