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dryer installation service near me

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Most of us don’t come close to the question of “when should I replace my dryer” before we actually can’t get our clothes dry all of a sudden. When the dryer starts acting up, there are some ways to bring it back to life if the problem isn’t very harsh. But sometimes, your device may happen to be beyond repair, therefore it should be replaced.

We strongly recommend addressing professional dryer installation service, as this kind of device is much more complex than a microwave or fridge (it can’t be just plugged in since requires a massive amount of preparation for installing).

What does the dryer installation process look like, and what should you keep in mind before and during it? Our professionals will explain shortly.

Once you start preparing to the setup, keep in mind that you need the following items prepared:

  1. Exhaust Venting. To dry damp garments, dryers use a massive volume of heated air. The air has to go someplace. That is the purpose of the exhaust flow. Usually, vents come out through the building’s roof and walls. If you have never had a dryer on the floor, you need to decide on where the exhaust will be installed. The installation expert will help you with that, calculating the optimal configuration of the ducts and vents. Then, we drilla hole for this exhaust and fill up any gaps once it’s in position. For your vent, we use a flat metal duct tube following the length parameters in the guidelines.
  2. A Power Supply. The sort of machine you have will determine your electricity consumption. Some dryers are powered by an electric motor, while others are fueled by gas. You’ll need a 240-volt outlet nearby if you have an electric dryer. Several 30- to 50- AMP breakers must be used to regulate this circuit – that’s a common safety practice. To be confident, double-check your dryer’s specs and make sure you have the proper outlet nearby before starting the installation. If you have a gas dryer, you’ll need to run a gas line to it. Because this is a potentially hazardous procedure, it is critical that you leave any gas line installations to the specialists. Our techs all have special certification to work with gas appliances of any complexity.

Let’s look closely at the gas dryer installation process to make sure it’s definitely not a DIY case if you don’t have suitable experience and certification.

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Gas dryer installation process explained – why should it be done by pro

Gas is the most dangerous flammable thing inside your house. Electricity and water supply may be tricky, but gas is truly disastrous when it comes to leaks due to improper supply fitting. Although you shall never try to conduct a gas dryer setup without professional help, we believe that knowing all the process’s nuances will be helpful for you. So, how does it work, and what can you do to prepare?

  1. Set up your environment. This procedure is nearly identical to the one for the washer. Ensure you have enough room volume for your new device. Measure both the area you’ve set aside for your dryer and the dryer itself to ensure that the two measures match. Keep in mind that the dryer cannot be placed directly against a wall. To allow appropriate ventilation, it will require a minimum of 4 inches between the machine’s rear side and the wall surface. Ascertain that the flooring is sturdy and that you are not placing your unit on carpeting or fragile tiling that could be harmed.
  2. Go through the Instructions. Guidelines aren’t always simple to read or comprehend, but it’s crucial to read them fully , That will help you understand if the place you picked for the item is suitable; also, it will save some time for our techs to do the job faster – profit!
  3. Vacuum a dryer vent. Unless the building is completely new or has never had a dryer, this is a must-do step. If you’re removing an outdated dryer, cleanse the exhaust of any dust or filth after you dismantle it. A clogged vent is not only annoying, but it can also pose a fire risk. To clear out the duct from inside your house, you can use a dryer vent brush, a vacuum cleaner, or both. After the inside of the exhaust has been cleaned, proceed to the outside to clean the opposite end of the vent. Clean away any dirt and grime accumulated in the outer vent hood. It should be mentioned that this step is not necessary for you – our dryer removal service can do it. But if you want the job to be done quicker, such actions are required. Though setting up a new dryer is a perfect opportunity to clear your dryer venting, you don’t have to wait that long. To guarantee optimal longevity, safety, and cleanliness, the dryer exhaust must be serviced every two years.
  4. Push the dryer into position. Now that the vent has been cleansed, it’s time to put the dryer in place almost entirely. Push it against the wall where it will be mounted, leaving just enough space behind it for you to not block the ventilation. If we talk about wall mount dryer installation, this step is unnecessary.
  5. Connect the vent tube to the device. The vent tube must exactly fit over the dryer’s vent opening at the rear. It should ideally be a metal exhaust tubing material. Corrugated plastic or metal are anotheralternatives; however, the ribs tend to gather dirt and pollen. If you’re using a steel duct, this must fit nicely over the vent opening, with no tape or clips required unless otherwise mentioned in the specifications. If your dryer came with a plastic vent pipe, or if you want to utilize one for other causes, place a round dryer clamp over the side of the tube where it attaches to the dryer. This will assist in keeping it in place and prevent it from falling off. Your dryer may even have hooks for this reason.
  6. Connect the vent pipe to the wall exhaust. Once one side of your duct or pipe is connected to the dryer, the other end must be connected to the wall. If you’re using a metal pipe, it should fit into position without the need for clips or tape. If you’re using a more flexible tube, though, add an additional circular clip to keep this end firmly in position.
  7. Connect It. A 240V outlet is required. Make sure you have it in the room. Otherwise, you’ll need it to be installed additionally, and that’s the job of anelectrician.

It is vital to call a certified professional for set up your dryer powered by gas. Before attempting to connect gas lines to a new dryer, all gas should be turned off, so make sure you know where the gas supply valve is placed in your house.

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Appliance Repair Expert’s “dryer installation service near me” advantages

If you’ve reached this point, it should be quite obvious for you that dryer installation is not a job for an amateur. But we have really good news for you – our appliance installation service is ready to handle the process turnkey and right today!

We have certified staff only; all of our experts are well-trained and experienced and know all the pitfalls of the process. We install all brands and models of residential dryers, including gas-powered. – All the required licenses and certificates to work with gas appliances are available and can be easily checked. So you can be confident in our professionalism.

Potential clients often ask “how much to install a washer and dryer?”. Well, no matter what kind of appliance you want to install in your house, the final price depends on several factors. Call us now or fill out the form on the website to contactone of our technicians instantly and discuss any additional details.

Choosing our service is your guarantee of satisfaction, safety and longevity of your appliance lifespan!

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