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    The appliance repair process has numerous pitfalls that are difficult to avoid for an inexperienced user. That is why our company has a large network of branches across Canada.

    All Manitoba residents can count on prompt and high-quality repairs for any kitchen appliance problem. When it comes to a malfunction, there is no time to waste: it is now or never! Just give us a call!

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    Manitoba Appliance Repair Services

    Laundry & Kitchen Appliance Repair Near You

    Appliance Brands We Fix in Manitoba

    • Refrigerator Repair
    • Washing Machine Repair
    • Dishwasher Repair
    • Dryer Repair
    • Oven Repair
    • Stove/Cooktop Repair
    • Freezer Repair
    • Gas Appliance Repair

    Refrigerator Repair in Manitoba

    Everyone who uses a refrigerator should be concerned about the consequences of ignoring a malfunction. When your device is broken, the likelihood of it needing to be replaced increases day by day.

    In a matter of minutes, our certified repair is ready to take on all of the repairing hassle and “reboot your device to its only-purchased condition.”

    There is no time to waste! Please schedule an appointment with one of our appliance repair technicians so that you can get back to the comfortable flow of your life as soon as possible.

    refrigerator repair manitoba

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    Washing Machine Repair in Manitoba

    It usually takes extended effort to deal with the washer issues when they hit your tight schedule unexpectedly. Also, the washer has one unpleasant property: if something breaks, it can flood your bathroom.

    In such cases, it is necessary to act immediately. Appliance Repair Expert is here to implement its set of actions against all types of breakdowns right here in Manitoba.

    We are here to ruin all the obstacles that need to be overcome to reach the 100% efficiency of your appliances. Just call us!

    washing machine repair manitoba

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    Dishwasher Repair in Manitoba

    To keep your dishwasher in good working order with 99.9% efficiency, you must follow all of the steps in the correct order.

    However, most people lead fairly hectic lives and do not have even the tiniest amount of time to devote to such comprehensive care. As a result, the likelihood of a dishwasher malfunction is relatively high.

    Appliance Repair Expert is available in Manitoba to assist you when disaster strikes. When you’re dealing with any of the problems listed below, delaying action isn’t an option; quick action is.

    Call our local representative right now to gain more info.

    dishwasher repair manitoba

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    Dryer Repair in Manitoba

    Without the dryer, there is no possibility to have a completely comfortable household life. It is a wonder that should only be treated by professionals in the event of a malfunction.

    The Appliance Repair Expert company in Manitoba is here to save your dryer from any and all malfunctions caused by normal wear and tear and other issues.

    Our experts know just how to fix dryer problems in both home and business settings. As a result, everyone in the city has the option to address all of their dryer problems in a few hours.

    When you call us, we’ll provide you all the information you need and get started right away.

    dryer repair manitoba

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    Oven Repair in Manitoba

    Oven repairs are one of the most difficult types of appliance repairs. As a result, we do not advise achieving autonomous action because this sequence of events may result in more serious breakdowns.

    Appliance Repair Expert in Manitoba provides a step-by-step procedure that will save you money and save you from having to replace your oven.

    Expertise, rapidness and guarantee​ are the weapons at our disposal to assist you in the most effective manner possible. To get it all, contact our local repairman right now!

    oven repair manitoba

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    Stove/Cooktop Repair in Manitoba

    Under no circumstances is a malfunctioning cooktop/stove a death sentence for these appliances. On the contrary, if professionals get to work, your device will be given a new lease on life.

    The team at Appliance Repair Expert in Manitoba concentrates all of its efforts on achieving a balance between quality and speed. Give us a call now!

    stove repair manitoba

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    Freezer Repair in Manitoba

    The freezer is an important component of any kitchen appliance set-up. You may be confident that your equipment will suit your needs for many years if it is used correctly.

    However, not everyone has the time to regularly check the condition of the freezer, so malfunctions can occur. Contact our local department in Manitoba, and a call-center representative will lead you through the intricacies of your case’s solution.

    freezer repair manitoba

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    Gas Appliance Repair in Manitoba

    Any gas equipment that fails poses a threat not just to the unit but also to yourself. As a result, if you notice a gas smell or have a problem with your oven or gas dryer, we strongly advise you to get assistance from people who know exactly what to do and how to do it.

    After our service, we provide you with a three-month warranty, which should be sufficient to persuade you of its efficiency. Get fresh repairing experience right now in Manitoba by calling us.

    gas appliance repair manitoba

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    Advantages of our service in Manitoba

    Have you had no luck seeking a trustworthy appliance repair contractor in Manitoba? You can forget it now as we are ready to provide you with exceptional service.

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    Complete warranty for jobs and parts
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    Most repair jobs are conducted in one go
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    Affordable pricing to fit any wallet
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    What People Are Saying About Our Appliance Repair Company in Manitoba

    Kristy Anderson

    Same day repair, quick service, pleasant, great advice.

    Apr 3, 2024
    Samantha Hermanutz

    Ramil was so awesome! Came very quickly and was so helpful!

    Apr 2, 2024
    marlene arnold

    He was super. He was able to find out the problem quickly and wasted no time in fixing it. Very patient in answering all my questions in a professional manner.

    Apr 3, 2024
    Robynn Johnson

    They responded promptly and had a technician out quickly. I was very impressed by Mark, the technician who fixed my dryer. He was very professional and went above and beyond.

    Apr 11, 2024
    Shaleise Sinclair

    I recently had the pleasure of hiring Kanan Shirinov to repair my malfunctioning dryer, and I must say, his service exceeded my expectations. Kanan’s professionalism and expertise were evident from the moment he arrived. He diagnosed the issue quickly and efficiently, and his repair work was flawless. What impressed me the most was Kanan’s attention to detail and commitment to ensuring that the job was done right the first time. He also took the time to educate me on proper maintenance practices to prolong the life of my dryer. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with Kanan’s service and would highly recommend him to anyone in need of appliance repairs.

    Mar 1, 2024
    John Rice

    Service was very good!

    Feb 21, 2024
    Nathalie Caron

    Got fast service for a fridge repair, the technician was friendly and tried to repair the issue resulting from a power surge, and explained the problem well. Unfortunately the damage was too extensive to repair, but he recommended a similar unit to replace the nearly 20 year old one we had previously.

    May 15, 2024
    Pierre Leblanc

    Excellent support for the repair of my Bosh dishwasher. Good communications, arrived on time, had the right tools, the tech new what he was doing.

    Jun 11, 2024

    All stages of our appliance repair in Manitoba

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    Leave a request for the repair of appliances.

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    The master arrives

    The master inspects the breakdown of the appliance and makes an estimate for the repair work.

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    The master carries out the repair of appliance

    The master fixes the breakdown and, if necessary, replaces the spare part.

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    The appliance works like new

    The client is satisfied, because we also give a guarantee for repairs.

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    We’ve made our pricing policy affordable for anyone by making service calls free with repairs and removing all the extra charges from your estimate. You pay only for the jobs done. And done well.

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