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Why Is My Washing Machine Squeaking?

Is your washing machine squeaking? Are you worried that the incessant sound means something is wrong with your appliance? Trust our team for fast and reliable repairs. We can quickly diagnose and fix the issue, providing lasting solutions.

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    7 common reasons your washer is making squeaking noise

    In any household, a washing machine is probably one of the most important and used appliances. Unfortunately, when something goes wrong with it, it can be quite a nuisance. One common problem many people experience with their washers is that they start to squeak when used. Here are a few different reasons why your washer is making a squeaking noise.

    Reason #1: Overloading

    When the drum in a washing machine has too much clothing placed inside it, it can cause an imbalance that leads to excessive noise. It is usually because the clothes are distributed unevenly, creating a heavy load on one side of the appliance. This overloads the engine, causing it to run and creak as it tries to turn.

    To avoid this issue, you should only fill your washing machine with enough clothes for one full cycle. Don’t pile too many items in, as this will lead to an overload which can damage your appliance and make annoying noises that won’t go away until you adjust the load or fix any underlying issues.

    Reason #2: Worn belts

    The belts in a washing machine are designed to move the internal components of an appliance during operation. These belts can become worn over time due to regular use or age, resulting in a washing machine that squeaks on the spin cycle. Replacing belts should stop the noise and keep your washer running properly for years to come.

    Reason #3. Faulty motors

    A faulty motor can also be responsible for a noisy washing machine; if something has gone wrong with one of the motors inside your appliance, then it’s likely they will start making loud sounds as they struggle against their resistance while trying to turn themselves on and off during each wash cycle.

    If you suspect this may be the cause of your problem, contact a professional who will be able to diagnose if this is the cause of the issue and replace any faulty parts as needed so you can get back up and running quickly!

    Reason #4: Poor lubrication

    Poor lubrication is another potential source of a noise coming from your washer; without proper lubrication on moving parts such as gears or bearings, they can easily become noisy when they start rubbing against each other instead of spinning smoothly around each other due to friction caused by lack of oil/grease present between them.

    All parts must be regularly lubricated so they continue working without generating any excessive noise – otherwise, it could mean major repairs in the future.

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    Reason #5: Low water pressure

    Low water pressure in certain areas can also create loud noises coming from within an appliance – usually because there isn’t enough water pressure pushing through pipes or hoses connected directly to them. It’s important that all connections are checked regularly for signs of wear & tear, which could indicate problems with water pressure being too low – otherwise, it could lead to more serious issues like flooding.

    Reason #6: Unbalanced loads

    An unbalanced load is a common reason why your washing machine is making a squeaking noise. It occurs when clothes are unevenly distributed in the washer drum, creating an imbalance in the cycle.

    It’s important to check that your load is evenly distributed between both sides of the washer before setting up its cycle. If your items tend to shift during washing cycles or if you have an unleveled machine, consider using a fabric softener ball or adding items like towels or pillows to ensure proper balance.

    Reason #7: Improperly adjusted legs

    The legs on your washing machine are adjustable, and if they aren’t properly adjusted during installation, they will eventually start to move around when in use. This movement leads to a squeaky sound as the feet rub against the floor or other objects in the laundry room.

    To prevent this from happening, make sure that all four feet are securely fastened before starting the wash cycle. Ensure that even pressure is applied when tightening so that there is no imbalance across the appliance base.

    How to fix a squeaky washing machine?

    To identify the source of the problem, first, take off the access panel from the back of your squeaky washing machine and inspect all moving parts for signs of wear and tear. This includes agitator dogs, belt pulleys, suspension springs, motor mounts, and any other parts that may be loose or worn out from use.

    If you find any worn-out or loose parts, replace them with new ones. If the parts are still in good condition but just need lubrication, apply some oil or WD-40 to reduce friction between moving components and stop any further squeaking. Make sure to always check your manufacturer’s manual before attempting any repairs on your own.

    If you don’t feel comfortable performing repairs yourself, then you may want to call in a professional appliance repair technician who will be able to assess the situation more thoroughly and determine exactly what needs to be done to solve the issue. Professional technicians have access to specialised tools and parts that can help them diagnose and repair any problems with your washing machine quickly and efficiently.


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