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Professional Appliance Repair in Pickering, Ontario

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  • All our employees have many years of experience
  • Technicians can perform work of any complexity
  • Each repair comes with a three-month warranty
  • Our prices are fully in line with customers’ budgets
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Repair Service in Pickering You Can Rely On!

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    As they say: “A man’s home is his castle.” And in this castle, all the devices need to operate correctly as a solid mechanism. And when one player of the home appliance team is breaking down, all the consequences of such an unpleasant situation can easily ruin your plans.

    But stay calm! Appliance Repair Expert in Pickering is always near you to decrease the possibility of a bad mood. Our NATE-certified repairing guys are fully equipped and capable of dealing with home appliances of any type and manufacturer. We’re proud to be your best choice for appliance repair in City. Feel free to contact us around the clock. Our departments are fully open for you.

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    Pickering Appliance Repair Services

    Laundry & Kitchen Appliance Repair Across Pickering

    Appliance Brands We Fix in Pickering

    • Refrigerator Repair
    • Washing Machine Repair
    • Dishwasher Repair
    • Dryer Repair
    • Oven Repair
    • Stove/Cooktop Repair
    • Freezer Repair
    • Gas Appliance Repair

    Refrigerator Repair in Pickering

    Appliance Repair Expert suggests to their customers a vast range of refrigerator repair services in Pickering. Local certified repairmen are able to effortlessly tackle even the most complicated breakage cases.

    The fact that we use only the most modern and up-to-date equipment, allows us to guarantee our clients that our work is efficient and long-lasting.

    We provides professional repair of many refrigerator breakages, including:

    • Cooling issues
    • Thermostat malfunction
    • Leaking
    • Defrost heater problems

    Appliance Repair Expert works around the clock and is ready to take on even a time-sensitive emergency day or night. And while the techs are on their way, our operators will give you step-by-step instructions on how to preliminary handle the breakage.

    Our company is proficient in repairing a large number of fridge types, like top freezer, built-in, bottom freezer, wine coolers, french door, side-by-side, compact, and freezerless refrigerators. Call us right now!

    refrigerator repair pickering

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    Washing Machine Repair in Pickering

    A washing machine is of huge help when it comes to domestic chores. And when it breaks down, one needs to act upon it immediately.

    There is no necessity to try and repair everything by yourself. Appliance Repair Expert will assist you in fixing any of your washing machine issues in a heartbeat and for a fair cost.

    Local professional repairmen will arrive at your house swiftly and will come to grips with such problems like:

    • Poor water draining
    • Spinning problems
    • Power issues
    • Weird and unusual noises
    • Leakages and overflows

    Appliance Repair Expert is able to fix portable, front-loading, top-loading, and washer-dryer combo washer repair services in Pickering and the surrounding areas. Call us 24/7, and we will arrive at your house the same day. 

    Our workers will repair everything swiftly, including washer repair, and give you recommendations on the further maintenance of every appliance!

    washing machine repair pickering

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    Dishwasher Repair in Pickering

    No one likes washing dishes. That is why a dishwasher is an essential part of every modern household. It helps so much, making the time we spend on our house chores shorter. However, a broken dishwasher can be a real disaster. Trying to repair it yourself is not recommended and may bring even more fatal consequences and huge expenses.

    What is recommended, though, is to call for trained professionals like Appliance Repair Expert for all appliance needs. Our fully insured and skilled technicians can tackle any problem with your dishwasher swiftly while explaining the repair process to you in plain English (so that you know what you are paying for)!

    Among everything else, our workers easily deal with:

    • Worn electrical wiring
    • Draining issues
    • No washing process
    • No incoming water
    • Motherboard control fail
    • Non-responsive touch panel
    • Leakage
    • Excessive and unusual noise

    We provide same-day dishwasher repair in Pickering, and can work with 40+ most common brands. Call us right now to receive a quality service for your peace of mind!

    dishwasher repair pickering

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    Dryer Repair in Pickering

    If you are looking for a dryer repair in Pickering, our appliance repair specialists can help!

    Appliance Repair Expert employs only the most experienced certified technicians to provide quick service for our customers. To make the results of our work long-lasting, we implement only the latest technologies.

    Appliance Repair Expert assists in fixing common dryer issues, such as:

    • Burnt fuse
    • Broken heating coil
    • No heating
    • Weak motor
    • Faulty door lock
    • Over-heating
    • Unusual noises

    Our company has prices that your wallet will not be scared of. Because we care about delivering the best service possible, our workers always arrive at your house on the same day of your initial call. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time!

    dryer repair pickering

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    Oven Repair in Pickering

    What is a kitchen without a fully-functioning oven? Even if you use it rarely, this piece of appliance still constitutes a vital part of any household, members of which like to eat tasty and healthy food. Nonetheless, ovens tend to break too. This is when we come to help!

    Our local technicians are trained experts who can repair any mishaps that might happen to your oven:

    • Jammed doors
    • Broken thermostat
    • Underheating
    • Overheating

    Appliance Repair Expert serves gas, electric, convection, or induction ovens. Call us right now to get your timely oven repair in Pickering for an excellent price!

    oven repair pickering

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    Stove/Cooktop Repair in Pickering

    Our company provides Pickering residents with the best stove repair. We can service many cooktops, primarily gas, electric, and hybrid models.

    Regardless of the brand and age of your kitchen equipment, our technicians will perform real magic for a matter of seconds. We offer a three-month warranty on all repairs to make clients sure that we appreciate their trust.

