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As any other kitchen appliance, modern dishwashing machines have come a long way of improving its performance and technologies. Compared to the earliest prototypes, these up-to-date kitchen helpers are now sophisticated and smarter than ever.

But even though your dishwasher is filled with electronic controlling components and is able to perform its job “by itself”, there are still nuances of the installation process.

So why is dishwasher installation tricky enough, and why do we believe it’s not the right DIY case? Let’s disclose what stages the technician has to go through to prepare your device for ceaseless work:

The installation of a new machine needs three connections:

  1. The power connection is perhaps the most problematic, particularly if you are unfamiliar with electric cables. Dishwashers can be “hard-wired” with an NM electrical wire that goes deep into the dishwasher’s wire connection box, or they can utilize a regular electrical cord that hooks into a plug socket. In any case, the power code mandates that a washer be powered by its own specific line, that has a proper voltage. If you’re not sure, your own house’s electric wiring should be checked prior to dishwasher installation.
  2. The water supply connection is a relatively simple subject of attaching one end of a supply tube to the water intake nozzle on the dishwasher and the other end to a valve on a hot-water supply pipe. This supply pipe is simply an equivalent of the pipes that serve sink faucets and toilets, so there are no extra tricks working on those plumbing fixtures. Connecting the water supply pipe to the dishwasher normally necessitates the use of a 90-degree bend that enables the supply line to connect directly to the device. This component is usually included in the hookup kit, together with the braided steel supply tubing so you won’t have to buy any extra components. Besides, our technicians carry most spare parts with them.
  3. Installing a dishwasher’s drain pipe is a similarly basic plumbing task. The drain hose goes to the drain trap beneath your sink; it either reaches the bottom of the countertop beneath the sink or is joined to an air-gap adapter. The right way depends on your area’s regulatory requirements, but any approach is meant to prohibit filthy wastewater from leaking back into your dishwasher. As the drain hose loops back down, it is connected to either a nipple on the trash disposal or a nipple on the sink drain tailpiece.

If you have read this and still have no clue how to perform it yourself – that’s OK. Don’t risk your wellbeing, the dishwasher installation cost is not such a bitter pill to swallow compared to the amount of nerves spoiled in which incorrect installation may result.

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Why hiring an expert for replacing a dishwasher is a must

The web is full of different DIY guides describing all the steps of installing a new dishwasher. Written on paper, everything seems easy, and many people may think, “why should I spend extra money to remove and replace the dishwasher, I have a pair of hands and can do it all by myself!”

Well… We cannot forbid you to try this out, but it’s our mission to safeguard you from possible negative consequences.

There are certain rules and guidelines in effect for running water or electricity that you may not be aware of. Rather than studying it yourself and risking triggering problems with your plumbing and wiring, choose a professional expert who is well-versed in standards and provides high-quality workmanship. Leaks from an incorrectly placed dishwasher might result in wasted water and possibly water damage to the property.

A dishwasher installation service will be able to ensure the device’s safety and functionality, and if there is a problem, you will have the sense of security of realizing that help is only a phone call away.

You will prevent potentially costly complications and headaches in the future. A building inspection during the house selling process, for example, may reveal an out-of-code dishwasher installation. Needing to bring the piping up to standard may cause a sale to be delayed—so it’s worth it to get the work done correctly the first time.

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Hiring an expert for dishwasher placement guarantees that the item is properly set up from the outset. Professional installation entails:

  • It’s more secure: There are many things that may go wrong while uninstalling an old dishwasher and installing a new model, not to mention the most basic of all—moving the machines. Dishwashers are large and hard to lift, and doing so might result in injury or harm to your floor.
  • Stress reduction: You’ve already got quite a lot on your shoulders as a householder. It’s worth your serenity to cross this difficult chore off your list.
  • Easy disposal of the old appliance: a professional company provides old appliance disposal services – you won’t have to worry about how to get rid of the useless machine.

What types of dishwashers do we install?

Our experts are able to install different types of machines from all major makes and models.

  • Portable and Countertop dishwashers. These types of devices don’t require classic installation, as they are movable. Portable machines sometimes are even equipped with a water tank, so they don’t need a water supply. Their use is not much more complex than making morning coffee with your coffee machine.
  • Built-in dishwashers. The most common type that can be met in an overwhelming majority of houses. As it comes from its name, the device is placed inside your kitchen’s lower cabinet. The main trick here is to pick up the item of the right size. The rest of the process is standard.
  • Double dishwashers. Double drawer dishwashers are rare enough and have extra water connections in most cases. So the setup process is less easy there.

dishwasher installation service
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