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samsung washer error code dc

How To Fix The Samsung Washer DC Error Code?


DC error code on your Samsung washer might be caused by a variety of factors. Usually, it means a weight-related balance issue. Because of the load imbalance, the unit is unable to spin. You don’t have to be concerned about whether it’s a weight problem or anything else. This issue is pretty simple to resolve, and the steps to fix it are easy to follow.

Load balancing is one of the main reasons of DC code

The DC error is one of the most common Samsung washers error codes that may usually be resolved by sorting the clothes in the machine. There are several potential causes of unbalanced loads. Bulky clothing, such as trousers, bedding, jumpers, coats, and so on, fall into this category. Check inside the machine and attempt to balance the items. Make sure the garments are evenly distributed. If the clothing isn’t balanced correctly, the spin barrel won’t be able to spin correctly.

Begin by rearranging the garments that are currently in the washer. If this doesn’t work, take some clothing out of the device and restart it. Perhaps the weight of the garments is too much for the barrel spin to handle. As a result, removing certain things may be beneficial. However, if you’re washing a regular load of clothing and there aren’t any bulky items, attempt to cut some weight since a huge number of normal-weighted garments may have already surpassed the spin barrel’s capacity.

Furthermore, you should not use your washing machine to wash a small number of garments. Your washing machine will display DC fault code if you’re washing a single piece of fabric or a maximum of 2-3 garments. The problem is that these washers have a minimum and maximum load capacity. You cannot choose an amount of clothing that is less than the minimum required weight. You also can’t exceed the maximum quantity of clothing. In this case, a balanced mid-range condition is essential.

How do you level a washing machine by yourself?

The DC fault should be resolved by adjusting the weights. If it doesn’t help, it’s possible that your washing machine isn’t level. The system will identify this and provide a warning if this is the case. Make sure that your machine is installed on a level or flat surface. If you have a tool that allows you to check the level, use it to make sure that the washer is in good working order.

If you don’t have a levelling device, you may use a cup with a measuring scale or a glass of water. Place the cup next to the machine to examine whether the water’s higher level and the machine’s top are in the same place. You’ll be able to figure it out quickly.

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samsung washer dc error code fix

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