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Expert Appliance Repair in Kanata, ON

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  • Prompt repair of broken appliances
  • Polite specialists with huge experience
  • The arrival of a technician at a convenient time
  • Affordable prices and high-quality services
appliance repair kanata

Repair Service in Kanata You Can Rely On!

There are available specialists in your city

    Appliance Technician in Kanata

    Kanata citizens can fully trust all their household appliance issues to the local professionals of our company. We are here to fix all the existing malfunctions of everything standing and operating in your kitchen and bathroom.

    Our guys stick to the techniques of irrevocable breakdown wipeout, which is a 100% guarantee of no problems for your device in future. We give our clients three months of warranty to ensure our customers and ourselves that our works were performed not for nothing.

    Contact our local Appliance Repair Expert office in Kanata and gain all the information you want to know.

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    Kanata Appliance Repair Services

    Laundry & Kitchen Appliance Repair Near You

    Appliance Brands We Fix in Kanata

    • Refrigerator Repair
    • Washing Machine Repair
    • Dishwasher Repair
    • Dryer Repair
    • Oven Repair
    • Stove/Cooktop Repair
    • Freezer Repair
    • Gas Appliance Repair

    Refrigerator Repair in Kanata

    All the refrigerators perform well when every part also performs excellently. When you spot even the slightest problem, you don’t have to turn a blind eye to it because it is the very first step on the road to fridge replacement.

    It is highly recommended to gain the help of people who know how to slow down and then eliminate the process of malfunctioning. If you are searching for them, you have already done it.

    Our company is a massive pan-Canadian network of services, whose departments are situated barely at every corner of the country, and Kanata is not that exception.

    Call us now to book your refrigerator repair service in Kanata at a convenient time.

    Malfunctions we fix:

    • The refrigerator is leaking water
    • The water dispenser has failed
    • The fridge compartment is warm to the touch
    • The fridge is making an unusual sound
    refrigerator repair kanata

    Do you have questions?

    Call Us(343) 339-5262

    Washing Machine Repair in Kanata

    When it comes to washing machine repair, the chances of success are great when specialists perform every piece of work. This statement works in most washer repair cases due to the complicated structure of the device.

    Our experts are here to spot & eliminate all the obstacles to the washer’s proper functioning.

    Here is only a few of them:

    • The door or lid can not be completely open or closed
    • Specific functions or cycles cease to function
    • Unusual noises or odours occur during operation

    Do not waste such valuable time and contact our washing machine repair specialist in Kanata right away!

    washing machine repair kanata

    Do you have questions?

    Call Us(343) 339-5262

    Dishwasher Repair in Kanata

    The dishwasher is claimed to be one of the most reliable units in your kitchen: its lifespan can last more than one decade if its user cares about the device’s condition and well-being.

    But even if you have your own carefully regimented malfunction resisting program, there is still the probability of breakdowns. And we do not recommend shouldering all the hassle on your own.

    Appliance Repair Expert in Kanata is your reinforcement when something goes wrong with your dishwasher. All its types undergo thorough checkings and repairings by our team of local specialists. We are eagerly waiting for your requests.

    Our staff is ready to get rid of the following dishwasher issues:

    • Error code on the display
    • The dishwasher is not using a detergent dispenser
    • Inadequate drainage
    • The dishwasher’s bottom is leaking and more
    dishwasher repair kanata

    Do you have questions?

    Call Us(343) 339-5262

    Dryer Repair in Kanata

    Do you know that clogged dryer vents can be the culprits of you feeling ill because of carbon monoxide poisoning? It is essential to use professional dryer repair services in Kanata to avoid such real severe repercussions of malfunction.

    Appliance Repair Expert’s primary duty is to perform our services promptly and with a 100% guarantee of high-quality result achievement.

    When it comes to the dryer, we are here in Kanata to get rid of the following issues:

    • The dryer reaches a specific temperature but does not spin
    • It makes numerous errors
    • It produces a lot of vibration
    • It produces burnt odour or smoke

    Our guys are ready to listen to your particular problem and take action at any time of the day. Just give us a call and enjoy the dryer problem that disappears right before your very eyes.

    dryer repair kanata

    Do you have questions?

