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bosch washing machine error code e04

Simple Steps To Fix Bosch Washer Error Code E04


If the E04 error code shows up on the screen of your Bosch washer, keep reading our article. This warning generally means that the tank has too much foam. However, there are situations when the problem is unrelated to it.

Step 1: Reduce the amount of foam

Check to see whether the tub has any water in it. This is a typical problem that occurs when there are too many suds. It’s caused by using improper laundry detergent, which isn’t made for high-efficiency washing machines. Some Bosch washer error codes and particularly this one can be erased by resetting the machine and adjusting your detergent use.

The next time you use the Bosch washing machine, use less detergent or the right detergent for the wash load. Bosch suggests washing detergent with the word “HE” prominently displayed on the label. To wash the clothing, front loaders and other high-efficiency machines need less soap. Laundry detergent manufacturers create “HE” soap, which produces less foam when stirred, for use in these machines.

Step 2: Inspect the drain pump

Turn off and disconnect the washer to be extra safe.

The drain pump can be reached through the circular access panel on the bottom. This panel detaches from the rest of the panel. It has three ears that fit into three openings on the front of the machine. The panel turns counterclockwise once the ears are in the cutout to secure the ears behind the metal.

If the panel were a clock face, it would have a little hole around the 5 o’clock position. To gain leverage, put a nail in the hole. While rotating the panel clockwise to transfer the hole to the 6 o’clock position, gently push on the panel with your other hand.

Be careful when removing the cover. The hole’s margins might be rough and jagged. You may use tape or gloves to cover the edge while working. The more daring can trim rough edges with a file or grinder.

Step 3: Removing the sump cover

The drain pump’s sump is covered by a black plastic cover. To prevent leaking, a gasket is installed underneath the plastic threads. When reaching the sump, be cautious since the hole’s edges may be sharp. You may use a file/grinder, duct tape, or gloves to smooth the edge. To collect some of the water, stuff as many towels as possible under the cover and under the machine. Now you can completely unscrew the cover. Examine the drain pump for obstructions using a flashlight. Remove any debris.

DO NOT REMOVE THE COVER IF THERE IS WATER IN THE DRUMS. Only a quarter turn can break the seal.

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bosch washing machine error code e04

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