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samsung dishwasher error code lc reset

How To Reset The Samsung Dishwasher LC Error Code?


If LC error code appears on your Samsung dishwasher, it means the device is leaking water. You should figure out what’s causing the issue. This might be a false alarm due to a sensor misreading. First, make sure there aren’t any signs of water under your unit. If there is water, then the LC fault code shown on your screen is accurate. Follow these simple tips to get things back to normal.

How to get rid of the LC error code on the Samsung dishwasher?

Restarting the dishwasher cycle is one of the simplest solutions to solve this problem. This procedure may be used to resolve the majority of error codes on the Samsung dishwasher. In this part, we’ll consider steps to take to get rid of the issue in more detail.

  1. Clean all of the filters, including the fine filter at the bottom of the dishwasher.
  2. If you have a new unit, ensure the tape on the water wall reflector is removed. Additionally, double-check to see whether it is properly positioned.
  3. Similarly, if the reflector has moisture or a water droplet, be careful to dry it.
  4. Examine the drain hose to ensure it is not kinked or damaged. The button on the control panel may get stuck from time to time. So check if the button is functioning properly.
  5. Restart the dishwasher at the new setting by turning it on. Examine the water pressure and temperature to check whether it fulfills the minimum pressure requirement. If not, then set the needed water flow pressure and temperature. (The water temperature should be less than 80 degrees Celsius at all times.)
  6. Pour the detergent into the dispenser and start the dishwasher cycle again from the beginning. Also, don’t overfill the detergent dispenser; this might cause extra problems with your dishwasher.
  7. Now start the dishwasher’s standard cycle, add your dirty utensils, and check to see if there are any issues.

We hope the solutions listed above will assist you in removing the LC fault code from your dishwasher. If you’re still having issues with your appliance, call our customer service.

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samsung dishwasher error code lc reset

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