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Trouble-free washer installations

From the first glance, washing machine replacement may seem like an easy plug-in action, but with a closer look, you’ll probably find out it’s much more challenging. Washers utilize both water and electricity simultaneously, so errors in connecting the supply are unacceptable. Doing anything wrong during the process may turn disastrous in the near future. So to avoid such a harsh outcome, why refuse to apply for professional help from the very beginning?

Appliance Repair Expert provides a washing machine fitting service that’s fast enough to save your time and nerves and affordable to save your budget. Call our specialists to set up an appointment – in the majority of cases we are able to perform washer installation the same day!

Our appliance installers complete the washer fitting jobs turnkey to lower your headache to the minimum, but still, there are some actions you may perform to speed up the process:

  1. Assure the flooring is somewhat flat and strong enough to meet a minimum of 100 kg pressure.
  2. The final surface should offer a firm base that will not be harmed unduly by the washer moving to and from the position during installation and repair or by the device’s shaking throughout usage. Ceramic tile laid over cement or hardwood floors will perform better. Resilient floorings are not recommended as well as carpets.
  3. Add a laundry basin with a drain if the washer is to be positioned on an upper story of the home to avoid harm if it spills or floods.
  4. Check that there is a suitable capacity for emptying the washer. Any of these will suffice: at least 30 in. pipe, P-trap-equipped floor drainage, or a laundry sink capable of dumping at least 15 gals. per minute

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How to know it’s time to replace washing machine

Few items in your home are now more crucial than your utility room appliances. They are an essential part of everyday life because of the time they save and the fact they maintain your clothing in beautiful condition.

And so, your washing machine’s connection must be made correctly to maintain it in good operating order and to prevent harm. If you do have an issue, it’s critical to esteem the situation and arrange a quick replacement if needed to avoid worse difficulties and have your garments clean without delay. Appliance Repair Expert provides a “washing machine installation service near me” to maintain your washing machine in good working order.

If your washer is producing weird noises, not functioning correctly, or just not cleaning properly, contact a service technician right away. A little issue might cause other elements of your system to wear down, leading to a larger and heavier problem.

The following are common indications that your washer requires repair or replacement:

  • Failure to launch
  • The door or lid is not latching
  • There is no whirling
  • Failure to complete a cycle
  • Abnormal or loud sounds
  • Leaving abnormally damp clothes

Modern washers nowadays have about 5-10 years of lifespan. Sometimes your washer can be broken beyond repair due to incorrect use or production defects. Or the repair might not be enough cost-efficient compared to the washer model upgrade.

As mentioned above, installing a new washing machine instead of an old one may appear to be straightforward, but this is not the case. To begin, you must choose how to transport the equipment to your home and up and down your stairs – an average washer weighs about 70 kg, and without assistance, you won’t be able to get it to your house.

Secondly, ensure that your plug sockets can manage the electrical demand. If you had an earlier model that utilized less power, this might not be the case. Then, to avoid overflowing your house the very first time you switch your washer, or if the hookup wears out over time, you must get the drainage systems precisely right.

Any mistake might result in harm to your new equipment or your property. It is also feasible to jeopardize your or your family’s safety. If you are eager to safeguard your property, find a professional plumber to install a washing machine for you.

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Types Of Washing Machines We Install

The wellbeing of our clients is extremely important to the success we do at Domex. As a result, after your washing machine has been installed, our team of top certified professionals will undertake safety inspections on your device, providing you with a total sense of safety. Our specialists can install a broad selection of washing machines, from basic functioning to top-of-the-line models, with the highest expertise and accuracy for your best customer experience.

We can install:

  • Front-Loading washing machines. The most frequently met type that suits almost any utility room, laundry, washroom or even kitchen.
  • Portable washing machines. Rarely met type of washer, which convenience is hidden inside its name. These appliances can be easily moved and connected whenever you need them.
  • Top-Loading washing machines. Convenient when you have a lack of space in your washroom. These washers usually have the same installation principles as their “relatives” but occupy less space.
  • Combo. A washer-dryer combo is literally a device where a washing machine and a dryer are connected vertically or horizontally. To install this type of appliance, you’ll need to think about vents too, as a dryer requires an air exchange system to operate.

washing machine and dryer installation

Get in contact with a representative of our professional staff now for more details and the cost of installing a washing machine. If you’d like to obtain an exact estimate and schedule an appointment, we’re always pleased to assist.

Washer Brands List We Deal With

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