LG washers like many modern appliances are equipped with the self-diagnostic program. The owners and even technicians can benefit a lot thanks to it. But even knowing of error name and description cannot guarantee a successful ability to fix it. Some little problems can be resolved by simply resetting. But when it comes to more serious actions like removing broken parts, such a task should be entrusted to the professional technicians. It will help to keep your LG washer serving you as long as possible.

Error codes for LG washers


Inspect supply valves to make certain they are open. During cold seasons, check fill hoses for freezing. Besides, inspect inlet valves. If they are damaged, replace the assembly. If they are all right, the electronic control board is to be replaced.



Clothes must be distributed evenly inside the washer. If the load is small to be balanced, increase the load size. Note, that heavy and light clothes cannot balance together properly. Make sure that your washer is properly leveled.


Make sure that your washer is not clogged up. Inspect hoses for any types of blockage. Unplug your washer and inspect the wire harness connection between the EC board and the drain pump. If there are any loose wires, reconnect them. Replace wires if they are damaged. If the drain pump does not run after activation, it needs replacing.


When you see this code, it means that the drain pump runs constantly. To solve the problem, inspect inlet valves. They should shut off the water supply completely as soon as the WM is filled with water. If IVs are damaged, replace the IV assembly.


To solve this problem, follow the steps:

  1. Unplug your washer
  2. Inspect the WM door for obstructions
  3. If any damage is detected, damaged elements are to be replaced
  4. In case of proper closing, inspect the lock/switch wiring
  5. If wiring connections are all right, the lock assembly is to be replaced


Failure might occur during the cycle. As a result, the cycle cannot be finished properly. The user must launch a new cycle.

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