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Appliance Repair Warranty

A warranty will be provided to you after the repair. In the event of a breakdown within 3 months after the first repair, please call us and we will assist you in further actions.

Warranty Checkup Rules and Guidelines:

  • The warranty does not apply to any other parts on the replaced by Appliance Repair Expert.
  • The warranty does not apply after it has expired.
  • The warranty does not cover clogs of any kind.
  • The warranty will not take effect in a case of wrong usage, and/or any damage that was caused directly or indirectly by the user.
  • The warranty will not take effect if any foreign objects enter the pumps, motors, or any other mechanical parts in the appliance.
  • To minimize repair cost, we always try to fix your appliance without replacing parts.
  • The warranty will not apply if you encounter the same problem again for which a replacement part will need to be purchased.
appliance repair warranty

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