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How To Fix Washing Machine Not Draining

Washers are a great invention, but one day you may run into the issue of your washing machine not draining. This kind of situation happens to every owner of the washing machine at least once in the unit’s lifespan. There is no reason to panic because the solution may be pretty simple.

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    Why is my washer not draining?

    Most people jump to a conclusion right away without first identifying the problem. If you have water remaining in the drum after the cycle is complete, start the new drain cycle and see if the water leaves the system. Usually, washing machines have self-diagnostics on board, and if water does not drain on time, it will give you an error code.

    Washer not draining again? Maybe you did a heavy load such as blankets or towels, but a residential machine cannot operate well. Your clothes either come out soaking wet or soapy. The answer is simple – an oversized load may require rewashing.

    How to check the drain pump?

    Drain pumps are a widespread issue; pumps remain in good shape but clog with lint and garbage over time. All of these make water not drain from the washing machine.

    The solution is very simple, clean the drain pump filter. There is also a little service window in front of the machine. Remove the drain pump cap filter. Make sure to have a towel for the water remaining in the system. Clean the drain pump filter and place it back in. Most of the time, it works.

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    Examining the water level sensor

    This is another reason why the washer is not draining completely. Remove the unit’s top cover and allocate the sensor hanging on the unit’s sidewall. It usually looks like a round-shaped cylinder with a small black tube running back into the drum.

    Disconnect the part, blow it into the tube, and make sure it’s not clogged. See if something clicks inside. If you have applied enough air force to trigger the click, the sensor is faulty. It should activate with slight air pressure. If your water level sensor is defective, the machine won’t work correctly.

    How to test the door lock assembly?

    The unit will not start the cycle, including the drain procedure, unless the door is locked. It’s simple to test the door lock assembly on your washing machine without draining water. Close the door and start the cycle. The device will try to lock the door. After it stops making clicking noise coming from the door, pull the door and assure it’s closed.

    If the door lock works and keeps the door locked, the part is in order, and you might have an issue with other components. Otherwise, replace the door lock.

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