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how to fix thermal fuse

How To Repair The Thermal Fuse?


What Is A Thermal Fuse, And How Could It Impact Your Appliance?

Thermal fuses are usually used as a security feature for main components in the appliances. You can find this kind of fuse in most modern and old-generation appliances: dryers, ovens, cooktops, dishwashers, and sometimes even fridges.

The internal components are powered by the mains, and any voltage fluctuations can lead to overheating or short-circuiting of the element. Thermal fuses look like a small round black cylinder with 2 contacts. 

Thermal fuses
Thermal fuses

The fuse’s job is to pass electricity through and, in an emergency, break the contact. The body of the fuse is made of plastic because once the fuse overheats from power fluctuation or power surge, it melts the plastic inside and breaks the contact. So, instead of your main component failing, which could cost hundreds of dollars, the fuse takes the hit.

thermal fuse structure

The simplest steps to quickly repair a thermal fuse

Unfortunately, manufacturers keep increasing the prices of fuses every year, and some fuses may reach up to 80 -90$. But is it possible to repair the fuses instead of replacing them? We asked Jacob Dillard, an engineer at Appliance Repair Expert, and he said that they can be repaired without much effort.

You will need a drill with a very small screwdriver bit. A drill bit size of 0.5 mm to 1 mm should be sufficient. Fix the fuse on a flat surface and drill perfectly into the centre of the plastic side between the 2 wire terminals. Continue drilling until you see the two metal lines engraved inside the fuse.

Thermal Overload Protector

The fuse will have continuity once two metal lines connect and work well. If it overheats again, it will break the contact again, and all you need to do is connect two lines inside it by pressing them back together.

Congratulations, you just created a resettable fuse and saved yourself at least 50$.

How To Change Thermal Fuse In Appliance

1. Find the thermal fuse. The thermal fuse is frequently found close to parts that generate heat, such as the heating element or motor. It might resemble a two-pronged white or silver cylinder.Standard Fuse PositionThermal Fuse Position

2. Turn off the power and unplug the appliance. For your safety, always unplug appliances and cut the power source before performing any repairs.

3. Check for continuity by testing the fuse. To determine whether the fuse has continuity, use a multimeter set to the continuity setting. If there is no continuity, the fuse has blown and needs to be changed.Tester and fuse

4. Take off the thermal fuse. The blown thermal fuse should be carefully disconnected and removed from the appliance wire and component mounts. 

5. Install a new thermal fuse exactly шт the same place as the previous one, connecting it to the same terminals.

6. Check the operation of the appliance and plug it back in. Switch the appliance back on, reconnect it to the mains and check that the heating element works again without blowing the new fuse immediately.

7. Find the root of the problem. If the fuse continues blowing, diagnosing the underlying issue causing the overheating is probably necessary. Inspect parts such as motors, airflow, thermostats, etc.

You can watch one of our videos where we tested a thermal fuse in a microwave, so you`ll see which fuses you should test and how:

Maintaining safety when working with electrical items is crucial. If you need help with any repairs, think about hiring a qualified technician from Appliance Repair Expert.

Author: Jacob Dillard
My name is Jacob Dillard, and I am the author of articles at Appliance Repair Expert. Since childhood, I have been fascinated by technology and spent much time reading different books and trying to repair my first CD player. Then, I graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in Applied Science and Engineering. In a year, I got my first job as a technician at an appliance repair company. After years of practice and working with professionals, I decided it was time to share my knowledge and experience here at Appliance Repair Expert. I want to help you understand everything related to appliance repair, maintenance and installation in the simplest way possible. It will be fun, believe me!

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