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lg washing machine error codes le

LG Washer LE Error Code – Possible Causes & How To Fix


When the LE error code displays on your LG washer, it tells you that there is something wrong with the motor. In this article, we will tell you about the main causes of this error and explain how to fix it.

Reason #1. Improper installation

If there are installation complications, one of the LG washer error codes may show on the screen. LE is a sign that the motor and the control panel aren’t communicating correctly.

The issue may be resolved by simply resetting the unit in most circumstances. Turn off the power to your washing machine and then push and hold the Start/Pause button for 5 seconds. Reconnect it and do a rinse-spin cycle to verify whether the code has been cleared. If the code appears on the display again, contact a technician for assistance.

Reason #2. Thermal overload protection

If the thermal overload protection has been activated, the LE fault code may be shown. Its function is to keep the motor from overheating and inflicting irreversible damage. Before beginning the cycle again, let the washing machine rest for about 30 min. If the error reappears, there may be a problem with the motor. Disconnect the device and call a professional technician.

Reason #3. Too much suds

Excessive foaming usually occurs when you use a detergent that is not specifically designed for your washing machine. To decide what type of detergent to use and how much to use, always refer to the owner’s manual and the detergent label.

Unplug your washer and let it rest for a half-hour to dissolve soap suds in the drum. Reconnect the washing machine and turn it on, choosing “No Spin” from the Spin Speed menu. To start a drain-only cycle, press the Start/Pause button. Remove the load from the tub after the cycle is finished. To remove any residue, start a rinse-spin cycle. It’s possible that you’ll have to repeat the process to get rid of all of the suds.

Reason #4. Loading problems

Certain load circumstances might cause the LE error code to show on the LG washer display. Don’t use a soft cycle like Delicates, Hand Wash, Perm Press, or Wool/Silk if you’re washing a large number of items. They should only be used for lighter loads.

Disconnect the appliance and press the Start/Pause button for five seconds before reconnecting. Restart the cycle after removing a few things from the washer to lessen the load size. If the error reappears, let the washer rest for 30 minutes to allow the motor to cool before restarting the cycle.

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how to fix lg washer le error code

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