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freezer repair near me

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    Freezer appliance repair – reliable same-day service

    The freezer has only, but such an essential mission of storing food. This cold box securely protects meat, fish, and other perishable products from high temperatures. Modern generations of this device are pretty reliable; unfortunately, freezer malfunctions are not something out of the ordinary: the problems may occur with any freezer model, even with high-quality-manufactured ones.

    There are way too many culprits that can interrupt your device’s normal functioning. For instance, the freezer compressor or thermostat can start acting up and then break completely. Another frequently occurring freezer parts issue is the failure of the control unit.

    When an unwelcome home appliance guest comes to your place, it is high time to seek professional repairing help.

    Professionals should examine all that mentioned above breakdowns as soon as possible since any delay is the direct path to device complete replacement. We are here to stop all that broken appliance hassle and give your normal flow of life back!

    If you are wondering, “Where to find a specialist, who can fix my freezer perfectly?” – we are the answer! We provide many services, including deep freezer appliance fixing. In the next section, you can find more detailed information about those devices our specialists deal with.

    freezer repair service near me

    Types Of Freezers We Fix

    Of course, we are not ahead of the curve in freezer repairing methods, but our guys saw many freezer cases; thus, experience and professionalism are our top advantages. Contact us right now! There is always a chance to rescue any freezer without the need for replacement!

    We deal with:

    fix my freezer

    Upright freezer

    This device is an excellent solution for those who value the compact sizes of devices. Unfortunately, it tends to become much noisier during its lifespan- this is the feature of this type. In addition, different malfunctions can accelerate the process of noise eruption. If you spot any changes in the typical workflow of your device, it means that it is high time to gain professional aid to fight against all those upright freezer problems.

    Built-In Freezer

    The built-in freezer will suit everyone who prefers minimalism in their kitchen, and it is also an excellent decision for creative guys since it is easy to customize. But when it comes to built-in freezer repairing, the main disadvantage is that it is hard to move it independently. Thus, if you suspect any freezer problem, it is better to leave all the chores to appliance repair acknowledged specialists.

    Сhest freezer

    The chest freezer is widely used for storing a large quantity of food. The loss of refrigerant is the most commonly encountered malfunction of this freezer type. When you experience such a “freezer not cold enough” situation, you need to gain professional services to fix everything well without any risk for further operation.

    Drawer freezer

    The drawer freezer is a miracle of household appliance engineering; unfortunately, when the problem arises, it is pretty hard to deal with it when it comes to repairing procedures due to its construction. Sometimes, ice buildup in freezer drawer occurs because of cold evaporator coils acting up.

    When malfunction hits suddenly, everything has to be performed by appliance repair specialists to guarantee the 100% working condition and presentable appearance of your device. Only professionals can fix freezer drawer without any harmful consequences for your device.

    Portable freezer

    There may be issues with the software on this device from time to time, but our technicians are well-versed in dealing with this type of problem.

    Under-Counter Freezer

    The Under-Counter freezers sometimes are prone to producing extra ice; if this issue has already happened, your device will look like it snowed. Appliance Repair Expert is fully prepared to strike back and rescue yours under counter fridge freezer.

    Mobile Freezer

    It is a must-have device for restaurants that practice catering services. It is pretty easy to bring it whenever you are. But despite the size, it has many similar issues with its big brothers. To solve all the problems of this device, gain our mobile freezer repair.

    Appliance Repair Expert is always eager to help. We are eagerly waiting for your requirements to solve your freezer issue with 100% effectiveness. From Toronto to Halifax, we are at your service!

    A bunch of great reasons to choose our company

    • Skills. We are the pan-Canadian network of Appliance Repair services, which has established itself as one of the best services in the country. You can count on our same-day service if you face such a “freezer coils frozen” issue, thermostat malfunctioning, etc., with 100% confidence in the quality of the final result.
    • Warranty after repairs. Warranty is a kind of floor underneath our customers which guarantees professional support in case of recurrence of breakdown after freezer repair services. We will examine your device again and try to forestall issues in future.
    • 100% transparency. In 21 century, it is highly essential to be open & transparent for the customer. For this reason, all monetary nuances are negotiated even before the start of work to avoid misunderstandings.
    • Affordable prices. In Covid 19 times and after, it is essential to keep your head above water. We try to perform high-quality services for an affordable fee for everyone, depending on the scale of the problem and the work needed to be undertaken.
    • Satisfied customers. We try to work on our faults to perform the best possible services for our customers. They always leave their reviews and wishes on our site. Thanks to them, we take into account all our shortcomings and try to eliminate them.

