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    Kitchen appliances fail regularly. The situation is typical for contemporary reality, and there is no way of escaping it. Not everyone has the financial means to purchase new units every month. Nonetheless, they are fixable, particularly with the help of our appliance repair in Abbotsford.

    Regardless of whether household appliances are affected, their long-term breakdown may make life very difficult for you and, on some occasions, can even cause harm to other installed equipment in the household.

    Please give us a call if you’re searching for skilled same-day appliance repair technicians. We’re always willing to assist.

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    Best Appliance Repair Services in Abbotsford

    Laundry & Kitchen Appliance Repair Near You

    Appliance Brands We Fix in Abbotsford

    • Refrigerator Repair
    • Washing Machine Repair
    • Dishwasher Repair
    • Dryer Repair
    • Oven Repair
    • Stove/Cooktop Repair
    • Freezer Repair
    • Gas Appliance Repair

    Refrigerator Repair in Abbotsford

    Because we rely on our refrigerator for about 24 hours a day, it is usual to malfunction. You may face the following problems:

    • The refrigerator or freezer isn’t working
    • The compressor emits strange sounds or spills coolant
    • The ice machine is leaking, jamming, or clogging
    • Doors will not correctly seal, open, or shut
    • The appliance does not retain temperature adjustments.

    If the refrigerator isn’t fixed on time, not only may goods get defrosted, but they can also increase the load on the power supply. As a result, you will face monthly energy bills that are many times more than the cost of fixing your refrigerator. So instead of attempting to fix it yourself, we suggest that you turn to a professional appliance repair service instead.

    Abbotsford refrigerator repair services are provided by Appliance Repair Expert, who offers high-quality services for all major refrigerator brands. We can fix even the most complex problems with your household appliance.

    You may only apply for assistance with services that are licensed. Given that our business fulfills these criteria, our same-day appliance repair expert is constantly on call to assist you with your appliance repair needs. Please get in touch with us!

    refrigerator repair abbotsford

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    Washing Machine Repair in Abbotsford

    The washing machine is a necessary component of contemporary living for the vast majority of people. A washing machine, like any other equipment, is subject to failure. You may find yourself in such circumstances:

    • The washing can not start
    • Water is leaking out from the door of the washer
    • The washer can not fill, drain, or cycle
    • The door or lid can not open or close correctly
    • Certain functions or cycles do not function properly
    • Strange sounds or odours during operation.

    Some consumers think that small failures do not cause any damage to the washing machine and instead choose to contact the service only when the appliance has totally stopped actually working. We believe this to be categorically incorrect, and as a result, we provide our appliance repair services in order to avoid further failures from occurring.

    Appliance Repair Expert provides repair services for freezers from companies such as Whirlpool, Maytag, Kenmore and others.

    If you’re searching for a skilled “appliance repair service near me” in Abbotsford, you’ve already got the best supplier. Let us know when you can get in touch.

    washing machine repair abbotsford

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    Dishwasher Repair in Abbotsford

    Dishwashers are now a piece of permanent equipment in most modern Canadian households. You just need to load it with the powder and click a few buttons to save a significant amount of your valuable time. What are you going to do if kitchen equipment of that type fails?

    Common issues are:

    • The dishwasher does not start
    • The door will not properly close or shut
    • The appliance is leaking water
    • Error messages are shown
    • Some functions are inaccessible
    • It does not completely clean the dishes
    • It makes strange noises
    • The water is turned on, but it is not flowing into the dishwasher.

    Moreover, if there is a problem with the pipe or pallet, the dishwasher may overflow and flood the whole house. It is recommended that you call our appliance repair experts to prevent this incident as soon as you detect a problem.

    Appliance Repair Expert in Abbotsford provides a complete spectrum of dishwasher repair services for Indesit, Bosch, Siemens, and other leading dishwasher companies.

    dishwasher repair abbotsford

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    Dryer Repair in Abbotsford

    The dryer is created to address two issues: a lack of available space for drying clothes and a lack of available time for the same task. A qualified person should thus be called as soon as possible when the device has a failure, such as:

    • The dryer isn’t working
    • There isn’t enough warmth to dry clothing
    • It warms but does not tumble
    • The dishwasher displays mistakes
    • It makes a lot of noise
    • During the process, there is a burnt odour or smoke.

