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    How to repair a commercial freezer?

    A freezer is an essential appliance in restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, grocery stores, and other foodservice spheres. They have a better cooling system and have more space than a standard refrigerator. It is a durable equipment that can serve for a long time.

    But commercial freezer is a pricy appliance, and it is costly in maintenance. It consumes a lot of energy (from 17,000 – 35,000 kilowatts per hour). The cost of commercial freezer service depends on the type, brand, model of an appliance, and type of malfunction.

    Sometimes it is hard to diagnose some issues, as some freezers are too laud, as they have powerful compressors and cooling motors equipped. Our specialists are qualified to work with commercial freezers and handle any possible issue.

    Types Of Commercial Freezers We Deal With

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    Chest freezer

    It is a top-load freezer with one or two doors. Sometimes it can be equipped with a basket for sorting food. A chest freezer is commonplace in supermarkets, restaurants and other public catering. Chest freezer gasket repair is not very costly.

    Reach-in freezer

    It is mainly used in restaurants and cafes. It usually has two doors and is used to save ready-made food products. These fridges are made of firm materials such as stainless steel or aluminum and equipped with a top or bottom-mounted compressor. Sometimes some malfunctions can happen with the compressor. If you don’t want to waste your money, you should find a reliable specialist.

    Walk-in freezer

    It is a big fridge-room. A person can walk inside the freezer and sort the food there. Such an appliance can be installed outside, as it is also weatherproof. These fridges are expensive to run and to maintain. The bigger fridge you have, the higher price you will pay for its diagnostic and repair. The sizes of walk-in models usually start from 15×15 sizes. They should sustain inner temperature from 2 to 7 degrees Celsius. If you notice significant temperature deviations, it can ensue in a walk-in freezer ice build up issue. Our specialists can examine your appliance and fix the problem to prevent a worse malfunction.

    Roll-in freezer

    It is used in restaurants, canteens and other places, where food products constantly have to be moved all over premises. It has many shelves to sort products and little rollers for transferring through locations. Roll-through or pass-through type has two doors access, which fastens the loading and unloading process. Most problems with this type are solvable in a few hours.

    Display freezer

    It is used in supermarkets, convenience stores, groceries, etcetera. This type is equipped with glass windows, doors, LED lights to present food items. Different commercial fridge models can also be display versions. That is why our specialists sometimes can repair commercial glass top display chest freezer, display reach-in freezer, etc. These freezers can also be equipped with additional functions such as sidelights, digital locks or even air curtains, which allow clients to take the product without opening the door. These features can also cause additional issues. Our technicians take it into account.

    Ice Merchandiser

    It is frequently used in supermarkets to store and display ice. They cannot create ice, as their only primary function is to sustain ice in good condition for sale or transportation. Sometimes such issues as ice melting, internal light malfunctions appear. But our specialists remove most of the ice merchandiser issues less than in one day.

    Cabinet freezer

    This type of freezer helps to store different kinds of products. It is handy for products requiring a longer retention period. Most models are equipped with fans to circulate cold air all over an appliance. It is also used in restaurants sometimes. However, it is more expensive to repair than a standard restaurant chest freezer. Not every specialist is ready to fix such an appliance, but our technicians can handle any possible issue with this equipment.

    Counter freezer

    Counter-freezer saves space. The most prevalent version is an under-counter fridge. They also have rollers to be movable and lower or bottom ventilation for air circulation. There is a counter-top version too. But there is no significant difference between them. Our specialists repair both models, which usually takes less than a day.

    Blast freezer

    Blast freezer pushes cold air using inner ventilators. Its primary purpose is to freeze a product in the shortest period. Such an appliance needs to sustain internal temperature from -10 degrees Celsius and prevent evaporation loss during the freezing process. It is even used in laboratories to save different samples. That is why such models sometimes need immediate repair. Our specialists are taught to deal with this type and can even handle laboratory freezer repair.

    Restaurant freezer

    It may seem that restaurant and domestic freezers have the same-like cooling system and their repair method is the same. However, it is not so. Commercial freezers are bigger and, they need a more powerful cooling system.

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    Professional service when you need it most

    There is a lot of commercial freezer types and models. They are used not only in restaurants but also in laboratories, groceries, supermarkets, in storage. This appliance can also be used for transportation and food delivery.

    In some cases, a person who only works with a domestic appliance may perform chest freezer repair, but a qualified technician is needed if the problem happens to a walk-in model or blast freezer. Our specialists have enough experience and skills to solve any possible issue with fridges. Every day they do walk-in, roll-in/roll-through, display, cabinet, deep freezer repair services and so on. Contact us, and your appliance will work again as new!
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    Common Commercial Freezer Issues

    • Freon leak
    • Leaking freezer
    • Freezer not cooling
    • Noisy freezer
    • Worn electrical wiring
    • Touchpad unresponsive
    • Worn door gaskets
    • Ice is forming in bulks
    • Ice maker doesn’t dispense

    Top Freezer Brands We Fix

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      Advantages of Our Restaurant Freezer Repair

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