    home freezer repair near me

    Common Freezer Issues We Deal With

    • Freezer not cooling
    • Freezer leaking water
    • Freezer light not working
    • Freezer running constantly
    • Freezer door handle broken
    • Frost buildup inside the freezer
    • Freezer door gasket worn out
    • Freezer making unusual noises
    • Freezer door not sealing properly
    • Freezer not defrosting automatically
    • Freezer compressor not working
    • Freezer thermostat malfunctioning

    Freezer Brands We Deal With

    electrolux freezer repair
    blomberg freezer repair
    kenwood freezer repair
    moffat freezer repair
    miele freezer repair
    samsung freezer repair
    lg freezer repair
    panasonic freezer repair
    frigidaire freezer repair
    whirlpool freezer repair

      Why Choose Our Freezer Technicians?

      If your freezer has started acting up and bothers you, interrupting your comfortable home life, it’s high time to call for help. Our licensed appliance repairmen are just a few blocks away and ready to come to the rescue.

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      Same-day repairs
      deep freezer fix
      We service all makes and models
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      Licensed, trained techs with years of experience
      deep freezer repair services
      Complete warranty for jobs and parts
      mobile freezer repair near me
      Most repair jobs are conducted in one go
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      Affordable pricing to fit any wallet
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      Common Freezer Replacement Parts That We Can Replace

      • Air Filter
      • Door
      • Fuse
      • Light Bulb
      • Bulb Holder
      • Compressor
      • Start Relays
      • Glass Shelf
      • Thermostat
      • Condenser Coil
      • Door Switch
      • Water Filter
      • Storage Baskets
      • Capillary Tube
      • Evaporator Coils
      • Evaporator Fan Motor
      • Door Shelf Bar
      • Door Gaskets
      • Compressor Motor
      • Ice Maker
      • Overload Parts

      Frequently Asked Residential Freezer Questions

      Is there anything I can fix on my own that doesn’t need the assistance of a professional?

      Many freezer issues require professional help to avoid undesirable repercussions, which may erupt during amateur repairings. Ordinary users should be convinced that the wire and software of the freezer are in good condition and contact the professional to get their problems solved in a few hours.

      What are the main red flags that hint that you need freezer service and repairs?

      The most obvious reason to seek help from a maintenance specialist is freezing over the device. As we mentioned previously, this problem especially relates to chest freezers. Firstly, you have to defrost your freezer: this issue can be a one-time event. If this method does not solve the problem, it is still worth contacting knowledgeable people since it is certainly related to the broken part.

      I have no issues with my freezer. How can I prolong its lifespan?

      Sure, it is better to prevent problems in advance. First, it is not recommended to open and close the freezer door too frequently: it may decrease its ability to keep cold inside. Scheduled defrosting of the freezer can also be effective. Freezer maintenance plans are an ideal way to spot breakdowns early enough to reduce their impact on your freezer’s overall “health”.

      Who fixes freezers near me?

      Are you searching for an “freezer repairman near me”? Freezer repair can be affordable and fast if you contact Appliance Repair Expert.

      How much does it cost to fix a chest freezer?

      It is not possible to quote a single price, as every case is different. Much depends on the nature of the problem, the overall scope of work and the cost of spare parts. But in any case, you will be pleasantly surprised by the price of our work.

      Is it cheaper to repair or replace a refrigerator?

      Repairing your refrigerator is in most cases much cheaper than replacing it. Consider the cost of parts, installation, labour and service costs when calculating the repair costs.

      Why does my freezer run so often?

      There could be several reasons why your freezer is running so often. One possibility is that the temperature setting on your freezer is too low, causing it to work harder to maintain a colder temperature. Adjusting the temperature setting to a slightly higher level may help reduce the frequency of the freezer running. Another reason could be that the door seal on your freezer is not properly sealing, allowing warm air from outside to enter and forcing the freezer to work harder to cool down. Inspect the door seal for any signs of damage or wear and replace it if necessary. Additionally, if your freezer is overfilled with food or has poor air circulation, it can cause the unit to run more frequently. Make sure there is enough space between items in the freezer for proper airflow and avoid overloading it with too much food.

