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Cleaning with steam

We suppose you’ve already used this method before, and you are well aware of perfect cleaning results when you use it to get rid of a thick grease coating. If you haven’t, then all you have to do is to pour a little water onto the broiler bottom. Turn on the oven’s steam cycle, bring the water to a boil, and let the formed steam fill the compartment. It will dissolve all the grease on your oven, and you will be able to easily wipe it off with a napkin. Some housewives recommend adding a slice of lemon to facilitate the cleaning procedures.

Automated Cleaning

Your oven may be equipped with a self-cleaning device. If you decide to use this feature, you will most certainly want to read the included manual for further instructions. However, you should also know that this method can cause substantial damage to your oven if misused. Consequently, we advise you to use this feature as rarely as possible. It would be better to resort to frequent standard cleaning procedures, like soap water, not to allow dirt to build on your stove surface and components.

How to clean racks

All ovens have racks that need thorough cleaning each time you use them. The best way to avoid tiresome cleaning effort is to clean the rack as often as possible, say after every cooking cycle. You can take your racks out of the oven and soak them in hot soapy water for some time. The grease will become soft and get dissolved if you leave the oven racks there for about two hours. After that, take the racks out, wash them, dry them up, and put them back in place in the broiler compartment.

Traditional cleaning routine

Some older oven models have no self-cleaning features. They should be thoroughly cleaned using traditional cleaning methods, the ones that our grannies would use. This approach will need effort, but various efficient cleaning agents are available in the present market. They can simplify the task in case you are OK with using some chemicals. Once you are eco-minded, you can resort to some environmentally friendly methods. Here are some of them. Our grannies used to make glue by mixing water with baking soda. When the glue is ready, apply it on your broiler’s walls and leave it to dry overnight. Wipe it off the following morning along with the grease. For better results, you can use the same kind of glue adding some vinegar to it and making a foamy substance. It will clean your oven perfectly well. Once you did everything as described above, rinse your broiler compartment with clean water and leave its door open to let dry. Finally, if you want to have your cleaning perfectly done, order a oven repair services. This approach will allow you to relax, you will save a lot of your time, and you can rest assured your oven will look nice and neat again, as well as pleasant to use for further food preparation.