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  • We service and repair all Electrolux ovens
  • We carry out most of the work in a same-day manner
  • Our prices are one of the most affordable on the market
  • We gain tons of positive reviews from our customers
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  • EOA5454TOX
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  • EOF3C00X
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  • EOF3H40X
  • EOF3H50X
  • EOF3H70X
  • EOF4P74X
  • EOF5C50V
  • EOF5C50Z
  • EOF5C70X
  • EOF6P70X
  • EVK6E40X
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  • EVL6E40X
  • EVL8E00Z
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  • OKE6P77WX
  • OKF5C50X
  • OMEC6330X
  • OPEA2350B
  • OPEA2350C
  • OPEA2550R
  • OPEA2550V
  • OPEA4554X
  • OPEA7553M
  • OPEA7553X
  • OPEB2320B
  • OPEB2320C
  • OPEB2320R
  • OPEB2320V
  • OPEB2500R
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We all do love the oven, whether we’re baking a batch of cookies or a loaf of bread or simply tossing in a frozen pizza after a long and exhausting day at work. Even though you may not use it every day, try to get through a week without it! But if something goes wrong, you’ll need to know how to perform Electrolux oven repair efficiently and fast.

Our experts possess a necessary degree of expertise and appropriate certifications attesting to their professionalism. Put off your home tools, breathe out and contact us to continue your day with no worries.

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Advantages of our Electrolux Oven Appliance Repair

If your Electrolux oven has started acting up and bothers you, interrupting your comfortable life, it’s high time to call for help. Our repairmen are just a few blocks away and ready to come to the rescue.
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    Same-day repairs

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    We service all makes and models

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    Licensed, trained techs with years of experience

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    Complete warranty for jobs and parts

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    Most repair jobs are conducted in one go

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    Affordable pricing to fit any wallet

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Electrolux Oven Error Codes

It’s not a secret that malfunctions happen. Modern devices can tell you about it on their own. Did you know about Electrolux oven error codes? Well, we will notify you about the most common of them.

error codes for electrolux oven
Code Error Solution
electrolux oven error code f0


No alarm signal
Your oven’s main control board is unable to connect with the alarm. In this case, it is better to ask a professional for help. Book online
electrolux oven f1 error code


Door will not lock
Check if the top part of the door is in good condition.
electrolux oven error code f2


Door will not unlock
Examine the door’s lock mechanism and the control thermostat.
f3 electrolux oven error code


Self-test error
Remove the oven from the power supply. Wait five minutes. Restart the device.
error code f4 electrolux oven


Shorted circuit temperature sensor
Examine the sensor harness as well as the connection between the oven sensor and the oven control. If the wiring is in good condition, replace the oven temperature sensor.
error code electrolux oven f7


Incorrect mains supply polarity
Ensure that the mains connection is in good working order.
error code f8 electrolux oven


Power supply problem to the interface
Ensure that the wiring and connections are in good working order. Replace the main electronic control PCB with a new one.
electrolux oven error code f10


Control board has detected an excessive temperature
Check the RTD sensor’s probe and replace it if required. Turn off the power if your oven overheats. If the oven overheats when the power is turned back on, you might need to change the relay board.
electrolux oven f11 error code


Shorted key
To clear the error code, press the appropriate key. Replace the keyboard if the problem occurs again.
electrolux oven error code f14


Misconnected keyboard cables
Make sure the wires are connected properly. If all the wires are good, then you should change the touch panel.

Electrolux Oven Problems We Solve

  • Electrolux oven won’t turn off
  • Electrolux oven is overheating
  • Electrolux oven is not heating up
  • Electrolux oven keypad is not working
  • Electrolux gas oven is not working
  • Electrolux electric oven keeps clicking
  • Electrolux oven takes a long time to preheat
  • Electrolux oven is making a loud noise
  • Electrolux oven is making grinding noise
  • Electrolux oven is locked after self cleaning
  • Electrolux oven hot surface light stays on
  • Electrolux oven not reaching the temperature

What People Are Saying About Our Electrolux Oven Service?

Very skilled workers.

Thanks for quick and professional repair of our gas range because they are very skilled workers and the bill was reasonable. In the future whenever I need repairs, I will call these guys again.

Great service!

I really like the services with the Appliance Repair Expert. My company requests their visits two times per year to check how our gas appliances function. We are scared of gas leaks, so prevention is the best thing to do. Their technicians are always careful and do their best to ensure we are safe. Thanks for your help. We will recommend them to everyone for sure.

Great Suggestion.

I saw once my how my neighbors requested them to repair their refrigerators. So, when my washing machine broke down, I immediately called them and requested a visit. Unfortunately, the issue was unmanageable regardless of how hard they tried. But, what I loved was that their repairman spent some time recommending the new unit to us. He explained the pros and cons of one or another brand and told us the pricing range to which we should pay attention. Loved them.

Oven Repair.

For the las month, I’ve been doing an experience to see whether my cooking abilities are hopeless or my oven is to blame. When I gave up I decided to call Appliance Repair Expert, their tech discovered that the problem stemmed from the thermostat. Everything was OK again. Thanks.

Refrigerator repair.

Since my old refrigerator made a lot of sound, I understood that the maintenance was inevitable. Their tech did his job really well and fast. Thank you.

Stewart Adams

The detergent dispenser in the Kenwood dishwasher would not open. Good thing I have people who are always there to help me out. They are the experts at Appliance Repair Expert! I definitely recommend their team’s services to everyone. They do everything in a quality and conscientious manner. Only the best recommendations!

Jennifer Faubert

Wonderful experience! Our washing machine broke down right before our vacation and we called and got an appointment right away. Paul came and diagnosed it and we got the parts in 2 days, came right back and fixed it. They charge you for the initial diagnosis and if you hire them to do the repair they take that charge off your bill. Paul was so professional and polite. Explained everything clearly and we really appreciate it!

Annette Blanks

I advise everyone! I put off doing laundry for the weekend, but my Kenwood washing machine broke. It wouldn’t work with the top load. Luckily, I had my appliance repair expert card. Without getting my hopes up, I decided to call, and they agreed to help me. The specialist came after calling and fixed everything. Thank you so much.

Denise Manning

I definitely recommend Appliance Repair Expert to everyone. They are always helpful and have never let me down. My Electrolux dryer would not start. But the specialist was very quick to figure it out and fix it. Thank you!

Sarah Gould

I am very grateful to appliance repair expert for repairing my Fagor microwave. Even though the order was placed in the afternoon, the expert came the same day in the evening, made a diagnosis, and repaired everything in a quality and inexpensive manner. I recommend Appliance Repair Expert to everyone!


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Electrolux Oven Parts We Can Replace

  • Vent Tube
  • Control Knob
  • Fan Blade
  • Broil Element
  • Gasket
  • Burner
  • Spark Module
  • Grease Filter
  • Igniter
  • Baffle
  • Door Switch
  • Coil Surface Element
  • Convection Fan
  • Spark Electrode
  • Terminal Block
  • Bake Element
  • Rack
  • Light Bulb

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