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Front Load Washer Not Spinning – What To Do?

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front load washing machine not spinning

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    Why is my front load washing machine not spinning?

    Front-loading machines are a great design solution. They are more reliable and quieter than top loaders. The design allows the load to stay balanced during the cycle of washing and uses gravity in its favour to produce much more efficient results. But one day you may notice that your front load washer does not spin. This is a common problem and can be caused by several different factors. Knowing the most common reasons can help you identify and address the issue quickly.

    Reason #1: Drum bearing is broken

    It’s effortless to test if your drum bearing has failed. Most of the time, the drum secures on a metal connector called a spider arm connection that connects the drum to the bearing. Sometimes due to the overloaded machine, the spider arm that connects breaks or the bearing might crack. When it happens, your front load washing machine won’t spin.

    It is very easy to test. Just put your hand inside the washer and spin it. If there is resistance or the drum does not rotate at all, most likely, one of the two components broke. Those types of repairs can get very expensive, depending on the brand of the unit.

    Reason #2: Clogged drain system

    The front load washing machine will not start spinning if the water is not fully drained out of the system. The rule of thumb is that you should not see any water in the drum at all before it starts its spinning cycle. The water fails to drain due to clogs and a seized-up drain pump. The first step is to make sure the drain pump filter is clean. Most front-loading machines have an access service window in front of the device, which any user can open and clean the drain pump.

    Reason #3: Failed water intake valve

    Sometimes, the washing machine seems to be working and taking in water well, but suddenly; it may stop. Your machine could have stopped working because it’s waiting for a specific valve to open. The valve assemblies may consist of 3- 15 different valves that work with different temperatures, and if one fails, the unit will not start spinning, waiting for that valve to open to fill up with the rest of the water.

    front loader washing machine drum not spinning

    How to fix a front load washer that won’t spin?

    Are you dealing with a front load washer that won’t spin? Before calling in a professional, try out these steps. There are several things you can do to fix the problem yourself and get it working again as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    Step #1: Reset the washer

    Unplug the washing machine from its power source and wait five minutes. Then plug it back in and press the start button to see if that fixes the issue. If it doesn’t, ensure that no objects like coins or other small items have gotten stuck in the pump filter or drain hose. After ensuring nothing is blocking them, try restarting the cycle again by pressing start.

    Step #2: Examine the belts

    Belts can become stretched or frayed over time and may no longer be able to turn the drum of the machine. Start by opening up the front panel of your washer and locating the belt. It should be located near where the motor connects to the drum.

    Remove it from its mountings and inspect it for signs of wear and tear, such as cracks, tears or stretching. If you find any damage, it’s likely that this is preventing your washer from spinning properly and will need to be replaced with a new belt.

    Step #3: Inspect the electrical connections

    First, make sure you have turned off the power source before attempting any repair or inspection. Next, inspect all visible wiring connections within the washer for damage or corrosion. If any problems are found, replace them with new wires. Also, check for loose connections and tighten them if needed.

    Finally, check for any possible frayed wire insulation that may be causing system shorts that prevent the washer from spinning correctly.

    Step #4: Clean the drain hose

    You will need to locate and remove the drain hose from your washer. Be sure to unplug the machine before attempting any repairs. Once you have disengaged the hose, use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe down its interior and exterior surfaces. Ensure all dirt and debris are removed before returning it to your washer.

    Next, rinse out the inside of the hose with warm water until it runs clear. Finally, reconnect the drain hose to your appliance securely using clamps or other tightening tools for added stability and protection against leaks or further damage in future use.

    Step #5: Check the motor

    First, remove any obstacles blocking access to the back of the washing machine. Wear protective gloves when working on any wiring or components to protect yourself from electric shock. Once inside, you must locate the motor by tracing where all the electrical wires lead. The motor will be connected directly to a belt or pulley system that helps power several other components, including a timer and pump.

    Inspect your model’s manual for more detailed information about your specific machine’s inner workings before performing operation checks on the motor.


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    front load washing machine does not spin

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