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ge washer error code 26

GE Washer Error Code 26 – Possible Causes & How To Fix


Why does my GE washer display the error code 26?

The error code 26 indicates that the GE washer has detected an unbalanced load. It may occur even if the load inside the unit isn’t really unbalanced. Let’s take a closer look at the various issues that might result in this fault code.

Reason #1. Unbalanced load

Simply put, it happens when the weight of the laundry is not evenly distributed. This isn’t usually a big issue, but if you’re washing heavier items like blankets, sweaters, or coats, it may make a difference. Although it may not seem that an unbalanced load in your washer poses a significant risk, the dangers of an unbalanced laundry load are higher than you may imagine.

An unbalanced load might prevent the washer from spinning or draining correctly, and increased vibration can cause your washer to “walk” over the floor of your laundry room. If you overload your device, it may cause damage to some of its internal components.

Solving the problem of unbalanced load and preventing its recurrence is quite simple. All you have to do now is rearrange your items in the washer so that the weight is more evenly distributed. If at all possible, keep your device from being overfilled.

Reason #2. Washing machine isn’t level

For effective operation, the device should be placed as flat as possible on any surface it is placed on. Otherwise, the basket will probably bounce back and forth while the washer is operating, and you will get the error code 26 on your GE washer.

Check using a level to see whether your machine is angled. If your washer is actually uneven, you’ll most probably be able to correct it by adjusting its legs. If not, just place shims beneath the legs of your washer until it’s level.

Reason #3. Broken balance ring

The balance ring serves to offset the effects of an uneven load. If the balance ring is in good operating order, the machine may spin at full speed with a slightly unbalanced load without any vibrations. When this component breaks down, the appliance will shake a lot during operation. In this instance, replacing the balancing ring is the best option.

How do you reset a GE washer?

GE washer error codes are often the consequence of a temporary glitch rather than a serious problem. It’s usually a good idea to restart your unit before attempting anything else to check whether the error is merely a temporary problem.

If your device is equipped with Hydrowave technology, reset the settings as follows:

  1. Remove your washing machine from the power source and turn it off for at least one minute.
  2. Reconnect it to the power source. Open and close the lid six times within 30 seconds after doing so. You don’t have to open the lid completely but make sure it’s at least 2 inches open each time. You also need to complete opening and closing it within 12 seconds after you begin.
  3. The washer should be operating properly if you’ve done everything right up to this point. To test it, run a cycle without any clothes and check whether it starts up normally. If the difficulties persist after resetting it, it’s necessary to look into the other components of your washer or get an expert to inspect it.

If your washer doesn’t have a Hydrowave feature, though, you’ll need to reset it in a different way:

  1. Disconnect the washer from the power source and set it aside for at least 30 seconds.
  2. Turn the timer knob one full rotation and set it to any setting other than “Final Spin.”
  3. Reconnect the washer’s power supply. It should resume regular operation.
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ge washer error code 26

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