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GE dishwashers like many modern appliances are equipped with the self-diagnostic program. The owners and even technicians can benefit a lot thanks to it. But even knowing of error name and description cannot guarantee a successful ability to fix it. Some little problems can be resolved by simply resetting. But when it comes to more serious actions like removing broken parts, such a task should be entrusted to the professional technicians. It will help to keep your GE dishwasher serving you as long as possible.

Error codes for GE dishwashers


The error means that a washing machine drains too slowly that is why water stays longer in the tub than it should. You need to investigate a drain hose, a drain valve, an air gap, a drain line, and a pump impeller. It is highly likely that the problem is with one of these machines’ part. It might be difficult for a non-professional to find all of them and clean them. Plus, if one of them is damaged, it should be replaced with a new one. Contact the team of professionals.


A dishwasher is unable to pump water out. It is programmed to do this within almost 7 minutes. If the time for pump-out is exceeded, a machine starts starts beeping. To resolve this problem, you need to examine the drain line. It may have blockages that cause this error. If so, clean it out of all debris.


This problem is related to a drain mode. A dishwasher is not able to switch to it. It is difficult to solve this problem for a homeowner. You may only reset a machine. If it did not help, professional repair service is needed.


This error can be provoked by a power failure. That is why water filled a machine twice. The damage of the float switch can also cause this error. Then clogged drain or sump may also be a reason for C4. To fix this error, you can start with reset. If the error remains, check the float. It looks like an upside-down cup inside of a machine. You can also examine a sump for visible debris and blockages. It is placed on the back of a machine near the floor. It looks like a basket. If none of that helped, please contact us for repair service.


To fix the error, you need to check the pressure to a machine. Plus, make sure that everything is fine with a float switch and inlet valve.


Water coming to a dishwasher should be at least 120 degrees F. If you are sure that water is under 120 degrees F, then there might be a problem with. If a technician examined a thermostat and it is working as it should, then the error may be caused by a defective control board.


Start with resetting a machine. If the error persists, examine a wire connection. A loose wire connection may provoke C7. If a wire connection is secure, then you may need to replace a water temperature sensor or control board.


Something prevents a detergent cup from opening. Remove any debris if needed. if this did not help, then a cup may be damaged. Replace the broken detergent cup with a new one.

Cup Open
This is not even an error; it is a reminder for an owner to add a special product and close a cup. The washing cycle will not start without doing that. If you did the abovementioned and it did not help, then call us to resolve this problem.
Leak Detected
A dishwasher will stop working in case of leak detection.
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