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front load vs top load washer

Top Load vs. Front Load Washer: Which Is Better?


What to look for when buying a washing machine?

Buying a new appliance is usually not a good idea, so here is why. Every year manufacturers release units that tend to have less and less life expectancy. It Is related to design flaws in the units, poor materials etc. It’s always better to service your older unit initially because it’s more reliable than all-new units on the market.

Units produced in 2010 can easily run for 7-12 years, and the units produced in 2018-2019 can barely run for 5 years without any technical issues. Hopefully, this tendency does not last long because landfills are a big problem for humanity and these money-making business plans make it worse.

If you decide to buy a new washing machine, here are some tips. Don’t just go for devices that have better exterior designs and fancy stickers on the front which indicate some exceptional warranty for spare parts and maintenance. Those units are usually pushed the most by salesmen and have the most attractive pricing but generally do not have a long life expectancy.

What are the features of top-loading washing machines?

Remember one thing when buying a top loader. The top loader is one of the washing machine designs created globally that has one major design flaw. It’s about how noisy they can become.

We have gotten so many warranty calls where the unit is functioning okay, but for some reason, people are convinced that the machine is broken because it’s loud. What happens is that the cloth load you are loading into the top loader can easily get out of balance and gather on one side of the drum.

Therefore, when the machine goes through high spins, it becomes unstable and starts knocking like a big bell on top of a church tower.

You can pause the cycle, balance the cloth, and continue where you left, but always keep it in mind when buying this machine.

What are the advantages of front-loading washers?

Front-loaders usually have more advantages than top loaders. It is much quieter and more reliable than the top loaders. Sure, it costs more, but here is one big problem you can face having the front loader.

If you are not careful enough to keep the door open after each cycle is completed, the rubber seal behind the washer door can grow mouldy and start to leak or smell. This can mean an expensive repair down the road, but if you keep the washer door open after each cycle so water can evaporate, it should not be a problem.

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