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    Advantages of Our Outdoor Kitchen Equipment Repairs

    If your outdoor kitchen appliance has started acting up and bothers you, interrupting your comfortable home life, it’s high time to call for help. Our licensed appliance repairmen are just a few blocks away and ready to come to the rescue.

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    What Types of Outdoor Kitchen Appliances Do We Fix?

    Many restaurants, households, concession stands, and other public catering use outdoor appliances for cooking hotdogs, panini, BBQ, and other dishes. Some outdoor grills are even used in barbecue competitions. When such an appliance starts to malfunction, it can harm the business, foil the BBQ party or contest.

    Different outdoor devices have various malfunctions and different repair costs. Here is the list of some equipment types, malfunctions, and our services below. It is not the entire checklist. If your appliance and its issue are not mentioned below, contact us, and our specialist will solve any problem your device faces.

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    Cooking appliance repair

    The cooking appliance is the most used and the most essential outdoor equipment. It should be repaired quickly and effectively. To do so, our technicians learn how an appliance works and what purposes it serves.

    Charcoal and gas grill repair

    Charcoal and gas grills are the most used models. They are the most reliable and durable. Gas grills provide temperature control. They are easier to heat up and clean. They can operate with a propane gas line or a gas tank connected to them. Sometimes gas leakage can be the cause for the malfunction. You should not try to repair a gas grill on your own, it can be dangerous. Using our “outdoor gas grill repair near me” service is better.

    The charcoal version is less expensive and easier to maintain. It is also more durable as there are almost no components to be broken. It consists of a kettle heated from below, lid, cooking grid, charcoal grid, lower chamber, where ash is gathered, venting system and legs. Most malfunctions are solved by the replacement of specific details.

    Gas and charcoal-operated grills are less expensive to repair. It is not difficult to diagnose such an appliance and find the cause for the malfunction. Our technicians can handle most gas or charcoal grills issues within a few hours.

    Electric grill repair

    An electric grill is the easiest to use. Such an appliance is usually equipped with different features, like temperature display, timer, etc. Sometimes it can be hard to discover the cause for the issue, as an electric device is more complex. However, it is not a problem for our grill technician, who can handle any situation with such equipment in less than one day.

    Other grills repair

    There are also kamado, pellet, teppanyaki and flattop grills. Each type has its unique characteristics. Kamado grill has thick ceramic walls. With such a construction, the grill can reach very hot temperatures. Kamado sometimes can also be used for cooking pizza.

    Pellet grill repair

    The Pellet grill uses electricity and hardwood to operate. It consists of a hopper, firebox, wood burns, electric-powered auger, thermostat, and electric igniter. Electric mechanism delivers wood to a firebox, where the igniter burns it. In most cases, problems occur with electric components and can be solved in one day.

    Teppanyaki repair

    Teppanyaki has a flat surface to cook on. It is mainly used in concession stands but can also be a part of the domestic outdoor kitchen. The most used model is a propane-heated one. Teppanyaki can sometimes be mistaken for a hibachi grill. Our technicians know the difference and how to deal with such an appliance.

    Flattop grill repair

    It has circular heating and a straight flat surface for cooking. It can also be heated by gas or electricity. Even though other types listed above are less used than charcoal, gas or electric outdoor grill, our specialists know the characteristics and mechanisms of these appliances and are taught to repair them.

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    Outdoor smoker repair

    Different smokers use cold, hot, or liquid smoke to prepare food. Every unit needs an isolated chamber to keep smoke during the cooking process. They can operate by electricity, gas or charcoal. The operating temperature of the smoker is 200-250 degrees, and any deviations can affect the cooking process. If you notice your smoker acting up, contact us! We will provide you with our specialist to solve the issue.

    Outdoor oven repair

    Outdoor gas or electric operating ovens are primarily used in street food services. Their repair has no significant difference from residential versions. However, some unique models, such as tandoor, charcoal or camp oven, need special skills for repair.

    Tandoor oven is used for cooking Iranian, Pakistani or Indian food. They can use different energy sources, but the central part of the stove is a big pot of clay where the pastry or skewers with meat can be put. Such an appliance repair is a delicate process, and you should entrust it to professionals.