    Several issues, such as the pressure of the drum on the remaining steel surfaces, have the potential to have severe results. We highly advise you to call our same-day appliance repair experts as soon as possible so that you do not actually end up having to spend a serious amount of money for repairs afterwards.

    If the equipment already been installed has a malfunction, our skilled experts will diagnose and fix the issues. We have clients all around Abbotsford.

    The Appliance Repair Expert will happily supply you with a trained appliance repair team for a reasonable fee if you have been searching for it for a long time now.

    dryer repair abbotsford

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    Oven Repair in Abbotsford

    It isn’t easy to imagine a contemporary kitchen that doesn’t have an oven. As a result, when it malfunctions, it may have a significant impact on people’s lives. Here’s the list of most common oven problems you should not neglect:

    • The oven is not starting
    • The broiler or another component is not functioning
    • The oven door will not correctly open, close, or lock
    • Inside the oven, meal cooks unevenly
    • The oven components can not ignite or heat
    • The self-cleaning option does not function
    • Some modes, functionalities, switches, or displays are not operating correctly
    • The convection fan is either too loud or does not operate.

    If you don’t get in touch with a professional right once, your electric or gas oven may be highly dangerous. We recommend that you contact a certified appliance repair company as soon as possible to remove a potential danger rapidly. It is something that our company can assist you with across Abbotsford.

    We fix ovens from firms such as Samsung, KitchenAid, LG and others. We are capable of completing even the most dangerous assignments.

    Many of our customers have already expressed their satisfaction with our appliance repair and servicing. We encourage you to give it a go!

    oven repair abbotsford

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    Stove/Cooktop Repair in Abbotsford

    The stove is one of the most important pieces of equipment in any kitchen, and it should not be overlooked. The fact is that for many of us, it is a method of rewarding ourselves with a wonderful meal. Nothing, even the cooktop, is built to operate eternally. You need to call the repairmen if:

    • The electric cooktop isn’t turning on
    • Electrical coils aren’t heating
    • Unable to control the temperature of the burners
    • When the cooktop is turned on, it produces sparks
    • The indicator lights aren’t turning on
    • Cooktop electric coils have been cracked.

    Stoves are available in both electric and gas models. In the case of a breakdown, the first will need more electric power, while the second may have a gas leak. The effects of this action will be terrible for both your health and your home. The Appliance Repair Expert service provides a solution to this problem – appliance repair.

    Our service provides cooktop repair in the house that would be both fast and high-quality. We service a range of products, and we also answer calls from people all around Abbotsford.

    Our main goal is to save your time. Thus, our same-day appliance repair engineers will be at your home within an hour of receiving your call. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our managers!

    stove repair abbotsford

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    Freezer Repair in Abbotsford

    New refrigerators are often fitted with a freezer as a standard feature. Alternatively, people purchase different types of equipment for the sake of convenience or extra storage. Because the freezers are available 24 hours a day, they experience breakdowns on a regular basis:

    • The freezer can not defrost
    • Frost is accumulating inside
    • The freezer is far too cold
    • The freezer is far too warm.
    • Food “burns” in the freezer
    • It’s making a lot of noise

    Whatever the cause of the breakdown in the freezer, from a freon leak to a faulty thermostat, the result is product deterioration and an unexpected loss of money. We advise you to call an experienced appliance repair company as soon as possible to avoid this from occurring.

    Our service offers a comprehensive range of options for the freezer`s maintenance and repair. Appliance Repair Expert provides service for all brands, even the most obscure ones, and is available 24/7. We are based in Abbotsford and are glad to fix appliances at any time of day and night.

    freezer repair abbotsford

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    Gas Appliance Repair in Abbotsford

    In today’s world, an increasing number of customers are beginning to concentrate mainly on electrically powered devices. However, there are a significant number of individuals that prefer gas. If one of these appliances breaks, the outcoming issue cannot be ignored.

    Today, the leak of natural gas is a major issue. If you attempt to fix it yourself, it has the potential to cause harm to your property and, even more importantly, your wellbeing. Pay attention to the following trouble signals:

    • Gas smell near the unit
    • The gas cooktop cannot light the burners
    • The burners flame is weak
    • The pilot light fails to start the burner ignition
    • Strange noises while the flames are on.

    Whatever occurs, if you’re dealing with gas appliances, you’d best put your reliance on an experienced company.

