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commercial appliance repair near me

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    What Commercial Appliances Do We Fix?

    Urgent professional appliance repair

    Commercial appliances play a vital role in the success of any establishment’s space, along with professional management and skilled hotel or restaurant staff.

    The equipment in establishments is quite different from the one that we are used to seeing at home, firstly in its size and capacity: these devices have many more advanced features and can easily do way too much work than home ones.

    Hence, the probability of advanced appliance malfunction eruption is many times higher due to the tremendous workload.

    Our company experienced many commercial appliance repair cases, so we certainly know what to do and avoid doing in your particular situation. Professional equipment repair is your 100% guarantor of no breakage in future.

    We deal with the following devices:

    Commercial Washing Machine

    The laundry industry is currently quite popular in Western countries, so the variations of commercial washing machines are pretty diverse to fit all the customer’s needs.

    You can find many hotel and laundry establishments units: from the top and front loaders to Washer Extractors and CBW. Each washer type needs a particular professional approach.

    The most commercial laundry widespread type is Washer-Extractor. In many cases, there can be issues with the rotation or water filling, which can be connected with the malfunctions of various parts. And only a professional is capable of figuring out what is the culprit of your problem.

    We cope with every mentioned above commercial washer type. Just call us!

    Commercial Refrigerator

    There are 8 widely-used commercial ways to store food & goods for a pretty long time:

    • Walk-In Units
    • Display Cases
    • Merchandisers
    • Reach-In Fridge
    • Back-Bar Coolers
    • Undercounter Units
    • Wine Coolers

    What does unite these units? Common modus operandi and malfunctions. The user may encounter an incorrect temperature of this device, which is not enough for high-quality storage of food or drinks, problems may also arise with the generation of excess ice, and so on.

    Our company provides extensive help for all the problems of mentioned-above devices. Contact our commercial appliance specialist to halt and reverse the tendency of your refrigerator issue eruption right now.

    Commercial Freezer

    Breakage of such commercial freezer parts as evaporator motors or heaters can cause much odd device noise and ultimately hinder your cooling device if professional aid is not provided timely.

    We have a significant bunch of OEM parts for many types of freezers, but even if we can’t find them, we will get the best spare part kit for your device to keep it in good service for many years in a row.

    We deal with:

    • Commercial under-counter freezer
    • Flat / chest freezer
    • Walk-in commercial freezers
    • Drawer freezer
    • Countertop commercial freezer

    Commercial Dishwasher

    Conveyor, under-counter and door style dishwashers are widely used in the restaurant and hotel industry. The typical result of operational faults of this equipment is dirty dishes, cloudy glasses, problems with drainage, etc. All that troubles may be related to the thermostat, heating element and other vital parts. You need a professional to find out the final verdict and fix the problem with the help of our commercial kitchen appliance repair services.

    Appliance Repair Expert deals with:

    • conveyor
    • under-counter
    • door style dishwashers

    Commercial Dryer

    Laundries and hotels are habitats for commercial dryers of different sizes and capacities. In case of malfunction, there is not enough time for hesitation; it is time to act!

    Here are a couple of commercial dryer issues that need professional examinations from appliance repair specialists:

    • Rotation issues
    • Too high or too low temperature
    • There isn’t enough heat coming out of the dryer
    • The Dryer is making strange noises

    Many of those mentioned above dryer unpleasantness can be related to breakdowns of such spare parts as dryer belts, thermostats, idler pulley, etc. The way of troubleshooting is associated with the type of your device. We deal with all those types of commercial dryers and are ready to hit the ground running right now.

    Commercial Gas Appliance

    There are way too many commercial appliances that need natural gas as an energy source. But here is the thing that unites them all: extreme admissibility of non-professional repairs due to the high risk of harm to the device and the environment.

    Another tricky but vital thing for gas devices is the thermostat: it can sometimes break down and need replacement.

    Appliance Repair Expert deals with the following commercial gas equipment:

    • Dryers
    • Ovens
    • Cooktops
    • Ranges
    • Fryers
    • Pizza Ovens

    Contact us to get the consultation with a wealth of detail of your particular case.

    Another commercial kitchen appliance repair

    Of course, equipment such as a stove or refrigerator needs high-quality repairs and attention from a commercial kitchen service technician. But do not forget about the “smaller” members of the kitchen family, because a lot depends on them too!

