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Bosch equipment is famous to be one of the most reliable and long-lasting. Yet even the high-quality appliances need maintenance and repair services from time to time. The team of professional and skilled technicians will identify the problem type, remove the problem and replace spare parts if needed. New Bosch ovens differ from the old one with their ability to show the occurred problems. They have self-diagnostic programs. The ovens are equipped with the electronic display. It will inform the owner if something goes wrong. This function enables an owner to fix the problem once it arises. The error will be shown on the oven display. Each problem has its own code. An owner may see the error number and find the error number in the manual. Neither the owner nor a technician has to spend time searching for a problem. Their task is to resolve a problem. Let`s have a look at some most widespread ovens errors manufactured by the German company Bosch:

Error codes for Bosch ovens that can be fixed by yourself


This error means the PTC sensor is defective. It may also mean that there is a problem with the connection. The sensor wires may become defective for any reason and need to be replaced with a new one. A technician should fix this error.


The problem looks the following – the oven does not heat and the alarm buzzer works continuously. The error is provoked by incorrect work of the network connection. To fix it, please, switch off the electric fuse in the fuse box and then switch on to ensure the correct work.


If you experiencing such problem while preparing food, please stop doing that. It is a right time to switch on the cooling fan to help the oven to cool down. As an oven cools down, the Er3 error will indicate a problem no more and an oven is ready to work.


Try to turn off the mode switch. It is allowed to use the oven when the problem occurred. But if it did not work, the door lock mechanism will be replaced by a technician.


Push the Stop bottom until Er8 stops lighting. It is allowed to use the oven in the ordinary mode. In case if it doesn`t help, call the appliance repair service.


It is easy to remove the problem with the safety relay. All you need is to replace the fuser cleaning web. Before this, try to reset a circuit breaker.


If you pressed one button for too long, the oven may display E011 error. This problem may also occur if the buttons are dirty. Please, keep all the buttons clean to avoid or solve the problem. In case if the abovementioned failed to help, call the repair center.


The E115 error means that temperature inside the oven is too high. It is easy to fix this issue. The oven needs time to cool down and come back to the correct work. Also, remove all the racks out of the oven. However, if the error occurs too often, you may need a professional technician. For example, the problem may also be caused by metal rod sticking. In such a case a technician will replace it with a new one.


It is an interface connection problem. The Bosch oven is connected with the microwave oven. In such a case, keep the oven off the power supply for one minute. Then try to switch it on. If the problem remains, call for a technician.


The number of reasons may cause F31 error. First, it may be a problem with the control board. The solution is to clean it. If it fails to help, it highly likely you need to replace it. Second, the F31 may be caused by the melted wiring. This issue is more severe. Professional assistance is needed.


The error indicates the problem with the upper oven. You can start by giving your oven a rest. Then see the power board and resistance of the upper oven sensor.

Error codes for Bosch ovens which need professional assistance:


Lower oven temperature sensor failure


Faulty Latch Motor Or Wiring


Lower motorized latch will not lock


Upper (or single) oven motorized latch will not unlock


Lower motorized latch will not unlock


Faulty Or Jammed Upper Oven Door