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Why is My Dishwasher Not Cleaning My Dishes

There might be many reasons why your dishwasher is not cleaning dishes properly. Usually, it depends on the quality of water that runs through the dishwasher or the reason can be leftovers that are stuck in the filter trap. In order to run well, your dishwasher needs to be cleaned and serviced. Regardless of missed maintenance, you may help yourself by reading this article.

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    Common reasons why dishes are not clean after dishwasher

    Often, we deal with dishwashers suddenly stopping doing a good job at cleaning, and sometimes people assume that something is broken. This issue with dishwashers happens most of the time because of improper care or cleaning inside the unit. The dishwasher needs the same attention as vacuum cleaners. As soon as it gets full of dirt, it needs cleaning, or dishwashing efficiency will decrease. So what are the reasons that your dishes are not clean after the dishwasher?

    Reason #1. Filter trap is clogged

    The way dishwashers work is by filling up with water, circulating it, and then draining it. The process repeats over 5-7 times. Dishwashers usually have a filter trap that catches all the debris and foreign objects. Many users forget to clean it in time and that can make dishes not clean after the dishwasher.

    The consequence of it is that when fresh water is taken in and starts to move around the unit, it circulates with the leftover dirt from a filter trap. Instead of cleaning your dishes with clean water, wash them up with dirty water. Clean the filter trap/basket very precisely and make sure it’s kept clean as new at all times.

    Reason #2. Issues with spray arms

    The spray arms deliver water under pressure to spray it on your dishes. They are removable and need to be cleaned as well. Usually, the spray arms are secured by a crew-based thread. Therefore, they can be removed easily by unscrewing motion like a bottle cap. Sometimes some small food particles get stuck in the spray arm’s tiny water exit holes and do not let water circulate properly. Make sure all holes on your spray arms are always clean.

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    Reason #3. Not enough rinse aid

    Some organic products for cleaning are being sold as environmentally safe but usually do not do a good job. The soap can clog up the sensors, drain systems and cause permanent damage to your unit. To avoid this always use a rinse aid! The white residue left on dishes is usually caused due to not having enough rinse aid compound in the system. When the unit goes through the drying process after the final rinse, the rinse aid helps soften the water and break down the final layers of dirt.

    Reason #4. Clogged circulation pump

    Your circulation pump might be clogged with food particles and not let the pump circulate at full capacity. In this situation, the circulation pump needs to be removed from under the unit, disassembled, and cleaned.

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