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    Kitchen appliances often break down. It is typical for modern realities, and there is no escape from it. Not everyone can afford to buy new devices every month. Still, their repair is available to the average Canadian, especially with our service.

    Regardless of the household appliances, their long-term dysfunction can make life very difficult for you and, in some cases, even damage other installed equipment in the house.

    We offer solutions to your domestic problems. If you’re looking for same-day appliance repair in Markham, you should definitely call us! We’re always ready to help!

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    Best Appliance Repair Services in Markham

    Laundry & Kitchen Appliance Repair Near You

    Top Appliance Brands We Fix in Markham

    • Refrigerator Repair
    • Washing Machine Repair
    • Dishwasher Repair
    • Dryer Repair
    • Oven Repair
    • Stove/Cooktop Repair
    • Freezer Repair
    • Gas Appliance Repair

    Refrigerator Repair in Markham

    In modern times, it isn’t easy to imagine your life without a refrigerator. Otherwise, food would spoil in a few hours and not retain its taste for long. Since we use the refrigerator around the clock, it is not uncommon for it to break down.

    You may encounter the following difficulties:

    • The refrigerator or freezer is not functioning properly.
    • The compressor makes unusual noises or dumps coolant.
    • The ice machine has a leak, is jammed, or is clogged.
    • Doors will not seal, open, or stay shut.
    • The freezer is incapable of defrosting.
    • Temperature settings are not retained by the device.

    If not repaired in time, not only can the products be defrosted, but it can also increase the power supply load. In this case, you will pay a monthly electricity fee that is several times higher than the one-time cost of refrigerator repairing. Therefore, we recommend you not try to repair it yourself but trust professional appliance repair services.

    Appliance Repair Expert in Markham provides quality services for refrigerators of any brand in Markham. We will eliminate even the most complicated errors of your home appliance.

    You can only apply for help with licensed services. Our company meets these requirements, so our same-day appliance repair specialist is always waiting for you. Call us!

    refrigerator repair markham

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    Washing Machine Repair in Markham

    For most people, the washing machine is an indispensable part of modern life. Like all other appliances, a washing machine can fail:

    • The washing machine will not start.
    • Water can be spilling from the washer’s door.
    • The washer may become incapable of filling, draining, or cycling.
    • The door or lid will not open or close properly.
    • Certain functions or cycles become inoperable.
    • During operation, strange sounds or odours may occur.

    Some people believe that minor breakdowns do nothing to harm the washing machine but rather prefer to use the service only after the device has completely stopped functioning. We consider this to be fundamentally wrong, and therefore we offer our services to prevent any future breakdowns.

    If you are looking for a qualified washing machine repair service in Markham, you have already found it. We’re looking forward to your call!

    washing machine repair markham

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    Dishwasher Repair in Markham

    Dishwashers are now a common thing among civilized Canadians. You should only Load it with the powder, press a couple of buttons and save a lot of your precious time. What are you going to do when a kitchen appliance like that breaks down?

    This failure can be many reasons – from filter blocking to faulty parts of the dishwasher itself. As a result, you may face the following:

    • The dishwashing machine does not operate
    • The door can not close or shut appropriately
    • Water is seeping from the device
    • Messages indicating errors are displayed
    • Certain functions are unavailable
    • It does not remove all traces of food from the dishes
    • It produces unusual noises
    • Although the water has been turned on, it is not running further into the dishwasher.

    Appliance Repair Expert offers a wide range of repair services for Siemens, Bosch, Indesit and other dishwasher brands in Markham.

    Our specialists are always happy to assist if you need professional same-day appliance repair help with your dishwasher. Contact us for further information!

    dishwasher repair markham

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    Dryer Repair in Markham

    The drying machine is designed to deal with two problems: lack of space to dry laundry and lack of time for the same purpose. Therefore, as soon as the equipment fails, a qualified person should be contacted as early as possible.

    What are these cases:

    • The dryer is not functioning properly
    • There is inadequate heat to dry textiles
    • It heats but does not tumble
    • The dryer displays a lot of mistakes
    • It generates a lot of vibration
    • There is a burned odour or smoke emitted throughout the process.

    Some problems, including the impact of the drum on the remaining steel surfaces, can have serious consequences. So that you do not have to pay a large amount for repairs afterwards, we strongly recommend you contact our same-day appliance repair specialists.

    If the already installed device has a malfunction, our experienced technicians will diagnose and fix it properly.

    If you have long been looking for a professional repair team for a small price, Appliance Repair Expert will gladly provide you with one.

    dryer repair markham

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    Oven Repair in Markham

    It’s hard to imagine a modern kitchen without an oven. That’s where we cook the food, so we need it to live. Thus, when the oven breaks down, it can have a significant impact on us. It’s crucial to find the right expert quickly.

    A list of the most frequent oven troubles that you should not ignore:

    • The oven can not turn on
    • The burner or another element has failed to function correctly.
    • The oven door can not open, close, or lock securely.
    • The food heats unevenly inside the oven.
    • The oven elements are incapable of lighting or heating.
    • The self-cleaning feature is inoperable.
    • Certain modes, functionality, switches, or displays do not operate properly.
    • The convection blower is extremely loud or it does not run at all.

    If you don’t get a specialist on time, your electric or gas oven could damage your health. To quickly eliminate a possible threat, we advise you to seek a professional appliance repair team immediately. Our service will help you with this in Markham.

