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We are familiar with the fact that electric appliances have become part and parcel of our lives. But when any of these appliances crashes suddenly; it becomes very agitating for people to carry out their house chores. Our technicians understand this situation and thus provide swift repairs and fix the home appliances rapidly. The certified experts at Appliance Repair Expert are capable of tackling a range of faulty appliances of different brands. Want a top-quality appliance repair service in Winnipeg, Manitoba? The Appliance Repair Expert is here to do this task.

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Residential Appliance Services

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Refrigerator Repair

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Stove/Cooktop Repair

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Washing Machine Repair

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Range Hood Repair

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Dishwasher Repair

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Microwave Repair

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Dryer Repair

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Oven Repair

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Gas Appliance Repair

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Washing Machine Installation

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Dishwasher Installation

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Stove/Cooktop Installation

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Dryer Installation

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Washing Machine Maintenance

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Refrigerator Maintenance

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Dishwasher Maintenance

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Dryer Maintenance


Commercial Appliance Services

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Dryer Repair

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Freezer Repair

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Dishwasher Repair

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We service over 60 brands of appliances, so if you own appliances from different brands you don’t need to call two companies. 

















































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Refrigerator Repair

The Fridge is the appliance that is least expected to break down suddenly. It often shows some signs before getting out of service.
So if your refrigerator shows any of the following signs, get it fixed today. · The refrigerator is taking a lot of time before turning ON · It is continuously running · The food is getting spoiled and the fridge is giving a bad odor · Water is leaking inside or outside of the refrigerator With over two thousand job completed, we provide 24/7 appliance repair in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our unique repair approach for your appliance comes after completely diagnosing the specific issue of your appliance. Our skilled team of experts is capable enough to tackle any problem with your refrigerator. We fix these Refrigerator Brands! Whirlpool Refrigerator Repair: This brand has been providing reliable refrigerators for years and is well-known for its quality. Appliance Repair Expert is providing you same day service in Winnipeg, Manitoba. So if your Whirlpool refrigerator goes out of order, we are a call away. Kenmore Refrigerator Repair: For more than 80 years, this brand has been providing high-quality innovative electric brands. However, if your Kenmore refrigerator has been broken down for a couple of days and irritating you then don’t worry! Appliance Repair expert is here to diagnose and fix your Kenmore refrigerator GE Refrigerator Repair: In case you are located in Winnipeg and looking for quality repairs of GE refrigerator, Appliance Repair Expert is just a call away. Our experts have experience of in fixing GE refrigerators. Amana Fridge Repair: Your Amana fridge is making noise for quite some time and you are trying to fix it yourself. Stop it right now and give Appliance Repair Expert a try, we have certified team of experts to help you out in this matter. Bosch Fridge Repair: Do you have a broken Bosch refrigerator at home? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Call Appliance Repair Expert as soon as possible and get a fix for your Bosch refrigerator and get it fixed right away.

Washing Machine Repair

It is the most important appliance in any home.
If your laundry is piled up for days due to a broken washer and you want it fixed before the weekend. Appliance Repair Expert has been servicing with a team of the finest experts. We are offering same-day services in Winnipeg, Manitoba; therefore, if you have diagnosed any of the below signs in your washer, call us now. · Water is leaking out · The washer doesn’t finish the cycle · The machine is making noise but not doing anything Moreover, we repair all kinds of refrigerators like top load agitator, front load, or top load impeller. Our experts have acquired experience and knowledge in fixing all kinds and brands of refrigerators. Brands Repaired By Us Amana Washer Repair: At Appliance Repair Expert, we have expertise in repairing all models of Amana washers. Our experts are capable enough to diagnose and fix your appliance. Whirlpool Washer Repair: Yet another reliable brand in the market because of their high-quality washers. However, if you have a faulty washer of this brand; call Appliance Repair Expert to get it fixed instantly. LG Washer Repair: We have repaired tons of LG washers successfully. Therefore, Appliance Repair Expert is the finest option to choose for a broken LG washer. Samsung Washer Repair: Samsung has always made the best use of the latest technology in providing you energy-efficient appliances. Yet if your Samsung washer is getting problems, call us to fix your washer instantly. This roll is quite extensive to be completely mentioned here; so if your refrigerator is having a problem, let Appliance Repair Expert handle it.

Dishwasher Repair

Having these faults in the dishwasher? Don’t let these unnoticed:
· The appliance shows leakage problems · Not starting, or draining water · Doesn’t wash the dishes properly · The gadget is making strange noises With a vast experience in repairing electric and gas appliances, we come up with top-quality repairs for our customers. Winnipeg Dishwasher Repair Expert is a company with certified repairman having worthy experience. Our experts arrive at your location with the necessary equipment and replacement parts to tackle the issues of your appliance. Appliance Repair Expert takes care of every minor to complex problems of your machine and fixes within a short period. Dishwasher Brands We Fix Bosch Dishwasher Repair: This brand is well-known for providing cost-effective appliances with quality on offer. However, if the Bosch dishwasher is out of order; our technicians are always available to affix your faulty Bosch dishwasher. Whirlpool Dishwasher Repair: It is yet another big name in the home appliance industry which provides quality dishwashers. But if your Whirlpool dishwasher faces problems while running, contact our repairmen to diagnose the issue and repair it. Samsung Dishwasher Repair: We all are familiar with this brand name due to their quality products including laundry appliances like dishwashers. Our technicians have acquired expertise in fixing Samsung dishwashers to keep you out of trouble. Kenmore Dishwasher Repair: Our Company is a renowned repair in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We are always available to troubleshoot and maintain your Kenmore Dishwasher within a day. Besides these renowned brands, we fix a variety of dishwashers regardless of their brand as we have acquired expertise in repairing all known brands.

