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  • We gain tons of positive reviews from our customers
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    What Appliances Do We Install?

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    Appliances installation service you can trust unconditionally

    New appliances may have a significant influence on the interior design of your house, quickly updating your washroom or laundry area with the newest oven, dishwasher, or dryer. Making the purchase deal, on the other hand, is the simple part.

    Professional appliance installation for a new dishwasher, gas range or cooktop might be difficult for homeowners who are more concerned with childcare and workplace deadlines than attaching water pipes. Even if you have the knowledge, finding the time to set it up by yourself may be a challenge.

    Not to mention gas appliances, where employing a certified technician for fitting jobs is required by the law and building codes.

    To help with that and make your purchase trouble-free, we provide skilled appliance fitting service for your home’s most recent upgrades.

    What services do our appliance installers provide?

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    Installing new laundry units

    Installing your new washer or dryer to the electricity supply in your bathroom isn’t always as simple as inserting a plug into a socket. Electrical components and circuits in dishwashers may be sophisticated. Our installation procedure includes connecting to water and drain pipes as well as making wiring.

    Professional kitchen equipment setup

    Our skilled installers will handle the setup of your dishwasher wall cooker, stove, gas range, and over-the-range microwave. Simply contact our representative and inform them of the situation. We’ll take care of the rest, providing timely and competent service that gives your house the respect it deserves.

    Hookup for a gas appliance

    Good news for “assembly service near me” seekers – we will bring a flexible gas connection and attach it for you if that’s needed. Then, after everything is in place, we’ll inspect your new gas equipment for leaks. We’ll also install a new metal exhaust for gas dryers and test your new device to ensure it works properly.

    Appliance removal

    We can even remove your old item after the new one is connected and ready to use. (Hauling and dumping rates may apply, so double-check before ordering.)

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    Full range of appliance connection services for your household

    Basic Dishwasher Services

    Levelling, sealing and attaching the new dishwasher to the existing utilities using a new flexible hose (usually Included in the Install kit).

    Basic Services for Washers

    1. Removing the shipping shackles, connecting the feet and levelling the washer.
    2. Hooking up the new washer to the current infrastructure using the 4′ fill and draining hoses provided by the manufacturer or additional ones.

    Basic Services for Dryers

    1. Levelling after attaching the dryer feet.
    2. Connecting the new dryer to a 4-foot dryer cable or flex gas line.
    3. Connecting a regular venting canal.

    Basic Services for Cooktops

    1. Installing the new cooktop in the existing counter hole.
    2. Connecting the new stove to the existing electric or gas source (or both, if needed).

    Other Services Are Available

    1. Removing the old cooktop and dispose of it in an ecologically responsible manner.
    2. Installing a gas shutdown valve.

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    Our significant merits for new clients

    1. Appliance Repair Expert warranties every product installation we do. You can always be sure that your unit will function in a proper manner, and in case of any issues, our workers will return and fix them instantly.
    2. Some manufacturers provide an additional warranty. As we are partnering with major brand manufacturers, you can enjoy many special offers and conditions provided by our service.
    3. For a stress-free experience, same-day appliance installation is scheduled for in-house employees we totally control.
    4. If your unit ever has to be repaired afterwards, we provide assistance from a skilled customer service group, expert sales personnel, and the biggest independent service department in your area. We also have special offers and discounts for existing clients that use our service repeatedly.
    5. For extra convenience, we employ only experts with the highest qualifications possible. They do not only handle equipment installation services but are also experienced in plumbing and electric works.
    6. Our service reaches beyond the particular installation procedure. If you are just planning your upgrade but have trouble choosing the best fitting equipment option from the market, our experts will also come in handy. We can inspect your place and figure out what model will suit it most, depending on the space and configuration of outlets and drains. Our specialists have spent years dealing with different units and know everything about hidden pitfalls that you’ll never expect.
    7. Our quotes are as transparent as they can be – you’ll know the exact charge sum you’ll have to pay prior to the start of the job. We don’t charge extra for the services you do not require and have no hidden commissions.

    Also you might be interested in Appliance maintenance services.

    Contact our trained customer support team to find out more and get the answer to any, even the most tricky, questions you may have about home appliance installation and repair!

    Our Main Advantages

    Have you had no luck seeking trustworthy appliance installation specialists? You can forget it now as we are ready to provide you with exceptional service.
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      Same-day installations

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      Licensed, trained techs with years of experience

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      Complete warranty for jobs and parts

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      Most jobs are conducted in one go

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      Affordable pricing to fit any wallet

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    What People Are Saying About Our Appliance Installation Experts

    Walter Lindsey

    Fix freezers instantly

    Dominic Price

    Excellent Kenmore dryer repair.

    Rose Avery

    Chris was amazing! Very professional, knowledgeable, joyous, friendly and honest. I’m so grateful my friend referred me to appliance Repair Expert! Highly recommend!

    Diane Burgess

    Good response from this company. Dennis the tech arrived on time and fixed the problem with my dishwasher. Many thanks for your friendly and very professional service. Will definitely use your service again. Recommended.

    Casen Carver

    Great professional service and very quick response for oven repair. Jason, the tech, was excellent!

    Great Service!

    For help with my new dryer, I called this company. They were able to remove my old unit, set up the new one’s electrical connection, and provide recommendations on where to put it. It was all very difficult for me, yet they only took about 60 minutes of my time. Thank you so much for your kind works.

    Satisfy their service!

    Personally, I have never had any single complaint when closing this company. They helped my parents to fix the microwave, while my issue with the refrigerator temperature was beyond comparison. They fixed the problem and shared hints on how to spot the malfunctions in advance. As for their prices, it will fully depend on the issue you have, however, compared to other companies, you will be happy. They also have coupons to cut the cost of repairs for both returning and new clients.

    Oven Repair.

    For the las month, I’ve been doing an experience to see whether my cooking abilities are hopeless or my oven is to blame. When I gave up I decided to call Appliance Repair Expert, their tech discovered that the problem stemmed from the thermostat. Everything was OK again. Thanks.

    Freezers Repair.

    Our restaurant freezers needed repair, but we had no idea who to call. The Appliance Repair Expert was suggested by colleagues. The problem was solved, and we agreed to work together anytime we need assistance with our appliances. Worth every penny!


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