      Burning smell from freezer

      A burning smell coming from your freezer can be a cause for concern and should be addressed promptly. There are a few possible reasons for this odor, and it’s important to identify the source to prevent any further damage or potential safety hazards. One common cause is a malfunctioning motor or compressor. If these components become overheated or worn out, they can emit a burning odor. In this case, unplug the freezer immediately and contact a professional appliance repair technician to assess and fix the issue. Another possible cause of the burning smell could be an electrical problem. Faulty wiring or connections within the freezer can lead to overheating and produce a burning odor. It’s essential to turn off the power supply to the freezer and have an electrician inspect and repair any electrical issues. In either case, it’s crucial not to ignore a burning smell from your freezer as it could indicate potential fire hazards or further damage to your appliance. Seeking professional help will ensure that the problem is properly diagnosed and resolved, ensuring both your safety and the longevity of your freezer.

      Freezer is noisy or loud

      If your freezer is making loud sounds, there could be a few possible reasons for this issue. First, check if the freezer is properly leveled. If it is not balanced on all four corners, it can cause vibrations and result in noise. Adjusting the leveling feet should help resolve this problem. Another common reason for a noisy freezer is a faulty condenser fan motor. This motor helps circulate air over the condenser coils to cool down the refrigerant. If the fan motor becomes worn out or damaged, it can start making loud noises. In this case, you may need to replace the condenser fan motor to eliminate the noise. Lastly, check if there are any items inside the freezer that might be causing the noise. Sometimes, loose containers or objects can rattle against each other when the freezer is running. Rearranging or securing these items can help reduce or eliminate the noise.

      Ice formation in the freezer

      There could be a few different reasons for this. For example, the temperature setting on your freezer is too low, causing excess moisture to freeze and form ice. Try adjusting the temperature to see if that helps. Another possible cause could be a faulty seal on the freezer door. If there are gaps or cracks in the seal, warm air from outside can enter the freezer, creating condensation that freezes into ice. Inspect the seal and replace it if necessary. Lastly, check for any obstructions that may be blocking proper airflow in the freezer. A blocked vent or an overcrowded freezer can lead to uneven cooling and ice formation. Make sure there is enough space around items in the freezer for air to circulate freely. By addressing these potential issues, you should be able to prevent or reduce the formation of ice in your freezer.

      How can I maintain my freezer?

      Maintaining your freezer is essential to ensure its optimal performance and longevity. Here are a few tips to help you keep your freezer in top shape:
      1. Regularly clean the interior: It’s important to clean the inside of your freezer regularly to prevent the buildup of ice, frost, and food debris. Defrosting your freezer at least once or twice a year will help remove any ice accumulation. Additionally, wipe down the interior surfaces with a mild detergent solution to keep them clean and odor-free.
      2. Organize and label items: Proper organization is key to maintaining an efficient freezer. Use storage bins or containers to categorize different types of food items and label them for easy identification. This not only helps you find what you need quickly but also prevents food from getting lost or forgotten at the back of the freezer.
      3. Check temperature settings: Ensure that your freezer is set at the recommended temperature range, typically between -18°C (0°F) and -20°C (-4°F). Keeping an eye on the temperature will help maintain food quality and prevent spoilage. Consider using a separate thermometer inside your freezer to monitor its performance accurately.
      By following these simple maintenance steps, you can extend the lifespan of your freezer while keeping your frozen foods fresh and safe for consumption.

      How can I find a reliable technician for freezer repair?

      When looking for a technician for freezer repair, it’s essential to seek out professionals with experience and positive customer feedback. Consider asking for recommendations from friends and family, checking online reviews, and verifying the technician’s credentials and licensing.

      Do you have any offer for same day service for freezer repair?

      Yes, we understand that sometimes freezer issues require immediate attention. We have a same day service offer for emergency situations. Please contact us for more details.

      Are you familiar with the know how to repair Samsung freezer models?

      Our technicians are well-versed in the know how to repair various Samsung freezer models. We have extensive experience with Samsung appliances and can effectively diagnose and fix any issues.

      Can I schedule an emergency weekend appointment for freezer repair?

      We understand that emergencies can occur at any time, including weekends. We offer emergency weekend appointments for urgent freezer repair needs.

      Can you repair GE and LG freezers? Do you have any friendly advice for maintaining these brands?

      Yes, we provide repair services for GE and LG freezers. Additionally, we offer friendly advice on maintenance practices to ensure the longevity of these brands’ appliances.

      Where do we provide our repair service

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