    We fix ovens of such brands as Miele, Kitchen Aid, LG, Samsung and others. We work with even the most difficult tasks.

    Hundreds of our regular customers are already satisfied with our appliance services. We invite you to try!

    oven repair markham

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    Stove/Cooktop Repair in Markham

    The cooktop is one of the most vital appliances in any kitchen. For many of us, it’s a way of pleasing ourselves with some delicious dish. Where to go in case of a breakdown like this:

    • The electric cooktop does not switch on
    • The electric coils do not generate heat
    • Impossibility of regulating the burners’ temperature
    • When the stove is powered on, sparks are produced
    • The indication lights on the cooktop are not working
    • The electric coils on the cooktop have been fractured.

    There are electric and gas stoves. In the way of malfunction, the first one will require more electricity, and the second one may have a gas leak. The consequences will be catastrophic for your health and your apartment. Our company offers a way to avoid that – appliance repair.

    Our service offers quick and high-quality home repair of the cooktops. We serve different brands, and we also respond to calls all over Markham.

    Your time is our priority, so our same-day appliance repair specialists will be at your house within the hour. Contact our managers!

    stove repair markham

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    Freezer Repair in Markham

    Modern refrigerators are often equipped with freezers. Or people buy separate devices for convenience or additional storage. Since the freezers work 24 hours a day, they break down no less frequently.

    Any breakage in the freezer, from a leak of freon to a broken thermostat, leads to spoilage of products and an unforeseen waste of money.

    From time to time, you may experience such problems:

    • The freezer is incapable of defrosting.
    • Inside, ice is building.
    • The freezer is much too chilly.
    • The freezer is excessively warm inside.
    • It is creating an unusual racket.

    To prevent this from happening, we encourage you to contact a qualified appliance repair team on time.

    Our company provides a full range of freezers repair services in Markham. We serve all brands, including the most unpopular ones.

    freezer repair markham

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    Gas Appliance Repair in Markham

    In modern reality, more and more people are starting to switch to entirely electrical equipment. But there’s also a lot of people who use gas. If such appliances are broken, the question arises – where should I go for its repairs?

    Keep an eye out for the following warning signs:

    • Gas smell in your kitchen area
    • The gas stove is incapable of igniting the burners
    • The flame of the burner is inadequate
    • The pilot light does not ignite the burner
    • While the flames are on, strange sounds are produced.

    The gas leak is a serious problem today. If you repair it yourself, it can damage your apartment and, even more – your health. Whatever happens, working with gas appliances better be trusted to an experienced appliance repair service.

    Appliance Repair Expert offers same-day gas appliance repair. We fix stoves, hood ranges, ovens, cooktops and maintain them in Markham. Moreover, our experts work on weekends, holidays and any time of the day.

    Gas appliances require professionalism, and we are ready to provide you with them. Feel free to call us at your convenience!

    gas appliance repair markham

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    Advantages of our service in Markham

    You can ensure our market leadership by calling us day and night for any appliance issues – we will be well-prepared and in shape to amuse you with the quality level and other features.

    same day appliance repair markham
    Same-day repairs
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    We service all makes and models
    certified appliance repair markham
    Licensed, trained techs with years of experience
    appliance repair expert markham
    Complete warranty for jobs and parts
    markham appliance repair service
    Most repair jobs are conducted in one go
    24 hour appliance repair markham
    Affordable pricing to fit any wallet
    markham appliance repair company

    What People Are Saying About Our Appliance Repair Company in Markham

    Erin Rennick

    Service was fast, efficient, and well done.

    Jun 13, 2024

    I forget the gentleman’s name that came out on Saturday morning of a long weekend, but thank you. He was great fast and detailed about the issues with our washing machine, only problem was it cost almost as much to repair as buy a new one, it was about 13 years old I kinda figured it was time. I would definitely call them again in the future with any issues.

    Apr 4, 2024
    Douglas And Lystra Brown

    I called today and was able to get a service technician in the same day. This is even more impressive as I had called 2 other places and left messages and no one ever called me back. I think they were scare because it was a Sears brand dryer. Elchin was very nice, very competent and knew what the issue was almost immediately (dryer drum had come loose!?!?). He fixed the issue within an hour at a reasonable price. I cannot sing his praises enough. Wonderful support. I will definitely use this company again.

    May 2, 2024
    Leah Svob

    Was able to get a same day appointment and they did a good job. No concerns.

    Mar 13, 2024
    101 rentals

    Had a great experience, they fixed the dryer very quickly too!

    Mar 1, 2024
    pierre larmand

    Jay was great, quick service and explained the diagnosis in detail.

    May 18, 2024
    Salim Ratanshi

    Have a Bosch dishwasher 8 years which was leaking water on the floor, a technician by the name of Jay Nasser knew exactly what the problem was. He was very honest and knowledgeable with great customer service. All working well. Thank you. Appreciate.

    Jun 7, 2024
    Ethan Martin

    They were great – very friendly and honest. The technicians explained how my appliance was damaged and how it could be fixed in simple terms. Very caring staff!

    Oct 21, 2023
    S. Murray

    Quick, friendly and honest.

    Jun 13, 2024
    Claire Paquette

    Can’t express how professionally their technician identified and replaced the worn-out door seal. And the price for commercial fridge repair service was really affordable, thank you, guys, for such outstanding assistance. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!

    Oct 7, 2023

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