    We deal with the following types of problems:

    • Stove burner won’t light
    • Cooktop heating element doesn’t work
    • There’s a weak burning flame
    • Cooktop operates too noisy
    • The gas stove is heating slowly

    Self-repair may be dangerous and should be avoided when even a little piece of a problem arises, no matter with gas or electric equipment. Appliance Repair Expert is available 7 days a week. We’re here to make your life easier!

    stove repair pickering

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    Freezer Repair in Pickering

    There are a variety of freezers available to fulfill your specific needs. But what if something goes wrong?

    Unfortunately, the freezer occasionally fails. In such instances, it is preferable to rely on service centers. The Appliance Repair Expert is your trusted support in Pickering, constantly available to assist its clients.

    We are capable of resolving the following problems:

    • It’s making weird sounds and so on
    • Everything inside the freezer is unusually warm
    • The freezer’s temperature is too low

    Experts advise against coping with such difficulties without the proper knowledge, as this may lead to even greater troubles. You may totally depend on our freezer repair service in Pickering. We are constantly available and ready to defend your appliance from any problems that may arise.

    freezer repair pickering

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    Gas Appliance Repair in Pickering

    Even after the increase in the range of electrical devices in the home appliance market, gas appliances are still relevant due to their practicality.

    Call us if you need repairs to your oven, cooktop, stove, and more. We recommend refraining from independent maintenance since gas appliance repair in Pickering has many nuances and should not be carried out by non-professionals.

    The following problems should have come to our comprehensive checkings:

    • The burner flame is weak
    • gas smell in your house
    • The burner won’t turn on
    • Gas bills are rising, and more
    gas appliance repair pickering

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    Advantages of our service in Pickering

    Our qualifications and skills help us emerge the winner in struggles with home appliance emergencies in Pickering. If you have one – contact us now and ensure we’re the best in the business.

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    Licensed, trained techs with years of experience
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    Complete warranty for jobs and parts
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    Most repair jobs are conducted in one go
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    Affordable pricing to fit any wallet
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    What People Are Saying About Our Appliance Repair Company in Pickering

    Adam Najjar

    Update: Eugene called me and sent the technician again to make sure the problem was fixed. I appreciate his professionalism and service is now a 5 star. Used their services last month. I paid $220 to fix a refrigerator leak, technician cleared off ice for 15 min. The fridge is still leaking. I called them on Monday morning to see what we can do and was told they will talk to the technician and call me back in the afternoon. No call back Monday. No call back Tuesday. I called Wednesday and my number was clearly screened because no answer. I called from a different number and got a call back within minutes. Then they realized it was me calling and they still haven’t gotten a hold of the e technician an to see what the can do. 4 days later and I’m still waiting. They cal you after your service is done and offer you $30 to leave them a 5 star review. So clearly their customer service is NOT a priority. I really don’t like leaving negative reviews only positive ones but people need to know to stay AWAY from this call center company that sends 3rd party technicians and don’t want to resolve issues.

    Jun 20, 2024
    Stephane Aris-Brosou

    Tech was very friendly, professional, and full of good advice.

    Apr 10, 2024
    G Q

    Friday Joseph was professional. Knew exactly the fix and kept us updated on back order Miele part. Happy with the service.

    Apr 9, 2024
    Martina Torchia

    I just had service on my dryer by a kind and gentle guy named Ridj. I highly recommend to anyone who needs your appliances repaired. Thank you!!

    Apr 2, 2024
    Maxime Dubrûle

    They were very quick to respond to my call. Very Professional. They fixed what was wrong with my dryer the same day. I’d reccommend them and will call them again if I ever have issues with other appliances in the future.

    Mar 4, 2024
    Marilyn Schwartz

    Easy to get an appt, fast and efficient service, very knowledgeable technician fixed my dryer last year and washer a few days ago

    Mar 5, 2024
    ncubac Cutean

    On February 26 2024 I placed call for Sevice for my apartment Dryer repair as was not working properly and Technician Joseph Friday was assigned to come on February 27 between am and 1pm. Next day Joseph contacted me if he can come earlier to which I agreed gladly. At 8:40 AM Joseph showed up with his business partner Ezekiel. They took the Stacked Driver apart taking the drum out showing me that the fully was broken. They went to the replacement part from thei business and returned in in 39 minutes. They carefully installed new fully and drum back. They tested installation and took it apart 3 times until they were satisfied with Dryer functioning They also tested with son wet clothing. I was very impressed by them taking the time adjustment of the installation until satisfactory results result was obtained. The p price was also respected as per their quotation at the beginning. I’m very glad with their professionalism shown. So that is why I Am giving them and to GE Appliance Repairs Inc 5 stars Review

    Mar 5, 2024
    Miroslav Mancic

    They were fast to call back and to dispatch someone to help.

    Mar 1, 2024
    Alex Coldham

    Where able to come on a statutory holiday within 3 hours of my call. Quick and professional

    Mar 1, 2024

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    The master carries out the repair of appliance

    The master fixes the breakdown and, if necessary, replaces the spare part.

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    The appliance works like new

    The client is satisfied, because we also give a guarantee for repairs.

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    We’ve made our pricing policy affordable for anyone by making service calls free with repairs and removing all the extra charges from your estimate. You pay only for the jobs done. And done well.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Appliance Repair

    What should I do if my washer is not draining properly?

    If your washer not draining, it could be due to various appliance problems like clogged filters or a malfunctioning pump. It’s best to schedule a service call with a professional repair technician who can quickly diagnose the issue and get your laundry appliances back up and running with prompt service.

    What brand of household appliances do you service most often?

    We frequently service major brands such as Maytag, KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Inglis, and Amana. However, any breakdowns are possible with other manufacturers of equipment as well, and our skilled technicians are equipped to handle repairs for all brands.

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