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how do i fix error code e24 on bosch dishwasher

How To Reset The Bosch Dishwasher Error Code E24?


Bosch is recognized as a manufacturer of quality and reliable dishwashers. However, wear and tear will still occur over time, resulting in a variety of troubles. If your Bosch dishwasher shows the error code E24, it means that it’s not draining correctly.

A blocked filter is frequently the source of the problem. You need to take the filter out of the appliance and wash it thoroughly. If the error remains after that, the cause may be something else. We highly recommend that you call a technician if you encounter any of the Bosch dishwasher error codes. The specialist will be able to determine the exact cause.

Ways to fix error code 24 code on the Bosch dishwasher

  1. Clean the pump impeller. Food remains trapped between the impeller and the pump casing, increasing the mechanical resistance to rotation. The system detects this as a pump failure. The dishwasher switches off, and error E24 appears. Freeing the shaft from coiled debris, cleaning the impeller, maintenance of pump bushings – options for solving the problem;
  2. Repair or replacement of the drain pump. The pumps of the third generation models of Bosch dishwashers are run by asynchronous motors, the current in the windings is sensitive to changes in the load. To fix the problem, you may need to service the pump, repair or replace the impeller, replace the pump which is worn out;
  3. Repair or replacement of the circulation pump. The situation when the Bosch dishwasher error E24 appears can be caused by factors not related to the drainage system. Exhaustion of ceramic bushings of the circulation pump, deformation of the plastic pump housing, in which the tubular electric heating element is integrated, depressurization and fluid leakage are defects that can cause the appearance of the problem. Only a qualified technician can accurately determine the fault.
  4. Repair or replacement of the control module – the rarest but still encountered root cause of error E24 of the Bosch dishwasher. Incorrect operation of the electronic unit can disrupt the proper functioning of the dishwasher and cause this error. Whether to repair the faulty control module (block, board) or replace it can be determined by an experienced technician.

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bosch dishwasher error code e24 reset

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