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Appliance Repair Expert is the best SUB-ZERO appliance repair service with a highly skilled team of professionals to troubleshoot your appliances. We provide same-day service in Toronto and adjacent areas to make your appliances work appropriately.

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Professional Licensed Repair of SUB-ZERO Appliances in Toronto and 25 Cities of the GTA Area

SUB-ZERO ​is one of the most used electric appliances brands in the world. You might also be using SUB-ZERO appliances at your home to make your house chores convenient. Although this brand has earned a reputation due to its great performance, yet its appliances can develop faults occasionally.

If you are using any of the SUB-ZERO home appliances and it has developed a problem, Appliance Repair Expert are the best option to opt for to get your SUB-ZERO Appliances fixed swiftly.

The SUB-ZERO washing machine is one of the main home appliances to get the laundry cleaned up. If a washer obtains a malfunction, it can be frustrating. So, if you notice your washing machine:

  • Is not turning ON.
  • Leaking water.
  • Is showing Error messages.
  • Not rotating or spinning.

You need to contact Appliance Repair Experts in such a situation. We are readily available to serve you with our experienced team of expert technicians to get you out of trouble. Call us now if you are in Toronto or near areas facing such a sort of problem.

You might be in a hurry to get your clothes dry as early as possible but your SUB-ZERO dryer crashed suddenly. This might agitate you but don’t be anxious, Appliance Repair Expert is the best local service to deal with emergencies like that.

If your dryer is struggling with such problems as follows then immediately call us. We provide the quickest service and fix your SUB-ZERO appliances as soon as possible.

  • The SUB-ZERO dryer is turned ON but does not spin
  • Not drying
  • Not turning ON
  • Displaying error messages

This is the appliance we frequently get in touch with most of the day. Any issue with SUB-ZERO refrigerator can get you in a lot of trouble as you have placed a lot of your food in it. But if you notice one of the following issues, don’t wait until it gets messed up.

  1. The SUB-ZERO Refrigerator is making a strange noise.
  2. The Refrigerator is not turning on.
  3. The Refrigerator not defrosting.
  4. Water leaking from the Refrigerator.

If you observe any of the above-mentioned problems with your SUB-ZERO fridge, Appliance Repair Expert is readily available to get it fixed.

We are ready to serve you with a team of expert technicians to get your problem fixed, wherever you are in Toronto. Without prolonging your agitation, we offer same day services.

Therefore, if you have any problem with your fridge in Toronto; call Appliance Repair Expert right now.

Fridge Repair

The SUB-ZERO dishwasher sometimes shows the following problems:

  • The dishwasher does not clean
  • It does not drain
  • The buttons don’t work
  • The SUB-ZERO dishwasher overflows

If your dishwasher is having any of these problems or any other fault, we have capable manpower to tackle these issues conveniently.

You are not having fresh and healthy home-cooked food because:

Then you need to contact Appliance Repair Expert to troubleshoot your SUB-ZERO appliance problems and get these fixed in a shorter period. We make sure your SUB-ZERO appliance gets proper repair even if it develops a more complicated issue besides mentioned above.

If you are not having home-cooked food just due to your SUB-ZERO microwave then you need Appliance Repair Expert to fix your appliance. We deal with emergencies with our team comprising of adept workmen with a lot of experience.

So if your SUB-ZERO microwave does not turn on; its turntable is not turning; it shows error messages or its door is not working. You need to contact Appliance Repair Expert to get your appliance working well.

You are having trouble with cooking because your kitchen remains smoky due to a faulty range. Your SUB-ZERO range’s motor is getting louder day by day or its circuit board has developed a fault.

Appliance Repair Expert have dealt with such faults in the past and we can help you regarding any of your SUB-ZERO appliances. So if you are living in any of the city in which we operate or near these cities, you can acquire our services related to appliance repairs.

If your SUB-ZERO oven is not doing well then go ahead and call Appliance Repair Expert. We have expert manpower with a vast experience of repairing and maintaining SUB-ZERO electric appliances. 

You need to contact us if you see any of the following problems in your appliance:

  • The SUB-ZERO oven displays error messages
  • The oven is smoking
  • It is locked
  • The oven does not heat

About SUB-ZERO Appliances

Westye F. Bakke invented the first freestanding refrigerator in 1943 in Madison, WI, where Sub-Zero’s headquarters remain today.

Sub-Zero manages to stay ahead of the professional refrigeration market by consistently reinvesting its profits back into the company. Less than 5 years ago, President & CEO James Bakke renovated the production line in their Madison, WI, and then immediately set to work redesigning the entire built-in refrigeration series.

This reinvestment of capital allows Sub-Zero to stay ahead of its direct competitors on the research and development front. That is why most technological advancements in the refrigeration market make their debut on a Sub-Zero model, then trickle down to competing built-in refrigerator brands.

Why Appliance Repair Expert is the best for SUB-ZERO Appliances?

Although SUB-ZERO provides high-quality electric appliances that last longer yet maintenance and repairs are required at some point. Thus, if any of your SUB-ZERO appliances have developed malfunction, Appliance Repair Expert are the best to deal with it.

Appliance Repair Expert is a licensed and certified Toronto repair company having 20 years of experience in industrial and household appliances repair and maintenance. Moreover, we charge you with optimum cost and service with highly skilled and professional manpower. If you want to acquire our services, we are always available to handle your queries regarding home appliances or industrial appliances. Moreover, providing quality services and customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our technicians have experience in fixing all sorts of SUB-ZERO appliances including home appliances as well as industrial ones.

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SUB-ZERO Error codes

Before calling us check if your SUB-ZERO Appliance is displaying any of error codes provided below:

SUB-ZERO Fridge Error Codes:

E24 E30 E41 Too cold, not cold enough, beeps/flashing indicators, ice build up, etc.

If you found your code in the chart displayed above, call us for the same day repair. If you do not see your error code above, or your unit does not display any error codes but the machine still does not work properly, call for immediate assistance

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