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Appliance Repair Services in Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Appliance Repair Expert is a trustworthy party providing high-quality repair services for gas and electric units. We offer services for both residential and commercial clients in Barrie. If you require a quick but durable fix of your dryer, refrigerator stove, or mixer among others, we can send you a team of skilled workers the same day. Our company is linked to only affordability without charging you unexpected fees. We offer a precise estimate of household and commercial works. Our professional team has background checks and is insured.

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Refrigerator Repair Barrie

A refrigerator is one of the most popular appliances that can bring many inconveniences. 24-hour refrigerator repair team can detect the following faults:

  • A fridge does not cool;
  • Damaged power supply;
  • Leakages;
  • You smell a bad odour.

If you have any of the issues mentioned above, our refrigerator technicians are ready to assist you. Upon reaching your premises, an expert will perform quick diagnostics and estimate the cost. If the issues require an emergency, your “refrigerator repair near me” can fix the device on the same day. Call the ARE refrigerator service now.

Washing Machine Repair Barrie

Laundry is another tiresome process that can be linked to troubles. Our “washing machine repair near me” service enlists the following common issues.

  • The machine is not turning on;
  • Washing is too noisy;
  • Clothes remain dirty or stuck in the unit.

If your unit has the mentioned signs, our washer service can fix them. We will overlook the issue and share the cost of the work. Our technicians may also share tips on how to minimize breakdowns. If you run out of time, the Appliance Repair Expert team makes quick diagnostics.

Dishwasher Repair Barrie

You may occasionally require dishwasher repair service when your unit is no longer efficient.

Especially when you have many unwashed dishes awaiting you in the sink. Some of the common issues that will need you to call us are:

  • Leakage;
  • Stored water;
  • Issues with drainage.
These signs are easily fixed if you do not postpone them. A dishwasher will first need a diagnostic and then an estimate of works. Our mobile dishwasher repair service will send a team of workers to return a smile on your face again. If you have heavy leakage, do call our team immediately.

Dryer Repair Barrie

A dryer is a genuinely life-saving unit when you need your clothes immediately dried. Yet, it can also break and frustrate you. For instance, there might be error codes on the monitor. Otherwise, you need a dryer repair “near me” when:

  • You cannot turn it on;
  • The inner plate is not working;
  • It does not dry clothes.

Do not worry if these signs appear since a quality fix may bring you bright days again. Our same-day dryer repair service will come up with the best solution and fix your problem. We are professionally trained to deliver top-notch works, so you use the unit again the same day.

Oven Repair Barrie

Are you a fan of oven cooking? But now it does not work correctly? Not a problem with the oven service “near me.” We offer you to check the most common issues with this equipment:

  • It does not heat;
  • Nothing burns inside;
  • It makes strange noises.

The Appliance Repair Expert can send you workers on the same day so that you can invite your friends for a delicious food experience in the evening. To fix oven usually takes a few hours or less. If you do not postpone calling the experts, and the breakdown is minor, the durability of works may be less than one hour.

Range Hood Repair Barrie

Your kitchen may shock you with smoke when a range hood is not efficient. You may need to order the following services to fix that harming smoke:

  • Unit’s full repair;
  • Fix of venting;
  • Check up of heating and igniting.

Our Barrie branch can help you with all of them. Call us, and we will send technicians the same day. Please, do not postpone the troubleshooting since smoke is hazardous for inhaling.

Stove/Cooktop Repair Barrie

The stove is the common unit within most households. It enhances and facilitates cooking and makes your friends impressed with delicious food combinations. Yet, breakdowns with this appliance are common as well. Some of them are:

  • It does not heat;
  • It does not burn;
  • It makes strange noises.
Our technicians may solve such issues regardless of time. You can call us 24/7 and address your inquiry for professional help. We have extensive experience in fixing gas stoves and electric ovens.

Freezer Repair Barrie

Do you usually store much food in your freezer? Some people enjoy freezing fruits and vegetables for future cooking. But, it is a mission impossible when the freezer does not correctly work. You may experience the following issues that will need a high-quality freezer troubleshooting:

  • Cooling is not efficient;
  • No formed ice;
  • Gas leakage.

When such issues appear, the ARE will be the best decision. Our skilled workers know how to help your freezer cool your foods again. Call our freezer repair service in Barrie now, and schedule an appointment.

Gas Appliance Repair Barrie

Without any boasting, the Appliance Repair Expert is the top Barrie gas appliance service. We offer high-quality works for gas stoves, gas ranges, cooktops, among others. Since gas units can be vet dangerous when broken, we will send the technicians immediately to protect you from any adverse outcomes.

