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how to fix lg dishwasher error code ae

How To Fix The LG Dishwasher AE Error Code?


LG dishwasher AE error code means your device is leaking. You should check for water leaks and determine the source of the problem.

You may not see water flowing from the outside. However, behind the unit is a tray with a built-in float. If there is a leak, water collects in this pan, causing the float to rise to the top, closing the contacts. The sensor informs the control board about the LG dishwasher’s leak. As a result, the AE error code appears. Aquastop – the leakage prevention system – is another name for this technology.

What should you check first if your LG dishwasher shows the error code AE?

Water leaks may occur for a variety of reasons. The issue might be one of the following:

Dishwasher door leaks

The most typical issue can be indicated by specific LG dishwasher error codes. Many of them may be simple to fix. To get rid of door leaks, open the door and remove the old sealing gum away. Then purchase a replacement gasket designed for the specific LG dishwasher model. Insert the new item into the place where the old one was taken out. Slowly go around the dishwasher’s door. If the seal is too lengthy, trim it using scissors to make it the appropriate length.

Inspect pipes and hoses

Clogged sewers and drains may cause your dishwasher to leak. As a result, it’s essential to inspect and clean the filters and hoses for remaining food on a regular basis. Rinsing a filter that is placed at the tank’s bottom is simple. Remove the fine mesh, detach the glass, and run the item under water to clean it.

It is necessary to peek inside in order to examine the connections of pipes and the tightness of hoses. Turn the unit upside down and remove the pan. The “insides” of the device may be seen under the tray.

Inspect the hoses’ connections to the components for tightness and, if required, replace them. When the dishwasher is on, even a little drop may develop into a jet. In this case, the LG dishwasher may display the AE error code.

Check the water sensor

Inspect the filler valve. If there are rust marks on it, this is the first indication that the part has to be replaced.

The water level sensor is positioned on the pallet next to Aquastop, the leak prevention device. In the event of a water leak, the valve either fails or malfunctions. The control board does not receive the water level indication. As a result, the pump will not start, and the Aquastop protection will activate. Water runs from the pallet to the floor if there is a lot of it. To solve the problem, replace the sensor.

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lg dishwasher ae error code

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