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Error codes for Whirlpool washing machine that can be fixed by yourself


This error cannot appear if you use single-load doses of the detergent.
To deal with a problem, make certain the cartridge is placed properly and the dispenser drawer is fully closed.


The appliance needs about 30 min to stop spinning & drain. Then, this error will be displayed.
To deal with this problem, push pause/cancel 2 times and then press ‘Power’. If the error persists, unplug the WM/disconnect the electric power.


Remove any elements you find in the drum and launch a new cycle.


Users should make certain they use HE detergent
If you buy ‘no splash’ bleach, excessive amounts of suds will appear. This type of bleach has a thickening ingredient. This may cause a great amount of suds. In such a situation, it is recommended to launch the washer with regular detergents.


Make certain that there are no elements, which block the door. The door must close completely. Push ‘Pause’ to remove the error.


This code appears because a motor can’t achieve the speed required for the chosen program. Follow the steps below:
• Make certain the shipping bolts are removed
• Check the appliance for overload
Press ‘Pause’ twice. Then push ‘Power’.


Follow the instructions:
• Make certain that water supply is fully on and valves are completely open.
• Check inlet hoses for not being kinked
• Make certain there’re no anti-flood valves/controls in the line
• Press ‘Pause’ twice. Then, push the ‘Power’ button.


The user is to make certain the detergent cartridge isn’t blocked with the detergent.


Make certain the drain valve isn’t clogged up. Apply the U-shaped valve for it. The drainpipe size totals 99 cm-244 cm.
Excessive suds may also lead to delays. Make certain that the HE detergent is used.


Remove any elements you find in the drum and launch a new cycle.

Error codes for Whirlpool washing machine which need professional assistance:


Er.means the pump driver cannot be activated



Er. means the communication error (it happens with the main EC board & motor control board).

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