Otherwise, there might be a need for our service with the following issues:

  • You smell too much gas;
  • Your kitchen is full of smoke;
  • There are strange noises.

Call us now to fix your gas unit at an affordable price.

Washing Machine Installation Barrie


Times, when you had to wash clothes by hand, resided in the past. Today, you can use a washing machine and have your clothes shiny and clean. Yet, even such devices may need a professional hand with installation. You may need to call us if:

  • You do not know how to link it to the power supply;
  • You are far from installation knowledge.

If your brand new washing machine just arrived, do not hesitate to call us for installation. We will do it within a few moments so that you can test its efficiency.

Dishwasher Installation Barrie

Same-day dishwasher installation is one of the most popular services with our company. 

We help with:

  • A full cycle of installation;
  • Connecting the unit to the power supply;
  • Testing how it works.

Note, our team will do all the installation works and answer all your questions about prolonging its lifecycle and further maintenance. Our certified technicians are looking forward to providing you with the utmost satisfaction of work.

Dryer Installation Barrie

Installation of the dryer without any hustle and bustle? The Appliance Repair Expert in Barrie may provide such service. We help with:

  • Installation of the brand new unit;
  • Installation of units’ details;
  • Connection of the appliance to the power supply.

Our team can also hint you at the best place where your dryer should be installed. Beyond that, we can recommend how to prevent possible leakages.

Stove/Cooktop Installation Barrie

Stove and cooktop installation is not linked to complexity. However, you might need help if you have never installed appliances before alone. First off, the service dramatically differs based on the model and type of your device:

  • Installation of gas stove/cooktop;
  • Installation of electric stove/cooktop.

Both can rely on the Appliance Repair Expert. Our technicians can help you switch from gas to electric connections and ensure all gas applications are safe within your household. We will provide you with estimates of works and proceed with them. 

Gas Appliance Installation Barrie

The Appliance Repair Expert offers many gas devices installation services. We take any case individually and ensure to provide a client with the utmost satisfaction. We can help you with:

  • Gas dryer;
  • Gas oven;
  • Gas stove.

Upon making the installation, we double-check all the units’ efficacy and safety factors since gas is not fun, and you should be deprived of its leakages.

Refrigerator Clean & Maintenance Barrie

Proper running of refrigerators is crucial. You rely on it for healthy and fresh products. Yet, some such appliances can go faulty and lead you to even poisoning. Some of the most common issues that require advanced maintenance are:

  • Leakages;
  • Poor voltage;
  • Formed ice.

These and other issues can be easily prevented if you stick to ordering 24-hour refrigerator repair services with our team. Refrigerator service provided by us is ongoing promptly and at affordable cost only.

Washing Machine Clean & Maintenance Barrie

Your washing machine is the best tool when you want to look neat and clean. You just put your clothes inside the unit and wait for some time. However, this appliance is not always very effective because of breakdowns or minor issues. 


You might need maintenance for a washing machine when:

  • Your clothes are usually stuck;
  • Your clothes are not as clean as you want to after washing;
  • The speed of washing is poor.

These problems should be checked, and troubleshooted if needed. With our service, we can come to your house and detect the issue. It will help to prolong the life cycle of the machine.

Dryer Clean & Maintenance Barrie

Barrie branch can help you maintain your gas or electric dryer when it is no longer so good with its primary tasks.

  • We help to remove dirt from the vents;
  • We help with regulating the temperature of the unit.

The Appliance Repair Expert has extensive experience in maintaining and fixing dryers. You can request our services at any time possible. Call us now to receive prompt help.

Gas Appliance Clean & Maintenance Barrie

Maintenance of gas appliances is probably one of the most important ones. It would help if you did not face events of gas leakages that might be very dangerous to you and your beloved ones. We can help with: 

  • Gas stoves;
  • Gas cooktops;
  • Gas ovens.

Beyond that, we will be more than happy to help you clean your gas gadgets so that they will serve you for many years. During the work, we follow all safety and preventive measures to ensure your unit is safe.




Commercial Dryer Repair Barrie

The Appliance Repair Expert can provide you with dryer repair. When such units stop working correctly, you can quickly get frustrated. For instance, some issues that require same day help are:

  • It does not regulate the right temperature;
  • It is linked to noises;
  • It gives a strange odour to your clothes.

We will provide you with a quality service the same day upon the request. We will send workers who will detect the issue and fix it in no time. Our dryer troubleshooting services are suitable for both gas and electric dryers.