    Commercial Mixer

    There are too many various models of mixers, starting from planetary and bench mixers, finishing countertop and spiral ones. A professional approach is needed to food mixer repairs to guarantee the great outcome of the procedure.

    Many common problems such as shutdowns during the mix cycle or issues with gears may be related to belts: they can be broken or worn out. Our technicians are 100% capable of eliminating all those malfunctions.

    Commercial Blender

    Here is the list of main types of commercial blenders:

    • Food Blenders
    • Bar Blenders
    • Immersion Blenders
    • Polycarbonate

    The blades and food jar are two of the device’s most vulnerable parts. In addition, the device’s most important component, the motor, can occasionally fail. Our guys are always near you to provide commercial blender repair right after your call.

    Where to find a laundry repair service near me?

    Laundries, in their turn, are the place where a great bunch of professional washing and drying equipment is located. All the Canadian laundries and establishments where commercial washers and dryers are vital can count on our commercial laundry repair.

    It is also worth mentioning that gas dryers are most often used in establishments since most recognize them as more efficient. Our guys have all the knowledge and certificates that specialists need to perform gas equipment repairs on the territory of our country.

    We provide:

    • commercial washer and dryer repair
    • commercial laundry repair
    • industrial washing machine repair

    Call us right away to have your issue solved in a matter of hours or days, depending on its scale.

    commercial equipment repair near me

    Restaurant equipment repair in your city

    The commercial kitchen and laundry equipment family is pervasive, as it must meet the diverse needs of customers in establishments such as restaurants, bars, cafes, and hotels.

    The kitchens of restaurants and cafes may need to return the proper working condition of such equipment as an oven, a refrigerator, etc.

    Bars in hotels are sometimes faced with the breakages of beverage-keeping devices such as wine coolers, etc. The issue can also erupt in hotel kitchens, where such “little” members of the kitchen family as mixer or toaster can start acting up.

    In all that plights, Appliance Repair Expert is entirely ready to rescue your business workflow as soon as possible.

    We provide:

    • food equipment repair
    • cooking equipment repair
    • kitchen appliance repair

    Just call us to figure out how to get out of your commercial appliance issue.

    Advantages of Our Industrial Appliances Repair

    While exploiting any professional equipment in hotels, restaurants or laundries, neglecting such an essential facet as operating rules can lead to unpleasant consequences. Appliance Repair Expert is here to help you and your business overcome all the possible commercial appliance repair difficulties in just a matter of hours.

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    What People Are Saying About Our Commercial Appliances Repair Company

    Catherine O’Hara

    Mark was fast and efferent. He was knowledgeable and very friendly! We will definitely use you again! Thank you!

    Apr 3, 2024
    Brian Howell

    Prompt response and evaluation of the issue with our microwave. Provided reasonable options and then was very quick to return and complete installation of replacement unit

    Apr 16, 2024
    Marlena Maikranz Bryce

    Our washing machine was leaking so I called appliance repair expert and was booked in for an appointment the next day. Elchin arrived on time and was very pleasant and professional. Although he was unable to fix our washing machine, he was honest about the costs and advised a new machine would be the best path forward. I appreciate his honesty and would definitely use appliance repair expert again.

    Apr 11, 2024
    Marie-Josee Duguay

    Very prompt service call. Gentlemen were very professional and personable. The repair was done promptly and explanation of the problem was very specific and clear! Thank you!

    Mar 28, 2024

    I had problem with my washing machine i called them and technician name called Deep kumar came over fix it right a way.Thanks for help Recommend.

    Feb 20, 2024
    Steven Makowski

    Very efficient service with the technician explaining the problem with the dishwasher. He ordered the parts and corrected the problem staying late on a Friday night of a long weekend to make sure we had a working dishwasher for the weekend. We appreciate his help and definitely will use his service again if required.

    May 18, 2024
    shahnaz assadi

    the service man was very knowledgeable and patiently explained the problem and fixed it.

    Apr 29, 2024
    Clayton Othold

    The technician arrived to fix our dryer. He was knowledgeable, professional and took pride in the work he did. We appreciate your accommodating us and providing excellent service. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone with future needs. Thank you!

    Dec 4, 2023

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