Dryer Repair

The Dryer is a prime home appliance which used quite extensively.
However, dryers develop malfunctions with time if not maintained properly. The often happening problems with dryers are associated with the rotating drum unit. Therefore, we have professionals to fix such problems and even complex problems of the dryers. Our team of experts takes pride in acquiring experience related to all models and brands available in the market. We provide speedy repair services for gas and electric dryers in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Common Issues The following issues are the most common often diagnosed by our experts: · The Dryer isn’t heating · It won’t start · The drum is not spinning · It is overheating of the clothes · It is producing weird sounds Dryer Brands fixed by Appliance Repair Expert! Whirlpool Dryer Repair: Whirlpool is always a preferable choice for dryer customers. However, if these high-quality appliances develop any fault over time. Our team always carries necessary replacement equipment to provide you reliable repairs. Electrolux Dryer Repair: You have diagnosed a problem with your Electrolux dryer and trying to fix it yourself. It’s not a good idea to do it yourself if you don’t have any successful prior experience. Therefore, let Appliance Repair Expert handle your dryer and repair it within 24 hours. Amana Dryer Repair: Amana dryers are reliable and well-known for their quality. Appliance Repair Expert has certified experts to provide you the best service. LG Dryer Repair: LG dryers are high-quality but still develop some fault with time. We carry all the necessary parts and equipment to fix your LG dryer in Winnipeg. GE Dryer Repair: General Electric Dryers are always best for providing dryers that work efficiently. Your local Winnipeg Appliance Repair team will be more than pleased to diagnose your appliance and repair it.

Oven Repair

We know you are wise enough to choose the finest oven for baking delicious meals.
However, you never know when this machine develops a fault. If you are dealing with any malfunction in your oven, the Appliance Repair Expert of Winnipeg is the best at diagnosing the exact issue and repairing it quickly. Moreover, our company provides repair service on the same day in order to keep trouble away from you as quickly as possible. Common issues: · The oven does not start · Smoking oven with weird noises · Temperature setting issues · The door is locked Oven Brands We Repair We have experience in repairing every known oven brand in Winnipeg. We repair every brand in the market; however, there are some famous brands listed down as follows: Bosch Oven Repair: Bosch is a renowned name in the appliance market, since it has been producing ovens of the best quality for a long time. Although Bosch ovens are reliable, yet these appliances can develop faults. Thus, Appliance Repair Expert has a team always geared up to repair your Bosch oven the same day it breaks down. Whirlpool Oven Repair: If you experience any issue with your Whirlpool oven, Appliance Repair Expert is the best option to opt for. Our certified repairmen have expertise in repairing Whirlpool ovens. So if you want your appliance to be fixed within 24 hours, call us now. LG Oven Repair: Yet another famous brand in the market for providing high-quality ovens. If your LG oven has a locked door or it’s smoking for days. Don’t try to repair it yourself. We have experts to fix your appliance. Amana Oven Repair: Team of specialists provide a fix fall kinds of Amana ovens. The repairmen at Appliance Repair Experts are familiar with almost all models of Amana ovens whether latest or old models. So before buying a new oven, try Appliance Repair Expert and get your faulty oven fixed. GE Oven Repair: General Electric is the name most of the customer’s trust and love in the market due to its unique and reliable electric appliances. However, you never know when these high-quality appliances develop faults. But our experts always diagnose and fix your GE ovens with a guarantee and ensure its working. The list doesn’t end here but we can’t mention all the brands here. We always provide our best service regardless of the brand name as we have plenty of experience in dealing with all the names available in the market. We also provide professional oven cleaning and maintenance services.

Stove Repair

It’s not a good experience when you are set to cook a meal and your stove has already crashed.
Therefore, Appliance Repair Expert is always ready to repair after diagnosing the broken down stoves. Our team has done a repair for different types of stoves in Winnipeg, including gas stoves, electric stoves, and ranges of all brands. Here are some common stove issues you should never neglect if any one of these happens: · The stove doesn’t start · The gas stove is leaking · It is not warming up · The switches are no longer functional Stove Brands Repaired By Us We are not a brand-specific repair enterprise and provide repairs for all the available stove brands in Winnipeg, Manitoba. We are a certified brand with experienced staff to affix your issues. Our expert repairmen are quick in diagnosing the technical faults and fixing these immediately. Thus, Appliance Repair Expert has to be your first choice if any of the appliances break down. Kenmore Stove Repair: Kenmore has produced high-quality stoves for years and dominated the industry. However, these appliances are prone to faults and can develop issues over time. However, we always try our best to serve you in a difficult situation to keep your kitchen running. Amana Stove Repair: Appliance Repair Expert has always tried to acquire expertise in repairing all the available brands in the market. Therefore, if your Amana stove is out of order, give us a call to get it repaired. LG Stove Repair: If your LG stove is not working for days and you are thinking of replacing the appliance. Try Appliance Repair Expert once to keep your dying appliance alive and working. We have skilled and certified experts who can fix your faulty LG stove within 24 hours. Thermador Stove Repair: We know it’s frustrating for you when your stove breaks down but Appliance Repair Experts can get you out of this trouble. We are capable of fixing all models of Thermador stoves at a fair cost. We also fix other brands besides these brands as well. So if you are in Winnipeg, we are a call away.
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We come up with the best repair service in Winnipeg as we impose costs with dependable repair service. Our repairmen confirm that your appliance works well after the repairs. Moreover, we have no hidden charges to disturb you after the repairs. It is not a good idea to repair yourself as you might get into even complex trouble due to a lack of experience. So let Appliance Repair Expert in Winnipeg do the job for you!

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