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frigidaire dishwasher error code uo

How To Get Rid Of Frigidaire Dishwasher UO Error Code?


The UO error code appears in all Frigidaire dishwasher models in the same way. The wash tank filling process begins, followed by 3–4 clicks. The unit will drain water if you hit Cancel. However, the issue will recur with the next power-up. In this article, we will tell you about the main causes of this error and explain how to fix it.

Why does the UO error code appear?

This fault code indicates a failure of the ventilation subunit or mainboard, according to the Frigidaire dishwasher handbook. The manufacturer recommends replacing them with new ones without first inspecting and repairing them. Some users, on the other hand, come up with more cost-effective remedies after discovering the main reasons for the problem.

Reason #1. Malfunctioning wiring

The fan has a wiring harness that extends through the bottom of the door to the control module. Using a multimeter, check their integrity. Ensure the electrical connections don’t become corroded when they get wet. It inhibits the signal from passing through. The system is not notified that the ventilation opening has been closed. As a result, the error code UO is shown.

With a wire brush, clean the rusty contacts and add dielectric oil. Tighten up any loose joints. In the event that the harness cannot be repaired, it should be replaced.

Reason #2. Problem with a valve or sensor

  1. Attempt to remove limescale and soap residue from the ventilation parts before discarding them.
  2. Remove the fastening ring by unscrewing it. Flip the vent and fan assembly over.
  3. To remove the lid, unscrew the two tiny screws. You’ll be able to see the rubber valve, which is controlled by a little solenoid.
  4. Unplug it and thoroughly clean it. Be careful: the optical sensor is controlled by a delicate plastic tab; do not break it!
  5. Perform these steps in reverse order to assemble the ventilation component.

Sometimes it isn’t enough, and Frigidaire dishwasher error codes appear again. In this situation, you must clean the little optical sensor that informs the board of the plunger’s location. On a flat plate at the rear of the valve, the sensor element, labelled U1, is situated. Plaque may be removed using a nylon brush and lens solution.

Reason #3. Faulty ventilation subsystem

This component of the dishwasher, according to the manufacturer, cannot be examined or fixed since the mechanism has been designed to be maintenance-free. In this case, it is simply recommended to replace the ventilation component. Furthermore, there are no assurances that such a solution will work since the next option for replacement – a control board – may also be defective.

Some people have figured out how to circumvent the “prohibition” on their own. It works if the optical sensor fails to accurately identify the position of the slider, resulting in the error code UO. To see whether it’s true, you’ll need to do the following:

  1. Ensure that the ventilation hole shuts properly at the start of the cycle;
  2. Remove the U1 element from the circuit board behind the valve to access the assembly.
  3. Replace the sensor with a new one.

However, the engine might be an issue. The plunger will not shut the slider if the wax motor breaks, and error UO goes away. This component is not repairable; you must replace the complete subunit as a whole.

Reason #4. Control module is broken

Frigidaire recommends replacing this component next. To get to it, loosen the front of the dishwasher’s screws, then remove the front panel and the waterproof covering. Check for corrosion and damage on the mainboard.

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