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Whirlpool dishwasher inside.
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Whirlpool Dishwasher Error Codes – What You Need To Know!

Is everything alright with your dishwasher, or it’s agitating you by not doing well? And if it is annoying you from a few days then what are you waiting for? Appliance Repair Expert is a repair always available to fix your dishwasher with the team of expert technicians.
Important: All error codes are provided for your reference only. Consider ordering repair services if you are not sure what should be done with these or some other malfunctions.

Error codes for Whirlpool Dishwasher

F1 (or 1 flash) The code is triggered by the temperature sensor Depending on the extremes in water temperature — it can be too cold (below -3°C) or too hot (above 85°C) — the thermistor in the dishwasher returns this code. However, keep in mind that the temperature sensor may fail and work incorrectly and also trigger an error like this. Consequently, consider replacing the sensor if it is faulty.
F2 (or 2 flashes) Your dishwasher leaks When the machine returns this error, chances are high you have to deal with some leaks. The first thing to do is to drain water from your dishwasher. Then inspect your appliance for a leak, take measures to remove it, and the code will go off.
F3 (or 3 flashes) Issues with the heating element or system Seeing this error, you may want to check if your machine warms the water the way it should. If your water is not hot enough or it takes the machine to long to warm it up, the following reasons may need checking:
  • the heater has a malfunction — the highest probability
  • the thermistor is faulty
  • the broken communication between the main electronic control unit and the heater (inspect all wiring and connections)
F4 (or 4 flashes) This code speaks of misbehavior of the drainage system in the dishwasher The code lights up when your dishwasher fails to drain water as it designed to do. To eliminate this condition, try to check if the drain pump is blocked or has malfunctioned. If this is the issue, you will have to clean or replace the pump. You will also probably want to check drain hoses in your machine and drain pipes in your home drainage system for any possible clogs. One more reason is that the draining hose of your dishwasher is fixed on a level too low, allowing it to siphon water before the washing cycle is complete. You can remedy this malfunction by lifting the drain hose to the appropriate level. Besides, there are low chances that an optical sensor or the main control unit went faulty.
F5 (or 5 flashes) The drive has experienced the rotor blockage This error lights up when a problem with the drive rotor (the rotating part) occurs. Chances are extremely high you will need to have the dishwasher drive replaced.
F6 (or 6 flashes) The dishwasher is not filled with water When the dishwasher lights up this error, it means there is a problem with water flowing inside the machine. At this point, you may need to check various probabilities. We recommend you to start with the inlet valve letting water inside your appliance, check if it is in working condition or is not blocked. If it is out of order, replace it with a new one. Then, you may want to check the inlet hose for any kind of blockage and clear it if possible. Another probable reason is the issue with your water supply system. This is when you would better examine the tap to which your dishwasher is connected through the hose. It may be turned off. If it is, turn it on to eliminate the problem. If nothing of the above is true, you may want to check the flow sensor measuring the water flow into your dishwasher. It may have gone faulty and needs replacement.
F7 (or 7 flashes) The flow sensor malfunction This error indicates that the flow sensor is out of order. However, it may also show some issues listed for the F6 error which include the following problems:
  • the water inlet hose may be blocked or bent
  • the inlet water valve went faulty
  • your water supply tap is turned off
F8 (or 8 flashes) The water level is too high This code lights up when the water level in your dishwasher is too high. The causes of this malfunction can be as follows:
  • your dishwasher cannot drain water because of the blocked filter
  • there is some issue with the water inlet system
  • your water in the machine is too soapy and forms excess foam (add less detergent during your next cycle)
  • your dishwasher may have a faulty spray pump as a result of a main wash drive failure
F9 (or 9 flashes) Your dishwasher continuously lets water in Your dishwasher doesn’t stop pumping water inside the tub. You may have two possible issues on hands: it is either the inlet valve that went faulty and cannot be closed or the main electronic control unit shortcut. Check both components for malfunctions and replace the one that went out of order.
F0 (or 10 flashes) The machine has some sensor failure The dishwasher will eventually light off this error if it warns you to engage the next test cycle to diagnose some issues. (Read about the test cycle in your user manual. To find out the reasons of this malfunction, run some tests on the sensors or check their connection to the main electronic unit. Your machine has the following sensors: a water temperature sensor, an inlet flow sensor, a water level sensor, a flow pressure sensor, etc.
FA (or 11 flashes) The malfunction of the optical water sensor Your dishwasher will return this code if there is a problem with the optical water sensor in it. The sensor may not actually be faulty but indicate that the water inside the dishwasher is very dirty. This condition triggers an additional rinse cycle. If the error persists, your optical sensor may be blocked with dirt and needs cleaning. If it does not help, you may want to examine the sensors for their firm connections to the dishwasher control panel. This error code may as well light up if you add too much detergent during your wash cycle and it causes excess foaming that prevents the sensor from making accurate readings.
FB (or 12 flashes) The dishwasher has an issue with the diverter valve The code will be on if the dishwasher experiences problems with diverter valve operation. This valve directs the water flow to the upper spray arm. Check this valve for any malfunctions and replace it if necessary.
FC (or 13 flashes) Issues with water hardness sensor In case your geographical region has hard water, this sensor will inform you about it, so you can add some dishwasher salt for your washing cycle to make the water softer. However, if you know the water in your region to be soft enough or you add enough salt to your cycle, the dedicated sensor may have gone faulty and needs replacement.

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Is everything alright with your dishwasher, or it’s agitating you by not doing well? And if it is annoying you from a few days then what are you waiting for? Appliance Repair Expert is a repair always available to fix your dishwasher with the team of expert technicians.