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kenmore dryer error code f01

How To Fix The Kenmore Dryer F1 Error Code?


You load a damp stack of freshly washed clothes into the Kenmore dryer, expecting it to come to life and start tumbling. Instead, you’ll hear a few beeps and see the F1 error code. Worst of all, your wet garments are stuck in a dryer that won’t dry them.

Kenmore dryer F1 error code and indicates that something has gone wrong with the thermistor, and it requires quick repair in order to start drying your clothing. There are a few methods for diagnosing this error code.

How can you get to the thermistor?

Ensure your dryer is unplugged if it’s an electric one or that the gas is turned off if it’s a gas dryer. The thermistor is situated above the blower housing and behind the lint duct housing. In order to get to the thermistor, you will need to take off the service panel with a putty knife, take the lint screen out of the lint duct housing, and detach the housing for the lint duct.

Disconnect any wires that connect the thermistor to the dryer. Take advantage of this opportunity to vacuum any dust that may be interfering with the internal temperature measurement. The screws that attach the thermistor to the device can be removed using a 1/4-inch wrench.

How to check the thermistor?

You may use a multimeter to determine if your thermistor reading is the source of Kenmore dryer error codes. Set the ohms setting on your multimeter. One meter probe should be placed on each of the thermistor’s wire terminals. A Kenmore dryer should test approximately 10,000 ohms at normal temperature. The thermistor is malfunctioning if the resistance temperature is significantly higher or lower.

Thermistor replacement – when do you need it?

Look through your warranty to determine if any components are covered. If you have to pay out of pocket, it is best to replace the component from the manufacturer.

Because you’d tested the defective thermistor before, all you have to do now is to screw the new thermistor into the housing and reconnect the wires. The wires may be inserted into either of the spade connectors.

Replace the lint duct housing and the control panel in reverse order. Reconnect the dryer to the wall or turn on the gas valve. Your dryer should begin to tumble and operate properly. If not, you’ll need to do some additional Kenmore dryer troubleshooting.

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kenmore dryer f1 error code

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