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Appliance Repair Expert is the best AMANA appliance repair service with a highly skilled team of professionals to troubleshoot your appliances. We provide same-day service in Toronto and adjacent areas to make your appliances work appropriately.

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Professional Licensed Repair of AMANA Appliances in Toronto and 25 Cities of the GTA Area

Are you having trouble with AMANA appliances at your home? You might have a fridge out of order, a dishwasher draining for weeks, or the washing machine agitating you during your house chores. You might be searching for technicians to fix your AMANA appliance or do reliable maintenance of these gadgets.

Is your AMANA washing machine doing alright? Or your laundry is piling up day by day? If your washer is not doing well then don’t wait, connect to us instantly.

Appliance Repair Expert has highly qualified and skilled manpower available 24/7 to fix your issues even those which are less common in household appliances. You immediately need AMANA washing machine repairs if your clothes washer is having the following issues:

  • The washer is not starting
  • It is showing error messages
  • Filter acquires maintenance
  • The washer is making strange sounds
  • Water leaking out of the washer

You might be in a hurry to get your clothes dry as early as possible but your AMANA dryer crashed suddenly. This might agitate you but don’t be anxious, Appliance Repair Expert is the best local service to deal with emergency situations like that.

If your dryer is struggling with such problems as follows then immediately call us. We provide the quickest service and fix your AMANA appliances as soon as possible.

  • The dryer is turned ON but does not spin
  • Not drying
  • Not turning ON
  • Displaying error messages

Your refrigerator has loads of food in it but it is not working and the food is going to get rotten in a few hours. Call Appliance Repair Expert to fix your AMANA refrigerator as we have a team of certified experts to troubleshoot your faulty appliances.

Contact us if you are facing one of the following issues with your AMANA refrigerator:

  • The refrigerator is making weird noises
  • Not turning ON
  • Leaking or giving bad smell
  • Freezer does not freeze
  • Turns OFF immediately after turning ON
  • The door is not sealing properly
Fridge Repair

A kitchen sink messed up with dirty dishes is not a pleasing thing to see because your AMANA dishwasher is out of order. Moreover, if you are running a small food business then it might get agitating for you. If you are facing such a situation due to the faulty dishwasher or any other home appliance then pick up your phone and contact Appliance Repair Expert.

We have been working for 20 years with highly skilled labor to fix appliances. So if you are in Toronto or near the city, we are available throughout the week to fix your problems.

If you find any of the above problems in your AMANA dishwasher then contact us, we can troubleshoot any such problem or even complicated ones

You have planned a party at your place, or you want to cook some food on the weekend but you can’t because your stove is not working. It can be a very disappointing moment for you and you want a quick fix of your appliance.

Do you have the following problems with the AMANA stove?

  • Not lighting up
  • The burner is not working well 
  • The stove is making strange noises
  • Gas leaking from stove

If you find such a problem with your stove or any other problem, don’t wait and call Appliance Repair Expert as soon as possible.

Does your AMANA microwave oven show any of the following signs?

If you are facing any of the above problems with your oven, Appliance Repair Expert has a team of expert technicians to troubleshoot your AMANA appliances issues.

Your AMANA range hood might not be clearing the smoke properly or its motor might be humming constantly. If it is doing mess then you need to acquire services of Appliance Repair Expert to get your problem fixed within a day or maybe in a shorter span of time.

We deal with all sorts of home appliances and fix your problems as quickly as possible. Moreover, we also provide installation, repairing, and maintenance facilities to our customers.

You prefer AMANA appliances as they are reliable and long-lasting. However, these efficient appliances might develop malfunctions over time and seek the attention of technicians. Appliance Repair Expert are always available if your AMANA appliances need repair or maintenance.

Does your AMANA oven show any of the following signs?

  • The Oven is showing error messages
  • It is not heating food properly
  • The oven door is locked
  • The oven light does not work

If you are facing any of the above problems with your oven, Appliance Repair Expert has a team of expert technicians to troubleshoot your AMANA appliances issues.

About AMANA Appliances

Founded in 1934 by Georges Foerstner under the name «The Electrical Equipment Company», the brands takes its name from its hometown Little Amana in Iowa, United States. The legends says that Foerstner had the idea of his company after he was challenged by an entrepreneur of his municipality to create an efficient beverage « cooler ». They then manufactured the first vertical freezer for domestic use in 1947, then came a vertical refrigerator and freezer side by side set in 1949. The brand then changed its name to Amana Refrigeration in 1950. Throughout the years, many Hollywood stars such as Gary Cooper appeared in the brand’s commercials.

The brand notably standed out thanks to their air conditioners production, followed by microwaves after it was acquired by Raytheon in the 60s. Bought back by Goodman Global in 1997 and then sold back to Maytag in 2002, the brands divisions are now spread between various other brands, whom appliances are now found under the Amana brand, through the Whirlpool Corporation.

Why Appliance Repair Expert for AMANA Appliances

Although AMANA provides high-quality electric appliances that last longer yet maintenance and repairs are required at some point. Thus, if any of your AMANA appliances has developed malfunction, Appliance Repair Expert are the best to deal with it.

Appliance Repair Expert is a licensed Toronto repair company having 20 years of experience in industrial and household appliances repair and maintenance. Moreover, we charge you with optimum cost and serve with highly skilled and professional technicians. If you want to acquire our services, we are available 24 hours throughout the week to handle your queries.

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AMANA Error codes

Before calling us check if your AMANA Appliance is displaying any of error codes provided below:

AMANA Dryer Error Codes:

AF F# E# L2 PF

AMANA Washer Error Codes:

nd LO nF FL LE OE E2 dc od dL dS bE tE E3

AMANA Dishwasher Error Codes:

Not draining, lights blinking, loud noise, bad smell, doesnt wash, leaking

AMANA Fridge Error Codes:

Too cold, not cold enough, beeps/flashing indicators, ice build up, etc,

AMANA Stove Error Codes:

F9-2 – F1-1 – F1-3 – F1-5 – F1-7 – F1-8 – F1-9 – F1-A – F1-C – F1-E – F1-F – F1-H – F1-J – F3-1 – F9-1 – F0-0

AMANA Microwave Error Codes:

no heat, tray wont spin, bad smell, loud noise, etc.

If you found your code in the chart displayed above, call us for the same day repair. If you do not see your error code above, or your unit does not display any error codes but the machine still does not work properly, call for immediate assistance

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