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  • We service and repair all Frigidaire ovens
  • We carry out most of the work in a same-day manner
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  • We gain tons of positive reviews from our customers
frigidaire oven repair near me

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    We all do love the oven, whether we’re baking a batch of cookies or a loaf of bread or simply tossing in a frozen pizza after a long and exhausting day at work. Even though you may not use it every day, try to get through a week without it! But if something goes wrong, you’ll need to know how to perform Frigidaire oven repair efficiently and fast.

    Our experts possess a necessary degree of expertise and appropriate certifications attesting to their professionalism. Put off your home tools, breathe out and contact us to continue your day with no worries.

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    Advantages of our Frigidaire Oven Appliance Repair

    If your Frigidaire oven has started acting up and bothers you, interrupting your comfortable life, it’s high time to call for help. Our repairmen are just a few blocks away and ready to come to the rescue.

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    Frigidaire OvenError Codes

    It’s not a secret that malfunctions happen. Modern devices can tell you about it on their own. Did you know about Frigidaire oven error codes? Well, we will notify you about the most common of them.

    error codes for frigidaire oven
    Code Error Solution
    f1 error code frigidaire oven


    Broken electronic oven control
    Try to press the key to see if it shows up on the screen. If not, the keypad may have shorted out and will need to be replaced. If the keys on the keyboard work, then there may be an issue with the computer data. Turn off the power for 30 seconds and then turn it back on. If the code persists, the electronic oven control should be replaced.
    frigidaire oven f2 error code


    Oven temperature is too high
    Ensure that the oven’s temperature sensor works correctly at all settings. Replace the temperature sensor if it is faulty.
    f3 error code frigidaire oven


    Temperature sensor is open
    Inspect all of the wiring for any signs of shorts. If the wiring looks to be in working order, the oven temperature sensor should be replaced.
    frigidaire oven error code f4


    Oven temperature sensor is faulty
    Check the sensor harness and the harness connection between the oven sensor and the oven control for any loose wires or visible breakage. Replace the temperature sensor if the wiring is not visibly damaged and seems to be in good condition.
    frigidaire oven f8 error code

    F7, F8, F9

    Problem with oven door lock
    Examine door switches and lock assembly. Make sure there is no obstruction preventing operation. If any parts are broken, you should buy a new lock assembly.
    frigidaire oven pf error code


    Power failure
    Press CANCEL to clear the screen.

    Frigidaire Oven Problems We Solve

    • Frigidaire oven won’t heat up
    • Frigidaire oven is overheating
    • Frigidaire oven keeps beeping
    • Frigidaire oven keypad is not working
    • Frigidaire oven is making a loud noise
    • Frigidaire oven smells like gas leak
    • Frigidaire oven is locked after self cleaning
    • Frigidaire oven smells like burning plastic
    • Frigidaire oven is making grinding noise
    • Frigidaire oven takes a long time to preheat
    • Frigidaire oven hot surface light stays on
    • Frigidaire oven bake element is not working

    What People Are Saying About Our Frigidaire Oven Service?

    Eugene Cawthray

    Responsive & efficient … good to know they’re available when you need them.

    Apr 18, 2024

    I forget the gentleman’s name that came out on Saturday morning of a long weekend, but thank you. He was great fast and detailed about the issues with our washing machine, only problem was it cost almost as much to repair as buy a new one, it was about 13 years old I kinda figured it was time. I would definitely call them again in the future with any issues.

    Apr 4, 2024
    Navya Mukopadhyay

    The technician showed when he said and gave me the results of his findings. I was happy with his judgement.

    Feb 11, 2023
    Park HYUNBEOM Hyunbeom

    I called this company to checking my refrigerator. They came same day and checking good for me. That was not small problem. So, I need to changed but, technician was good for me. He explain to me what’s wrong and give me some tip for checking refrigerator. If I need to be something as this time, I will use this company again.

    Jun 6, 2024
    Rick Kizuk

    Fast service and courteous technician

    Apr 15, 2024
    James Protz

    Had a faulty pump replaced on a dishwasher in Alberta, service tech had it up and working properly in less than 30 minutes. Great service, thanks.

    Mar 2, 2024

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    Frigidaire Oven Parts We Can Replace

    • Rack
    • Grease Filter
    • Burner
    • Gasket
    • Bake Element
    • Spark Module
    • Broil Element
    • Baffle
    • Door Switch
    • Vent Tube
    • Convection Fan
    • Fan Blade
    • Coil Surface Element
    • Terminal Block
    • Light Bulb
    • Igniter
    • Control Knob
    • Spark Electrode

    Where do we provide Frigidaire oven repairs

    Oven Brands List We Fix

    kitchenaid oven repair
    electrolux oven repair
    samsung oven repair
    maytag oven repair
    lg oven repair
    whirlpool oven repair
    bosch oven repair
    kenmore range repair