    We provide same-day gas appliance repair in Abbotsford at very affordable pricing. Furthermore, our specialists are available on weekends, holidays, and at all hours of the day.

    gas appliance repair abbotsford

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    Advantages of our service in Abbotsford

    We gain tons of positive reviews from our customers. And such a tendency has a bunch of its reasons:

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    Same-day repairs
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    We service all makes and models
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    Licensed, trained techs with years of experience
    appliance repair in abbotsford
    Complete warranty for jobs and parts
    home appliance repair abbotsford
    Most repair jobs are conducted in one go
    appliance repair expert abbotsford
    Affordable pricing to fit any wallet
    abbotsford appliance repair company

    What People Are Saying About Our Appliance Repair Company in Abbotsford

    Sue Lee

    Nice people.

    Jun 13, 2024
    Matthew Barrett

    Amazing service. Received a call back and booking within 30 minutes of submitting the request. The team arrived at our house within 3 hours and fixed our dryer. The speed of the service was really impressive and saved us as we were leaving for a trip the next day. Highly recommend.

    Apr 15, 2024
    Sara Nicolaisen

    Appliance repair was at my house next day and the repair man was so so helpful. Had our dishwasher back up and running and went the extra mile to prevent further issues in the future

    Mar 13, 2024
    Stephen Fryer

    Prompt service. Efficient and polite technician. A2Z

    Jun 13, 2024
    Jordi Von Fielitz

    Extremely fast response and service. Great communication, fair pricing and very friendly humans. 100% will call again and again

    Mar 1, 2024
    Erin Kutz

    Prompt and professional service, would call again!

    Jun 15, 2024
    Truda Young

    What can I say? Very fast service, friendly, helpful staff and very professional work! They had all the parts needed to get the job done with them, fixed my fridge immediately and didn’t leave a mess behind. Thank you!

    Oct 19, 2023
    Karen Samoila

    The repair man was very friendly and professional explaining all my options. I will definately use this company again.

    Jun 6, 2024
    Sandra Graham

    Excellent service, very reasonable rates.

    Jun 11, 2024

    All stages of our appliance repair in Abbotsford

    24 hour appliance repair abbotsford
    appliance repair service abbotsford

    Fill out the form or call operator

    Leave a request for the repair of appliances. Our dispatchers will help you schedule a technician’s visit at a time convenient for you.

    fast appliance repair abbotsford

    The master arrives

    The master inspects the breakdown of the appliance and makes an estimate for the repair work. They will order all the necessary parts and components if they are not available to start the repair as soon as possible.

    quality appliance repair abbotsford

    The master carries out the repair of appliance

    The master fixes the breakdown and, if necessary, replaces the spare part. We will tell you about the repair process in non-technical language and provide useful recommendations to avoid further problems.

    appliance repair experts abbotsford

    The appliance works like new

    Before leaving, the device is tested in detail to ensure its full functionality. The client is satisfied, because we also give a guarantee for repairs.

    Book an appointment with our technician in Abbotsford

    We’ve made our pricing policy affordable for anyone by making service calls free with repairs and removing all the extra charges from your estimate. You pay only for the jobs done. And done well.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Appliance Repair

    What types of appliances do you repair?

    At our affordable appliance repair Abbotsford, we specialize in repairing a wide range of appliances including stoves, fridges, washers, and more. Our team of appliance repair specialists are experienced in handling various type of appliance issues.

    How quickly can you fix my broken appliance?

    We understand the urgency of getting your broken appliance back up and running the same day, and in most cases, from the first visit. Our quick appliance repair services ensure that we work efficiently to get your appliances back in working order.

    Can you repair appliances in surrounding areas of Abbotsford?

    Yes, we provide Abbotsford appliance repair services as well as in the surrounding areas. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, you can rely on us to fix your broken appliance promptly.

    How can I contact you to schedule an appliance repair service?

    You can contact us today to book an appointment at a time that works best for you. Our appliance repair specialists will ensure that your appliance issues are addressed promptly and efficiently.

    What is the typical cost for appliance repair in Abbotsford?

    Repairing appliances in Abbotsford can vary in cost depending on the type of appliance and the complexity of the issue. Here are the average repair costs by appliance type:

    • Oven: $150 – $300;
    • Dishwasher: $140 – $300;
    • Refrigerator: $160 – $480;
    • Freezer: $200 – $350;
    • Washer: $200 – $450;
    • Stove/Cooktop: $150 – $350;
    • Dryer: $180 – $350;
    • Gas Appliance: $180 – $340.

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