Commercial Dishwasher Repair Barrie

Our Barrie dishwasher repair is ready to help hotel businesses, restaurants, and other facilities that experience hurdles with their dishwashers. If the unit has the following issues, the best dishwasher repair is a must:

  • It is out of order;
  • It makes strange noises;
  • It does not wash dishes.

The Appliance Repair Expert understands how crucial troubleshooting is when you do not want to spend money on new appliances. Mobile dishwasher repairs help to fix the problem and prevent further breakdowns. Call the ARE now to request help.

Commercial Glass Washer Repair Barrie

Glasswashers are the best solution for people in the hospitality sphere. They help them clean glasses faster and run to sleep. Yet, even such an machine can break down and lead to tiresome long hours of working. The Appliance Repair Expert can help you with the following problems:

  • There is not the right temperature;
  • You cannot turn it on;
  • It leaves spots on your glasses.

If your commercial glasswasher has the above-mentioned issues or others, our team is looking forward to helping you. Do not postpone it since it may result in a total breakdown.

Commercial Freezer Repair Barrie

Our freezer repair in Barrie service helps businesses and restaurants with their malfunctioning appliances. We can help you with:

  • Freezers that do not cool enough;
  • Freezers that have too much-formed ice;
  • Freezers that leak.

Our freezer repair service will detect the issue, tell you how to fix it better, and provide you with a fair estimate of works. Note, to fix a freezer is simple when you rely on professionals only. Do not try to repair it all alone if you have no experience.

Commercial Gas Appliance Repair Barrie

One more service provided by the Appliance Repair Expert in Barrie is gas appliance repair. We help with:

  • Commercial gas stoves;
  • Commercial gas cooktops;
  • Commercial gas ovens.

We have positive reviews and are fully insured/TSSA registered. We work legally and go the extra mile, ensuring our clients are safe when using their gas units. Upon the request, you can request emergency troubleshooting when gas is linked to dangerous leakages.

















































We Provide Professional Appliance Services in Barrie

Barrie landscape.
Barrie is a city located in the regional center of Ontario, Canada. Its population is approximately 144 thousand people. Over the last years, a huge growth of population is observed because the city is now considered a bedroom community just 85 km from Toronto. As for the weather characteristics, one may enjoy both cold winters with snowy periods as well scorching summers that are linked to humidity. When speaking of ethnicity, most found within Barrie, there are Black, South Asian, Chinese, Latin American, and Caucasian with Native American groups. The most popular spot for tourism is the Barrie waterfront, with old historic buildings and annual festivals. What about our contribution to the city? Appliances, both electric and gas ones, tend to experience breakdowns sometimes. You may notice noise or bothering smell that sooner or later will lead to a major malfunction. For instance, you can notice that your clothes after 1-hour washing have dirty spots. Instead of rushing to the nearest retail shop and replacing the unit with a new one, you can still take a few measures to give it the second life. In particular, it means that you can Google the solution and try to fix a device alone. Note, it may be linked to new malfunctions and breakdowns if you are not tech-savvy. Otherwise, if you are a lucky one, you can postpone the “death” of the unit. The other approach is to rely on professionals who know this craft from inside. We mean ourselves. The Appliance Repair Expert is a team composed of professional and dedicated technicians and specialists. We have extensive experience in repairing various types of gas and electric equipment. We do not promise a miracle, but we go the extra mile in prolonging the life cycle of your broken units. Call our Barrie branch immediately if you have an emergency, and we will send our workers the same day.

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What certificates should a qualified repair specialist have?

To work as an appliance repair specialist in Canada, you must hold a certificate of qualification, which is awarded after the successful completion of an apprenticeship and training program. The training program must have been completed at a recognized college or training institution. The most sought-after certificate for appliance repair specialists in Canada is the Red Seal or Journeyman certificate. These are nationally recognized standards for all skilled tradesmen throughout Canada. There is a specific stream for appliance service technicians. To acquire a Red Seal certificate, technicians have to pass a series of rigorous exams, which they are only allowed to take after achieving their qualification certificate. Only tested technicians work at the Appliance Repair Expert company.

Why is maintenance better than repair?

Ask any doctor, and they will tell you prevention is the best form of treatment, and appliances are no different. By regularly maintaining your appliances, you can quickly fix problems before they turn into costly, complex repairs. We often repair appliances that are suffering from neglect which basic maintenance could have solved.


Routine maintenance also prolongs the service life of your appliances, saving you the headache of having to replace your units prematurely. We have found that appliances that receive regular maintenance last 3 to 4 years longer than appliances that receive no maintenance.

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