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One of the features of the modern Frigidaire dishwashers is a screen that displays the machine`s function. Moreover, it shows the error codes. They help faster identify where the problem occurred and how to fix it.
For modern house owners, it is important that their household appliances will work reliably for a long time. However, it is important to maintain the correct work of the appliances and use professional help to solve any problems. The proper service will ensure long-lasting work of Frigidaire dishwashers.

Error codes for Frigidaire dishwashers


It is a problem with the water supply line. Something is preventing it from normal work. Check it to see what causes it. Bad water inlet valve may also be a reason for i10.


Examine a drain hose for any blocks. Also, check filters and sump. They may be clogged and need to be cleaned.


Examine a drain hose for any blocks. Also, check filters and sump. They may be clogged and need to be cleaned


Examine a drain hose for any blocks. Also, check filters and sump. They may be clogged and need to be cleaned.


A bottom panel is Is leaking. Check a door gasket, hose connections, and level. If you did not find a source of the leak and the error repeats, ask for professional assistance


Unplug a washing machine and give it a short rest. When you will switch it on, the error should disappear.


The error is provoked by the problems with a heating element. If it became defective, it will be replaced. Plus, control the level of water in a washing machine. It should not be too low. Also check a thermal sensor, a circulation pump, and a control card for correct work


This communication error is easy to solve by simply resetting an appliance. If it fails to help, then a control board has become defective and you need to address your problem to the professional technician.


Start with examining an air vent. If it is too dirty, clean it. This error may also be caused by a poor connection to a vent. Check the connection between a vent and control board. If it is ok, check the control board. It is highly likely that it should be replaced


You need to be sure that there is a good connection between a vent fan and control board. If you are sure that there is no problem with a vent fan, then a control board is the case. The replacement of the vent fan or the control board is required.


This error may occur if you are pressing one button too long. The first thing to do is to reset a dishwasher. Then check the connection between a keypad and control board. If it is not an issue and the error remains, you need to replace a keypad.


It is either a control board problem or poor wiring. You need to check the wire connection just like in case of ER error.


Examine the door switches. Replace the door switches or a door latch. Be sure that the connection between door switches and the control board is correct. If yes, then either the switches or control board should be replaced.


This error will show up when the drain pump works during relay test.


A machine postpones the start of work to heat water.


Again, it can be a poor connection between the motor of the control board. If not, one of the parts needs to be replaced.


You should add low rinse in a special dispenser. If it doesn`t help, it may be caused by malfunctioning of the sensor.


This error happens when there are any problems with the power supply.


Start with filling a dispenser with rinse aid. If it failed to work, try checking the connection between a dispenser and control board.

Be sure that the poor connection is not a reason. If the connection is correct, then you need to find what exactly causes the problem. It can be a turbidity sensor failure of control board failure.
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