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    Same-Day Industrial Washer Repair

    A commercial washer serves longer than a domestic one. It has fewer heavy-duty components, so it is easy to maintain. The average lifespan of a washing machine varies from 10 to 14 years.

    But sometimes, even such a reliable appliance can start malfunctioning. If so, our same-day commercial washer repair service will help your equipment to work again perfectly. Just call us, and we will provide you with a qualified specialist who repairs washers and dryers of any type and brand.

    Even though commercial and domestic washers have differences, in most cases, you will face the same common washing machine problems while using its commercial version: not starting, too many vibrations, over-filling or under-filling, water leakage and so on. However, each washer type has its unique features.

    Types Of Commercial Washing Machines We Fix

    commercial washer repair service near me

    Washer Extractor

    Compared to its domestic version, the commercial washer extractor has a higher spin rate and offers larger versions to serve more linen. The working principle is the same: both use spin cycles to extract water from fabrics. Some models of extractors have a recycling option. They absorb the extracted water to reuse it during the next laundry. This appliance is frequently used in small or medium laundries. There is also a coin or non-coin version. They have some differences, so you have to consider whether you need non-coin or coin-operated laundry machine repair.

    Tunnel Washer

    A tunnel washer or continuous batch washer is a big machine, which is always used in facilities to wash a lot of linen. They are more expensive to buy and more challenging to repair than other washers. The tunnel washer has a long chamber and works like a conveyor. It is a giant mechanism, and if one compartment breaks, the whole system malfunctions. That is why such an industrial washer repair is a more delicate process, and a certified technician is needed.

    Stackable washer and dryer

    It is used in many laundries and households. It occupies less space and can accelerate the washing and drying process, as you can load the washer with a new portion of stuff while drying the previous one in the stackable dryer. However, such an appliance needs outside ventilation to operate. It can sometimes cause additional issues, and our specialists take it into account. There is also a compact version, which is frequently used in small households and has a dishwasher size. That is why its repair is more complex.

    Washer-dryer combo

    It is a complex appliance, which combines two functions in one unit. Compared to the stackable version, the combo doesn’t need ventilation. However, as it comprises a dryer and a washer, its maintenance is a delicate process. In most cases, the specialist needs to be very experienced to precisely discover the causes of the issue before working with it.

    Front-load and top-load machines

    Commercial washers also differ by way of loading them. Front-loaders are always more expansive in maintenance, but they are more reliable. However, the top-loader is cheaper and easier to maintain. You can add a new portion of linen while it operates. Most large-scale laundries use it as an appliance. Remember, no matter which machine you have, only a qualified technician can repair it.

    Laundry machine repair near me

    The commercial washer is more reliable than a domestic one. That is why it is widely used in laundries, households, schools, hotels, jails and other places where you need to wash a large amount of linen. The commercial washer may seem similar to a domestic one, but it is not. To deal with commercial washer problems, you need an experienced and qualified specialist. That is why if you need a tunnel, combo, stackable commercial laundry repair, non-coin, or coin laundry repair, call us, and our laundry repair service will handle your issue the same day!
    commercial laundry machine repair near me

    Common Washer Issues We Deal With

    • Washer won’t drain
    • Door boot leak water
    • Washer door won’t lock
    • Washer squeaking
    • Washer won’t spin
    • Washer stops mid cycle
    • Washer overflowing
    • Washer leaking water
    • Washer won’t agitate
    • Washer vibration
    • Washer won’t start
    • Burning smell from a washer

    Commercial Washer Brands We Fix

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    vulcan commercial washer repair
    true commercial washer repair
    fagor commercial washer repair
    garland commercial washer repair
    speed queen commercial washer repair
    champion commercial washer repair

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