    Call Us(343) 339-5262

    Oven Repair in Kanata

    Most users use their oven quite seldom, compared to the fridge, for example, that operates round the clock. Therefore, it doesn’t experience a significant workload like any other kitchen appliance, but still, it is prone to malfunction eruption.

    Our department in Kanata is fully open to cooperation if you need oven repair services. Breakdowns should be eliminated professionally and on time to avoid their development in future.

    We deal with all these listed problems:

    • The burner or another component, which is not working correctly;
    • The oven door cannot be opened, closed or secured;
    • The food heats unevenly inside the oven;
    • The oven’s components are not capable of igniting or heating

    Contact us right now and get a great professional appliance repair experience that will satisfy you.

    oven repair kanata

    Do you have questions?

    Call Us(343) 339-5262

    Stove/Cooktop Repair in Kanata

    Kanata residents may rely on us for cost-effective, expert and high-quality stove repair at their homes.

    Cooktops of all kinds, including electric, gas, and hybrid types, may be serviced by our experts. For them, it doesn’t matter whether your kitchen appliances are old or non-popular. For additional peace of mind, we provide a three-month labour guarantee on all repairs.

    We deal with these kinds of issues:

    • Controls not working correctly
    • Burners not heating up
    • There is a smell of the gas in the kitchen
    • Burners are rusted or corroded
    • Burners won’t turn on

    For both gas and electric equipment, self-repair may be harmful and should be avoided at all costs once the first signs of a problem occur. At any moment of the day or night, we here to serve you. Call us now!

    stove repair kanata

    Do you have questions?

    Call Us(343) 339-5262

    Freezer Repair in Kanata

    Freezer breakage is not what you expect; it contains food that should not stay out of the cold for a long time; otherwise, it will deteriorate. Therefore, you should act extremely decisively and quickly.

    Our freezer repair service in Kanata can help you with this task. Numerous certificates and diplomas confirm the proper readiness of our personnel to deal with your breakdowns so that you can count on us with a complete sense of confidence.

    We deal with the following problems:

    • Leaking freezer
    • Ice building-up
    • Freezer runs all the time
    • Faulty indicator lights and more

    If you suspect any trouble with your freezer, we advise you to call our local company in Kanata. We are always willing to assist you!

    freezer repair kanata

    Do you have questions?

    Call Us(343) 339-5262

    Gas Appliance Repair in Kanata

    Over time, gas devices begin to malfunction. Because of this, they require high-quality and fast repair. We do this every day. Repairing any malfunctions in your appliance is our specialty, and we have hundreds of pleased clients throughout Kanata and all Canada.

    In addition to these symptoms, we identify and eliminate:

    • Appliances won’t start
    • You feel the gas odour in the kitchen
    • Burners aren’t heating the food
    • Burner flame is weak
    • Noisy surface burning flame

    Our experts can provide you with original parts, the most up-to-date technology, and proven repair procedures at a reasonable price.

    Call us immediately to obtain the best and quickest gas appliance repair in Kanata at the lowest price!

    gas appliance repair kanata

    Do you have questions?

    Call Us(343) 339-5262

    Advantages of our service in Kanata

    You can ensure our market leadership by calling us day and night for any appliance issues – we will be well-prepared and in shape to amuse you with the quality level and other features.

    same day appliance repair kanata
    Same-day repairs
    best appliance repair kanata
    We service all makes and models
    certified appliance repair kanata
    Licensed, trained techs with years of experience
    appliance repair expert kanata
    Complete warranty for jobs and parts
    kanata appliance repair service
    Most repair jobs are conducted in one go
    24 hour appliance repair kanata
    Affordable pricing to fit any wallet
    kanata appliance repair company

    What People Are Saying About Our Appliance Repair Company in Kanata

    Dawn Thomas

    Excellent service

    Apr 3, 2024
    Eric Smith

    The experience was great, fast response and diagnosis, parts were installed later in the day and the appliance is working as it should. I will be using them again in the future.

