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7 Tips for Extending the Lifespan of Your Fridge


A refrigerator is one of the most expensive household appliances, and keeping it running properly is very important. In this article, we asked Jacob Dillard, an engineer at Appliance Repair Expert, what to do to keep it working properly and how to extend the life of your refrigerator.

Steps To Make Sure Your Fridge Lasts Longer

1. Keep the door shut. Make sure that the refrigerator door remains closed when not in use. When the door is opened, the refrigerator loses the required temperature and tries to restore it by loading the internal components and the compressor.
Keeping fridge door shut
Keeping fridge door shut
2. Set the right temperature. Read the manual to set the recommended temperature in your fridge to ensure your unit follows the manufacturer’s standards. Overcooling puts extra pressure on a compressor, which can be a problem.Optimal temperature for freezer and fridge

3. Keep fridge vents clean. Ensure that all ducts inside the fridge are clean and not obstructed by your food and any products. The most important vent is the external one, right next to the compressor, which allows air to enter the refrigerator. This vent can usually become clogged with dust and lint. Keep this area clean at all times! If the vent is clogged, the compressor will quickly overheat and get damaged. Also, if your compressor is in the back of the fridge, leave a slight gap between the unit and the wall to allow air to enter the vents.fridge vents cleaning
fridge vents cleaning

4. Keep the rubber seal clean. The rubber seal is made of a rubber gasket and is located around the refrigerator door. It also has magnetic strips built into it. This seal keeps the door tightly closed, so it is important to take good care of it.fridge rubber seal cleaning
fridge rubber seal cleaning

5. Keep the distance. If placed near the fridge, some appliances in your kitchen may heat your unit, making it work twice as hard to maintain the required temperature. It is necessary to keep the distance between your kitchen units.Fridge distance to walls

6. Do not put hot leftovers in the fridge right away. Anything that will make your fridge work harder to maintain the set temperature will reduce its life service.

7. The more food, the better. Once the fridge cools down, all the items inside it will keep it cool much more efficiently. Your food will turn into mini-cooling systems supporting the refrigerator to keep the entire system cool longer.
fool fridge with food
fool fridge with food

We recommend watching a video from Appliance Repair Expert on how to maintain a refrigerator at home.


Author: Jacob Dillard
My name is Jacob Dillard, and I am the author of articles at Appliance Repair Expert. Since childhood, I have been fascinated by technology and spent much time reading different books and trying to repair my first CD player. Then, I graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in Applied Science and Engineering. In a year, I got my first job as a technician at an appliance repair company. After years of practice and working with professionals, I decided it was time to share my knowledge and experience here at Appliance Repair Expert. I want to help you understand everything related to appliance repair, maintenance and installation in the simplest way possible. It will be fun, believe me!

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