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Why Is My Dryer Squeaking?

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why is my dryer squeaking

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    4 possible reasons your dryer is making squeaking noise

    Keeping your laundry room quiet can be a challenge when your dryer is making an annoying squeaking noise. The sound of a squeaking machine can be disconcerting and irritating, but don’t worry – it’s usually not serious and can be fixed fairly easily. To help you identify the source of the squeak and get your dryer running smoothly again, below we will discuss common causes of this problem.

    Reason #1: Clogged lint trap

    The lint trap should be cleaned after each use, but many people forget to do it. Without regular maintenance, the lint trap can become clogged with lint and debris, which can cause friction on the drum and result in squeaking noises every time you turn on your appliance.

    A good way to prevent this is to check the lint trap regularly and clean it as necessary. You can also vacuum around the filter mesh of the dryer vent to ensure that all dust and debris is removed. Following these steps will help reduce the risk of your tumble dryer making these annoying noises.

    Reason #2: Dryer belt

    Dryer belt issues are one of the most common causes of squeaking noises coming from your dryer. The dryer belt wraps around the drum, allowing it to rotate and tumble your clothes as they dry. If this belt becomes worn or stretched, it can cause noise as it rotates. It’s important to inspect the condition of your dryer’s belt periodically to ensure it’s in good working order.

    Reason #3: Drum rollers

    Drum rollers are small cylindrical wheels placed near the back of the dryer that help stabilize and move the drum as it rotates. Over time, these rollers can wear out or become damaged due to regular use and need to be replaced. Typically, they will show signs of wear by squeaking or emitting other strange noises when in use.

    Clanging and thumping sounds may also be present if the rollers have become misaligned with the drum’s rotation. If any of these symptoms are present, replacement of the drum rollers will likely be needed to restore the proper functioning of your dryer.

    Reason #4: Igniter issues

    If your dryer squeaks when running, it might be an indication of a problematic igniter. The igniter is responsible for heating up and releasing gas to ignite a flame to heat the dryer. Over time, the igniter can experience built-up buildup from lint and dirt, causing it to not get as hot as it needs to be in order for the gas valve to open and start a cycle. This ultimately leads to the annoying squeaks coming from your dryer, letting you know that something isn’t quite right with the ignition components.

    The issue should not be ignored as it could indicate bigger problems with the device’s performance or may even be hazardous if left unchecked.

    why is my dryer making a loud squeaking noise

    How to fix a squeaky dryer?

    No one likes to hear the sound of a squeaky dryer. Not only is it annoying, but it can also be an indication that something needs to be fixed on the machine before it can operate properly again. If your dryer has started to squeak, there are a few ways you can try and fix the problem yourself.

    Lubricate the dryer

    The easiest but sometimes not a very long-lasting solution. The unit’s front panel must be removed so all support wheels and motors are exposed. You can use a simple lubricant like WD-40, but it might cause a foul smell for a few days and may not last long. The best solution would be a bright red long-lasting lubricant designed for dryers. Make sure to lubricate the motor axial and all support wheels and bearings.

    Replace the soft pad

    This simple and affordable task can help fix the noise. To do this, you should disconnect your dryer from the wall, unplug it, and then take off the front panel to access the rear drum thrust bearing.

    Some models will allow you to slide out the old soft pad and install a new one easily. If not, use a screwdriver to remove the screws that are holding it in place before carefully replacing them with new ones.

    With that done, you can now reconnect your dryer and get back to putting your clothes through without having to listen to any more unnecessary noise!

    Check the dryer belt

    To check the condition of the belt, start by removing the back panel of the unit if possible. Once you have access to view inside, locate and inspect for any signs of damage on or around your belt, such as cracking or fraying fabric. If you find a problem with your tumble dryer belt, you may need to replace it before moving on to the other troubleshooting steps.

    Test the support wheels and dearing

    Begin by gently tugging each wheel to ensure they are properly secured and not slipping around. If there is any movement or wear-and-tear noticed, then it will be necessary to replace them.

    Additionally, use a flashlight to inspect the inside of the dryer for any blockages that could be causing friction when turning the drum. If there are any foreign objects lodged inside, remove them carefully before continuing with further testing.

    Finally, make sure that all power sources have been disconnected before proceeding with repairs or replacements of these parts.

    Sometimes it can be other deformations or out-of-ordinary cases where inspection by a professional is a must. Still, one of the factors described above makes your dryer work much louder than usual.


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    my dryer is making a loud squeaking noise

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