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How to Install a Washing Machine


Perform a few simple checks

Before you start any washing machine installation works, verify if the chosen spot has no inconvenient obstructions and is spacious enough for your washer to fit in.

Unscrew and remove the transit bolts

All new washers are fitted with transit bolts to prevent their drums and other movable parts from any damage during transportation. Read the user manual supplied along with your washer to find the location of those transit bolts. Remove them with an appropriate spanner and keep them safe for further use once you have to transport your washing appliance again.

Installation procedures

The spot, where you want your washer, should have three things: water supply, power supply, and a drain outlet.

So, check well if those things are close enough to each other to allow connecting your washer to necessary utilities.

First, make sure you turned off your home water supply mains. Second, secure one bit of the washer inlet hose to your home water supply outlet on the pipe. After that, attach the opposite bit of the washer inlet hose to the inlet valve found at the back wall of your washer. Next, you have to find the drain hose fitted to your washing appliance and carefully insert it into your apartment drainage system. Finally, plug in your washing appliance into the mains power supply socket.

A useful tip: don’t thrust the drain hose too far down into your home drain pipe because water can drain away from the machine even when the drain pump is not on. We recommend you not to push the drain hose lower than the water level in the working washing machine.

Having done all the installation works, you can push your new washer right where you want it.

Test whether your washing appliance is well-balanced not to let it wobble during the operation. You can make necessary adjustments by turning the washing machine feet, located on its bottom, in a certain direction. After you’ve achieved a good balance, most manufacturers recommend running their washing appliances on an empty hot cycle for the first time. This has to be done to flush out any impurities from the system.

It may seem to be a rather simple task to install a washing appliance in the place where you live. Commonly, it’s true, especially in cases when you just replace your old washer with a new one. However, if it is the first washer you install in accommodation, you may face some peculiar challenges, which we have tried to help you cope with.

Before using your new washing machine, read the user manual carefully to know how to combine your washables in one cycle and what mode to select for different types of fabric.

Need a spare part for your washing machine? Check our huge catalog and find anything you need. If you are not sure how to install your brand new washing appliance, we recommend you to resort to professional services . This way you can rest assured your washing appliances are installed correctly and will carry out their designated function perfectly well.

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