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Why Is My Washing Machine Shaking?

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washing machine shaking violently

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    5 possible reasons your washer shakes during the spin cycle

    One day you may notice that your washer shakes during the spin cycle. If such a problem occurs, it must be solved urgently. Otherwise, in addition to the annoying hum and noise, your apartment may be flooded. So here are the main causes of what can be wrong:

    Reason #1: Clogged pump filter

    A pump filter is designed to trap lint and other debris from the laundry. If the filter becomes clogged, it can cause the washer to shake and vibrate. To fix this problem, open up the front panel of your washing machine and check the filter for any visible blockage. If there is debris, remove it with a vacuum or a brush, then reinstall the filter. Be sure to clean out any lint collected in other parts of the washer.

    Once complete, close up the front panel and run a cycle on your washer – if shaking persists after cleaning out your pump filter, you may need to contact an appliance technician for further assistance.

    Reason #2: Broken shock absorbers

    If your washing machine shakes like crazy, the issue could be caused by broken shock absorbers. They are an essential component of a washer that helps to reduce vibration and movement. If these parts become damaged due to age and wear, they can no longer absorb vibrations.

    To determine if your shock absorbers are causing the problem, you will need to remove them from the washer. Disconnect power to your appliance before doing this. To test if they are fully operational, bounce them on a flat surface and observe how quickly they return into place – if they do not immediately return their shape, then this could indicate that they need replacing.

    Alternatively, you can seek the help of an experienced technician who can inspect them more thoroughly and advise you on which parts need to be replaced or repaired.

    why does my washing machine shake violently

    Reason #3: Unbalanced load

    An unbalanced load is another cause of the washer shaking really bad. This occurs when the distribution of clothing within the machine is unevenly spread. The imbalance creates an off-centre load, which causes the drum to have difficulty rotating around its axis.

    To prevent this from happening, always try to balance the laundry in each load by adding items of the same size, weight and shape to each load. If you notice an uneven load, you can easily correct this by moving some items or redistributing them so that all sides of the drum are balanced.

    Additionally, make sure that any large pieces, such as sheets and blankets, are placed in a single layer over the entire surface area of the drum instead of bunched up together on one side.

    Reason #4: Failed drum assembly bearing

    If the drum is not spinning evenly, it causes a unit imbalance and loud banging noise. Stick your hand into the washing machine and spin the drum. If the drum does not spin freely or there is resistance, there might be an issue with the bearing.

    Ensure that the shiny chrome part of the drum turns evenly compared to the rubber gasket around it when the drum is spinning if the inner drum has a different clearance between the gasket and itself when being turned means that the bearing or spider arm connection might be worn out.

    Reason #5: Problem with level and levelling legs

    If the machine isn’t level, it can cause excessive vibration and noise. You can check if your washing machine is level by placing a spirit or bubble level on top of the washer near the control panel. If the bubble is off-centre or out of balance, you must adjust the feet accordingly to get it back into balance.

    Make sure each foot is adjusted equally so that all 4 corners are even and stable for your washer to operate properly. Additionally, check that there are no obstructions, such as rugs or carpets underneath, that could prevent proper leveling of the washer. Once everything is adjusted and aligned, restart the wash cycle and watch for any further vibrations or noise coming from the appliance.

    If all of the troubleshooting steps have failed, then it may be time to call professionals. A professional technician will know what parts need to be replaced or adjusted in order to get your washing machine running properly again.


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