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f01 error code whirlpool dryer

Best Ways To Fix F01 Error Code On The Whirlpool Dryer


The error code F01 on the Whirlpool dryer indicates that the control board or one of the components attached to it is malfunctioning. It’s most usually triggered by a power outage or a power surge. In this article, we will tell you about the main causes of this error and explain how to fix it.

Step #1. Reset the dryer

The first step is to attempt to reset your dryer since this often resolves the issue. Simply unplug your dryer from its power source and turn it off for a few minutes. Restart your dryer after a few minutes to check whether the problem has disappeared. If this is not the case, go to the next step.

Step #2. Check the Thermostat

Some Whirlpool dryer error codes indicate a problem and tell you how to fix it. But if resetting the dryer doesn’t work, you’ll need to look at some internal parts to figure out what’s causing the problem. The thermal switch is the first component to inspect. When the control board detects that the dryer is overheating, the thermal switch notifies the control board to turn it off.

The following actions will show you how to inspect the thermal switch:

  1. Turn the dryer off.
  2. Find the thermal switch by removing the top and side panels. Typically, the switch is placed on the blower body, heating element, or gas burner.
  3. Check the switch for continuity with a multimeter. It is faulty and must be replaced if there is no continuity. If there is continuity, everything is OK, and you may continue to the next component.
  4. Check to determine whether the problem has gone once the parts have been replaced. If not, move on to inspect the next component.

Step #3. Examine the Thermistor

The thermistor is the next component to inspect. Your Whirlpool dryer may show the F01 error and cease operating if it becomes faulty.

To check the thermistor, follow these instructions:

  1. Ensure that the dryer is still turned off.
  2. If you haven’t previously done so, remove the panels.
  3. Determine where the thermistor is located.
  4. Ensure that the thermistor’s wiring is in good shape and not damaged in any way. It will need to be fixed using a soldering iron if it is damaged.
  5. If the thermistor wire seems to be in good condition, use a multimeter to check for continuity. If there is continuity, it is in good working order, and you may proceed to the door switch. It will need to be replaced if there is no continuity.
  6. Check to determine whether the code has vanished once the part has been replaced. If it doesn’t work, try the door switch.

Step #4. Inspect the Door Switch

The door switch is the next component to inspect. When the door is open, the door switch acts as a safety switch, preventing the dryer drum from continuing to revolve. When the door switch on your dryer fails or sends an erroneous signal to the control panel, the F01 error code appears.

To inspect the door switch, perform the following:

  1. Make sure the electricity is turned off, and the dryer panels are removed.
  2. Find the door switch, which is normally located where the door opens and closes.
  3. Remove the door switch from the dryer unit – you may need to remove a screw or even the front panel of the dryer to get it out on certain models.
  4. Check the switch for continuity using a multimeter.
  5. If there is continuity, it is operating properly, and you may rejoin it and go on to the next component to inspect. It will need to be replaced if there is no continuity.
  6. Check to see whether the issue has been resolved after replacing the switch. If that’s not the case, go on to the next probable reason.

Step #5. Replace the Control Panel

If you still haven’t figured out what’s causing the issue, the control panel may be replaced. The issue should be resolved by replacing the control panel, but since this is a costly procedure, You may want to consult a competent specialist first or just buy a new dryer.

If you want to change the control panel, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that the dryer is still turned off.
  2. Remove the dryer panels if you haven’t previously done so to access the control panel.
  3. Locate the control panel (check your manual if necessary).
  4. Remove the protective cover from the device.
  5. All of the plug fittings that are attached to the panel should be removed.
  6. The screws that keep the control panel in place should be removed.
  7. Remove the control panel.
  8. Install the replacement control panel in its proper location and secure it by reinstalling the screws and connecting the cables to the panel.
  9. You may now replug your dryer and test that the F01 error code has vanished and your dryer is operational again.

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