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    Industrial Gas Appliance Repair Services You Can Trust

    Gas Appliances in any establishment are essential pillars of business efficient operating: cafes & restaurants can’t exist without reliable gas cooktops and ovens, washhouses without gas dryers, etc. Thus, the pressing need for repair occurs when something goes wrong. Timely professional commercial gas appliance repair will be a great notch on any establishment owner’s belt.

    Types of commercial gas appliances we deal with

    Our repairing guys have a good bit of knowledge to resist the malfunctions of the following gas appliance:
    commercial gas appliance repair services

    Gas Stove/Cooktop

    The most common issue for gas stoves is malfunctioning surface burners: gas cooktops have 2 tricky parts that need a particular approach: burner portholes and a defective ignition switch. If you or your co-workers noticed the gas odour or issues with surface burners, it is high time to seek professional help.

    If the Google request “cooking gas stove repair near me” is your urgent matter, Appliance Repair Expert is always near to lend the helping hand.

    Gas Oven

    Gas Ovens store many secrets inside them, discovering which is a pretty challenging task for an amateur. A thermostat is the most vulnerable part of this device, and its malfunction can cause many harmful repercussions to the workflow of this kitchen-vital device. Even the slightest oven malfunctions can develop; therefore, the speed of starting professional commercial gas oven repair matters.

    Gas Range

    In devices like range, it is essential to consider such parts as a thermostat like a critical element because the whole work of your commercial unit depends on it. Therefore, severe problems that make it impossible to use the gas range in your establishment are related to the broken thermostat in the majority of cases. And this part needs to be repaired or replaced. Also, if there is no fire, the problem may be with the burner itself.

    Gas Dryer

    The main task of the dryer is to dry laundry. An ignition system provides this function, which is sometimes prone to malfunctions. There are two main types of ignition systems – Glow-Bar and Spark, and the approach to malfunction cases is a bit different for these types. Also, the frequent culprit can be the Sail-Switch which acts up when the exhaust vent is blocked.

    Gas Fryer and its thermopile

    One of the main broken gas fryer culprits is a thermopile. It is responsible for the device’s proper functioning. Often in establishments with a large flow of customers, such devices are under heavy load. It can work all day without interruption, which has a rather harmful effect on the operation of this device over time. That is why in numerous cases, thermopiles should be replaced. Seek our commercial gas fryer repair in your city right now, just by calling on one of our specialists.

    Gas Pizza Oven

    A special oven for making pizza does not differ much from its kindred. All the same: the device’s correct operation depends on the igniter’s satisfactory condition, the thermostat. But some of the troubles can be associated with a lack of ventilation, so first, you need to make sure that the oven is in the right conditions and its settings are correct.

    Gas Tandoor

    It is pretty different from other commercial food preparation devices, as its concept has not changed since ancient times. The device is used to prepare national dishes.

    Some restaurants want to create dishes authentically, so they use Clay Gas Tandoor, prone to cracks that need to be eliminated over time.

    Appliance Repair Expert’s symptom-centred approach is always in action to help you cope with all repairing issues! Call us now!
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    We provide professional gas equipment repair

    Gas equipment is widely used in various commercial environments, ranging from small cafes to large restaurants and hotels. Our company’s specialists have a fair amount of experience, so you can easily rely on our services if you are the establishment owner.

    Our specialists have special certifications that verify their knowledge in gas appliances; hence, you can rely on us with 100% confidence.
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    Gas Appliances Issues We Solve

    • Gas oven turns off by itself
    • Gas oven lights then goes out
    • Gas dryer heat goes on and off
    • Gas stove won’t turn on
    • Gas dryer not heating properly
    • Gas smell from oven
    • Gas dryer won’t turn on
    • Gas stove top burners not lighting
    • Gas oven not heating properly

    Advantages of Our Commercial Gas Appliance Repairs

    If your gas appliance has started acting up and bothers you, interrupting your comfortable life, it’s high time to call for help. Our licensed appliance repairmen are just a few blocks away and ready to come to the rescue.
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