    Charcoal oven combines two functions: barbecue and oven cooking. Its repair is not costly in most cases, as its mechanism is less complex than other ovens.

    A camp oven is a small appliance. It is mainly operated by gas or liquid fuel. Most issues occur with the igniting system or with the fuel delivery system. It is not hard to repair, and its cost is not expensive as the stove sizes and the component prices are small.

    Food truck kitchen equipment repair

    Fast appliance repair is urgently needed for food trucks, as the device is the source of money. The appliances mentioned above can also be used in food truck kitchen equipment. For food trucks located outside the city limits, the minimum repair cost is $300.

    Our specialists also can repair such devices as hot dog maker, roller, panini press, sandwich maker, side burner, food warmer etc.

    Hotdog maker repair

    Hot dog makers and roller grills work by rolling the sausage and providing its even cooking. They also sustain a hot sausage temperature. A steamer and merchandiser analog also uses the steam injection to keep buns and sausages hot. It can cook a hotdog in 20 minutes. It also has a back drain for getting rid of liquid after cooking. Merchandisers are equipped with additional lighting to show the products to the clients. Different hot dog cookers have various malfunctions. For instance, the roller grill can face no rolling issue, the steamer can face clogged drain problem, etc. Our technicians are qualified to work with any type of hot dog appliance.

    Side burner repair

    Side burners are used in street food stores. They also can be used in a personal outdoor kitchen. They are space-saving and very durable in an outdoor environment, as they are made of stainless steel. But sometimes, even such a durable appliance can malfunction. If so, our technician can repair it in several hours. There are gas or electric operating side burners. They have some differences in repair.

    Panini press and sandwich maker repair

    Most panini presses are electric operating appliances. They use two hot plates to press panini and cook it. Most food trucks use the simplest models, as they are less expensive, easier to maintain and repair. Sandwich makers work the same way. They press sandwiches from two sides to provide even heat. The repair of a panini press or a sandwich maker is not costly. It can take only a few hours with our outdoor kitchen repair service.

    Outdoor stove repair

    Outdoor stoves are mainly used for camping. They are compact and have a simple mechanism. There are propane and multifuel models, which use oil, gas to burn or a liquid fuel called white gas. In most cases, the igniter or the fuel distribution system is the cause for malfunction. Our technicians pay attention to these components.

    Outdoor fire table repair

    It is an appliance used both as a decoration and as an open fire cooker. It is operated mainly by propane gas or liquid fuel and can be equipped with a heat regulation mechanism. It produces no smoke. If you notice the smoke while using the fire table, contact us! Our specialists will examine the appliance and repair it to prevent worse malfunctions.

    Outdoor fryer repair

    There are propane and electric operating fryers, single or multi-tank models. Gas operating is for outdoor use only, while electric can also be used indoors. There is also a turkey fryer. It has a burner, large pot with lid, basket and poultry holder.

    In most cases, it gets heat from a separate propane tank. Fryers are durable appliances, but sometimes they can malfunction. Our specialists solve any fryer issue within several hours.

    Outdoor fridge and cooler repair

    There are different fridges and coolers: beverage, bar, integrated, mini, counter etc. The main difference is the temperature of work, sizes and places to install. The beverage fridge or cooler works at about 4 degrees Celsius to keep drinks cool but not freeze them. The integrated fridge is problematic in uninstallation, sometimes making its repair more costly. Mini fridges have the same working principle as their bigger analog. The main difference is that the mini version is more compact. Our technicians are qualified to repair any type of outdoor fridge or cooler.

    Catering equipment repair near me

    There are many types of outdoor appliances. Each piece of equipment has unique characteristics and repair methods. Our specialists are qualified and experienced in repairing and diagnosing any outdoor appliance. They are also certified to repair gas, electric operating appliance and devices that use other energy sources. If your industrial catering equipment faces any issue, contact us! We will provide you with the nearest to your location specialist. Your appliance will work on the day of your call!
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