    Mar 22, 2024

    10x better than the long time Sherwood Appliance!! Came within 2 DAYS ON A SUNDAY!!! Completely took my appliance apart and cleaned it top to bottom. Never had Sherwood Appliance do that in 25 years resulting in my dryer fire. Super happy with Ramil and his co-worker. Extremely thorough job, didn’t smell like cigarettes and did an incredible job. Was super friendly and enjoyable to have. Will happily support a new Sherwood Park business who value their clients and treats them with respect. Great jobs guys!! I’ll highly recommend you to anyone.

    May 26, 2024
    Stella knox

    The service sent us a specialist to repair our Samsung dryer, and he deserved a five-star review. He quickly found where the problem was (a detail near the thermostat), got the spare one, and replaced it fast. Also, he issued a warranty for it, which I hope we will not need, but anyway. Great job!

    Nov 10, 2023
    Warburton Paul

    The guy from this appliance repair company fixed my oven when I thought it was completely dead((( Now it works just fine, and I’m thankful greatly!!!!

    Jan 14, 2024
    Mandeep Singh

    They are great at doing their job. We got our dishwasher fixed and it was pretty fast.

    Jan 30, 2024
    adam pelley

    Had the pleasure of using this company a couple times for some issues that have came up in our house. The technician Rahman Nuriyev was fast, efficient , friendly and the service was done at a fair price. Would recommend

    Mar 20, 2024
    Larry Myers

    Great job done on our dishwasher. Needed unclogging and even showed what did the clogging . And the service was done within 6 hours after setting up our appointment of our problem. again, thanks for a job well done !!

    Apr 16, 2024
    Drago Ratkov Kurkic

    Real expert, really good diagnosis work that helps you make right decision about your appliances and saves you money.

    Apr 22, 2024
    Ebere Mgbor

    It was a great experience for us. Very professional and responsive team. I was scheduled immediately and the expert arrived within 24 hours, even though it was a weekend. The appliance expert Ramil was also very helpful and completed the repairs swiftly.

    Jun 23, 2024

    All stages of our appliance repair in Kanata

    small appliance repair kanata
    appliance repair service kanata

    Fill out the form or call operator

    Leave a request for the repair of appliances. Our dispatchers will help you schedule a technician’s visit at a time convenient for you.

    home appliance repair kanata

    The master arrives

    The master inspects the breakdown of the appliance and makes an estimate for the repair work. They will order all the necessary parts and components if they are not available to start the repair as soon as possible.

    quality appliance repair kanata

    The master carries out the repair of appliance

    The master fixes the breakdown and, if necessary, replaces the spare part. We will tell you about the repair process in non-technical language and provide useful recommendations to avoid further problems.

    appliance repair experts kanata

    The appliance works like new

    Before leaving, the device is tested in detail to ensure its full functionality. The client is satisfied, because we also give a guarantee for repairs.

    Book an appointment with our repair technician in Kanata

    We’ve made our pricing policy affordable for anyone by making service calls free with repairs and removing all the extra charges from your estimate. You pay only for the jobs done. And done well.

    Book online
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    Appliance Repair FAQs and Solutions

    What brands of appliances do you repair? 

    We offer home appliance repair services for a wide range of brands, including GE, Whirlpool, LG, Kitchenaid, Inglis, Amana, Frigidaire, Maytag, Bosch, Samsung, LG, and more. Our expert technicians can diagnose and repair common fridge issues and other appliance problems, ensuring your appliances are back to working order no matter the brand.

    Do you provide same-day service for appliance repairs in Kanata? 

     Yes, we provide same-day service for appliance repairs in Kanata and the surrounding area. We understand that appliance issues can be an inconvenience, so we strive to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

    Are your repair services available on weekends? 

    Yes, Capital Appliance Repair offers services 7 days a week across Kanata. Our team is available to perform repairs when you need them, minimizing downtime and ensuring your appliances are repaired right.

    Why is it important to use professional repair services instead of attempting repairs myself? 

    It’s important to use professional repair services because our trained technicians can accurately diagnose and repair your appliance, ensuring the job is done right the first time. Attempting repairs on your own can lead to further damage and may require additional replacement parts, increasing the inconvenience.

    How do I schedule an appliance repair in Kanata? 

    To schedule an appliance repair in Kanata, contact us today. Our team will promptly arrange a service appointment to diagnose and fix the problem, providing reliable repairs and replacement parts as needed.

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