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How to Install a Washing Machine?


Jacob Dillard, an engineer at Appliance Repair Expert, advises that before installing a washing machine, it is important to choose a suitable location near water and electrical outlets. Also, ensure that the floor is level and adjust the feet of the machine if necessary. This will not only make installation easier, but it will also help ensure that the machine operates efficiently and effectively. Here is more on how to install the machine:

Unscrew and remove the transit bolts

When you purchase a new washer, it will come with transit bolts that are installed to prevent damage to the drum and other movable parts during transportation. To locate the transit bolts, refer to the user manual that comes with your washer. Once you have found them, use an appropriate spanner to remove them. Remember to keep the transit bolts safe so that you can use them again in the future if you need to transport your washing appliance.

Unscrewing transit bolts on washer
Unscrewing transit bolts on washer

Installation procedures

The place where you want to install the washing machine must have three things: a water supply, a power supply and a drainage outlet.

washer connection

So, check that they are close enough to each other to allow you to connect the washing machine to the necessary utilities.

How to connect a washing machine:

  1. Make sure you have turned off the water supply in your home. 
  2. Attach one end of the washing machine inlet hose to the water outlet on the pipe. 
  3. Attach the opposite end of the washing machine inlet hose to the inlet valve located on the back of the washing machine. 
  4. Locate the washing machine drain hose and carefully insert it into the apartment’s sewer system. 
  5. Plug the washing machine into a power outlet.


Useful tip: do not insert the drain hose too deeply into the drain pipe. Water can still flow out of the machine even if the drain pump is not switched on. We recommend that you do not lower the drain hose below the water level in the running washing machine.

Once you have completed all the installation work, you can place your new washing machine wherever you like.

Check that your washing machine is well-balanced so that it does not wobble during operation. You can make the necessary adjustments by turning the feet on the bottom of the washing machine in a certain direction.

washer levelling

Manufacturers recommend running washing machines on an empty hot cycle before first use to flush out impurities.

Installing a washing machine
Installing a washing machine

Installing a washing machine may seem like a simple task, especially if you’re only replacing an old one. However, if it’s your first time installing a washing appliance, you may face some challenges. To help you out, we’ve prepared a few tips.

Before using your new washing machine, read the user manual carefully. This will help you understand how to combine your washables in one cycle and which mode to select for different fabric types. If you’re not sure how to install your brand-new washing appliance, we recommend that you seek professional help. This way, you can rest assured that your washing machine is installed correctly and will work perfectly.

Whether you need a washing machine part or a fast washing machine repair near you, Appliance Repair Expert has components from many brands to bring your unit back to life.

Author: Jacob Dillard
My name is Jacob Dillard, and I am the author of articles at Appliance Repair Expert. Since childhood, I have been fascinated by technology and spent much time reading different books and trying to repair my first CD player. Then, I graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in Applied Science and Engineering. In a year, I got my first job as a technician at an appliance repair company. After years of practice and working with professionals, I decided it was time to share my knowledge and experience here at Appliance Repair Expert. I want to help you understand everything related to appliance repair, maintenance and installation in the simplest way possible. It will be fun, believe me!

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